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Christmas is the most awaited and the biggest festival of the Christians which is celebrated worldwide by the people of all ages. It is the holy festival which marks the celebration of Lord Jesus Christ birthday. So every year on 25th December Christians and also people from various castes and creed from all over the world will celebrate the holy day of Lord Jesus Christ birthday with great joy and fervor. Christmas traditions will vary from country to country, but exchanging gifts has always been an important ritual for this grand festival of Christmas. Christmas cake is the inevitable one in to celebrate the festival and people also exchange gifts such as chocolates, flowers, gift baskets, candy’ to convey love and affection to their loved ones.

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Shubh Navratri

Festivals have always been the reason of happiness & bond-factor in India & Durga Puja / Navaratri is one of them. It is celebrated to worship Hindu goddess, Durga. The term Navratri, literally means the ‘nine nights’ in Sanskrit and the celebration continues for the nine days. It is celebrated with great zeal, passion and enthusiasm in many ways by many people of the country. Though the ways of celebrations are different the most common thing is the tradition of exchanging gifts.

The first three days of the Navratri festival are related to worship of Goddess Durga devi. Then the next three days are related to the worship of Goddess Laxmi and the last three days worship of Goddess Saraswathi is done with all rituals. Some people keep fast on all the nine days while consuming food only once a day, While some people take only fruits and water and even avoid a single morsel.

Nine Divine Nights Of Navratri

Navratri festival is celebrated all over the country but with the different names. North Indians celebrate Navaratri by worshipping the idols of Goddess Durga. They are offered by delicious food items and gifts. In Bengal, decorative ‘pandals’ are made and people will visit these ceremonial pandals to worship Goddess in the festive mood. In Gujarat, the nine nights of the navaratri are celebrated with traditional local touch which has now become a global. A traditional dance form ‘garba’ is performed throughout the nine nights of celebration.

Similarly Navaratri is a time when many homes in southern states of India—parts of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala—feast on colors, music, light, and food. Visitors are greeted with gleaming dolls, Golu is the artistic display of dolls on the numbered tiers or steps, usually made of wood/steel. The nine steps represent the nine days of Navratri. Traditionally, few top steps include idols of gods and a kalash (Mangal Kalash/Kalasam) with fresh water, covered with the coconut and mango leaves. The next few steps will have idols of heroes and saints of the country. Another few step represents human activities, depicting functions such as temples, marriage, and an music band or orchestra. Business is usually represented by the Chettiar(Doll) set of dolls, with the shop items and wooden dolls which is called as Marapachi dressed with colorful clothes. Today, Golu has thematic representation of ancient stories, depicting the scenes from Bhagavad Gita and, Ramayana among others. It is a custom to add a few new dolls in every year.

Navratri Greetings

Navratri is made remarkable with exchanging gifts. Along by merrymaking and feasting, people convey wishes and their happiness by sharing wonderful gifts with their close ones . You can celebrate this auspicious occasion by pampering your dear ones with Navratri gifts.

Exchanging Gifts have become a common trend among people which will bring an enchanting atmosphere into their life filling the heart with immense joy.

- Spiritual Gifts

The perfect Navratri Gifts can be ordering, Goddess Laxmi, Goddess Saraswathi,Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, Mangal Kalash, Goddess Durga idol online, it much appreciated during Navratri – which are said to bring good luck. Spiritual gifts bring peace and happiness in times of need.

- Dry Fruit Box

Dry Fruit is the best option for presenting on any kind of occasion. As most of the devotees of Maa Durga keep fast on this occasion, they most preferably consume dry fruits, milk and fruits. So ordering dry fruit box online would a best options for those kinds

- Sweets

Indian festival will not complete without sweets and they make one of the best gift ideas. sharing sweets on any Indian festival is always considered auspicious. People usually exchange sweets to convey good happiness and luck to their loved ones. Thus, you can enthrall your dear ones on Navratri by sending mouth-watering Navratri sweets online. People all over the world are very fond of Indian sweets for their rich taste and flavor.There are a lot of delicious sweets available on OYC. Some of them are motichoor laddoo, kaju pista barfi, kesar peda, rasgulla, gulab jamun, sohan papdi, kaju pista roll, chocolate barfi,sugar free sweets and a lot more.

- Navratri Thali

Worshipping goddess Durga mata is the most prominent elements of Navratri festival. Thus Navratri thali reflects as a best gifting option.

- Diya Online

A diya is also great when you want to meditate. Its lights up to help you connect with your inner self better. It is also lit on the auspicious occasions to signify the start of good things, the lighting of diya signifies the triumph of goodness. Order diya online in oyc

- Flowers

A bouquet of flowers makes one of the most affordable and yet thoughtful Navratri gifts . Surprise your loved ones with an attractive bouquet of the most colorful flowers on this Navratri. Durga pooja flowers are very good at expressing your innermost feelings to the people you care about.

- Navratri gift items for kids

Chocolates always make children happy to no end, ordering a gift packet filled with the assortment of chocolates would be an ideal gift for them. Also, you can also buy some traditional Indian garment to add a splash their celebration.

- Navratri gift items for women

The Navratri accessories can range from traditional items to modern fashion accessories. There is a wide spectrum of choices at OYC including utensils ,belts, bags, brooches shoes and puja items. A traditional saree, is another beautiful navratri gifts item for all women. A traditional sarees can make the woman to look stunning and get her decked up for the navratri celebrations.

- Gift items for men

Just like there are plenty of gifts items for women, there are lots of navratri gifts items for men as well. You can pick the traditional ethnic wear such as dhothi kurta, pyjama kurta or a shawl with fine embroidery.

- Golu Gift

Golu dolls will be the perfect navratri gift, as navratri golu is special at every houses.