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Lohri is a festival that is dedicated to fire and the god of Sun. It is the time when the sun moves to the zodiac sign Makar, (Capricorn), and moves towards the north. To say in astrological terms, this is referred to as the sun becoming Uttarayan. The new configuration lessens the fierceness of winter, and brings warmth to earth. It is to tone down the bitter chill of the month of January that people light bonfires, dance around it in a mood of friendliness and celebrate Lohri.

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Celebrate Lohri with pomp and glory

Lohri, the festival why it has gained so much of reputation and widely celebrated is the reason being the very first festival in the New Year calendar. Farmers all over the world celebrate this festival in different names but the aim is one, worshipping God for a prosperous future and thanking him for a good harvest. Exchanging wishes, foods and gifts are a common sight during the lohri celebration. Newlyweds have a customary of donating lohri gifts to needy people whereas in return they receive blessings and gifts from the elders. Personalised gift options for newlyweds and babies are the perfect option to wish them. You can browse such customized lohri gifts online and order them to make your celebration an astonishing one.

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Lakshmi Praveen
Lohri Fresh Fruits, 11 January 2017

Fruits in the combo vere fresh and ripe. Thanks very much. This is what i expected and i got it. Appreciatable timely delivery service for Lohri gifts. keep it up.

Arjun Venkat
Lohri Rasmalai, 12 January 2016

Bought the Lohri Rasmalai combo gift from oyc. Perfect online gifts shop. Thanks for the deliverey and making the festival great.