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Half Kg Cakes

The Half Kg Fresh cakes from one of the authentic shop will meet your gifting ideas for your loved ones. Order the Half Kg cake online today.

Cakes need not have to be huge always; they can be smaller in sizes too like the half kg cakes. In the world of desserts, size does not matter only the flavour, taste and presentation matters. As a matter of fact, smaller half kg cakes are sufficient to brighten up a birthday, wedding or anniversary especially when it is celebrated with a close-knit group of friends and relatives. provides great flexibility in selecting these small cake types online. Some of the popular choices available here include the Black Forest cake, Strawberry cake, Butter Scotch cake, Chocolate cake, Vanilla cake, Plum cake and Chocolate Truffle. They are decorated in such a way that they are sure to grab the attention of the onlookers while the quality ingredients used in the making of these exquisite types ensure that they captivate the senses. Instead of selecting one huge cake, you can order more than one of these half kg cakes in different flavours and decorations to make the spread elaborate. OYC has not only simplified the selection process but also the delivery process, get them delivered at the place of your choice within India.