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Family+ Cake 2kg Mickey Mouse Cake Chocolate Cake
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3 Tier Cake 6Kg Car Cake Butterscotch
4 Tier Cake 7 kg Cartoon Cake Strawberry

Cakes are the catalyst of a celebration or special events. A party or a celebration without party cakes, it is ridiculous even to think of it that way. The impact of cakes should not be overlooked, as the very sight of them can make the gathered crowd go frenzy. Irrespective of whether it is a 1st birthday, second birthday or 3rd birthday, party cakes have the ability to add a bit of warmth and spice to the celebrations. We provide baby shower cakes to celebrate the birth or your prince or princess into this beautiful world. The craze for cakes does not end with kids; they are a treat for people of all ages. Hence OYC has specially created special party cakes suitable for all occasions, be it a 25th birthday, 60th birthday or 75th birthday. Most often, heart or doll shape cakes are selected as a birthday cake for a girl while numerical and Mickey Mouse types are selected as birthday cakes for boys. This is not all; also has exclusively created wedding cakes and cakes for bachelorette parties. Depending on the number of guests, you can choose between a 2 tier and a 3 tier wedding cakes. The facility to buy cakes online and having them delivered on the day of party held at India has attracted visitors to this online shop not only from India but also from abroad. Why wait? Buy now from OrderYourChoice and make your parties memorable forever.

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A common food globally that you can find in any party is cakes. Starting from the basic vanilla sponge cake to decadent flavourful wonders, you can find an infinite varieties of cake inspirations worldwide. Cakes fascinate everyone irrespective of the age. That’s the reason why cakes have taken a solid place where crowd gathers like parties. A party cake is something extraordinary that gathers the attention of everyone. Believe it or not, when you see a person pushing the cake tray to the centre of the party hall, all eyes would be on the cake waiting to see what flavour and design it is. That’s the kind of liking the cakes have got nowadays. With innovation in technology and creativity of confectioners, many new designs and multiple flavours have been introduced in party cakes to please their customers. To add fun and joy to your party, order party cakes from OYC and make your celebration a spell bounding experience.

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We are a Professional Online Designer Cake Shop in India to make Party Cakes in India with extraordinary Party Cakes at high Quality and 100% Customer Satisfaction. Celebrate the Party by ordering party cakes through OrderYourChoice at your comfort and create new memories and we will home deliver it on schedule date & time.

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Order Party cakes, Wedding cakes, Baby shower cakes from and make your events and celebrations sweeter and special with beautiful and much delicious cakes. We are here to make your events, an unforgettable one.

- Delivery available in all major cities across India.

- One day advance order required.


Can you deliver the Tier cakes for partyin the same day of the order?

Yes absolutely! You just need to place order 4hour before the delivery time you want. We have wide variety of party cakes in our online cake shop. The tier cakes varies from 3kg 2 tier cake to 7Kg 4 tier cake. We also offer you party and tier cakes in many flavors Vanilla, Butterscotch, Strawberry, White forest, Black forest, Pineapple, Chocolate and lot more. Select your favorite cake and place the order, we’ll deliver the cakes to your required time and place!

Customer Reviews on Party Cakes Online

Deepak Mishra
Family Plus Cake, 12 March 2018

Order this family plus cake for a small family gathering, this was so helpful and sufficient enough for us. Thank you OYC for deliving the cake without delay.

Kaviya Suresh
Special Designer Cake, 17 February 2018

Added this gorgeous designer cake for a marriage reception. So sweet of you to deliver the cake in 3 hours as we requested. Much thanks OYC.