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Nothing brings joy to us than our children’s happiness. And what better gift than a soft toys to bring a prized smile on your precious little one. Soft toys are a universal symbol of childhood, growing up, cuddling and snuggling close in a gesture of warmth of security feeling for kids whether they are playing or being tucked into bed. Soft Toys are their best friends and guardians of night. These Soft toys evoke emotions of nostalgia in grown up people and feeling of warmth in the little ones. Mesmerize your cute ones by buying soft toys online at! Soft toys and children are inseparable; some even treasure their favourite ones to be passed on to their children as keepsakes. These soft cuddly and adorable soft toys available at are made from superior quality material and allows washing when they become dirty, hence are considered as safe playthings for children. For many years teddy bears have remained a much desired ones as they are huggable, gentle and play the role of a good companion at all times. Be it a small girl, teenager or an adult, everyone loves them. At OYC you can buy teddy bears online, in various soft hues, sizes and models. Since this store offers free online teddy bear delivery, you can even opt to send big teddy bears as gifts all over India. Unlike flowers that wilt and chocolates or sweets that get eaten, soft toys remind the receivers of your love and gesture whenever they look at them or play with them. As you know, learning starts at a very young age. There could be nothing more appropriate than the soft toys available in the form of lions, giraffes, tigers, dogs, flowers, monkeys and many more online that could be used to teach children about their existence. Some soft toys like the three cute dog set available at OYC online make great show pieces inside houses or cars while the teddy bears with a personalized message could be an ideal gift for girl friends. Visit OYC today to get more gifting ideas and benefit from their offers when you buy soft toys online.