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    Any celebration is incomplete without cake cutting as they are loved by everyone. The cosmopolitan population of Coimbatore now can soak in the goodness of not just splendid climate and water but also can relishing on tasty fresh cakes.  Now, ordering online cakes is as good as shopping the conventional way by visiting some of the best cake shops in Coimbatore. OYC offers cakes that are baked with utmost care to perfection with the finest of ingredients and takes the responsibility of delivering the cakes ordered online promptly across Coimbatore. Popular cakes in tasty flavours such as blueberry, mango, white forest, black forest, cheese cakes, vanilla, pineapple, chocolate truffle, mixed fruits and more awaits to be chosen. The midnight cake delivery option in Coimbatore provided by OYC allows you to plan surprise parties for your loved ones even in the midnight.  Their same day delivery option allows you to order and get your cakes delivered easily and at its best, fresh.  Not just large cakes, OYC also provides an assortment of half kg cakes.

    To make your kid's birthday more special order from the fanciful kids' cake range online in Coimbatore through OYC. The range comprises of special Mickey Mouse cake, numerical cake, Teddy bear cake, Spiderman cake, Chota Bheem cake and more.  Not just for kids, there are exclusive delicacies to treat the taste buds of all age groups. You can opt for an eggless red velvet cake, strawberry cheese cake, rainbow cake, mousse cake, or blueberry cheese cake. You name it, you have it here. For vegetarians and vegan people who wish to have cakes but are avoiding it just because of its egg content, OYC offers a special line of eggless cake in various flavors as well.


    Online cake delivery in Delhi

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    Kochi is a multicultural city of Kerala often called as the "Queen of Arabian Sea". Like every other city in Kerala, Cochin is also known for its tasty Keralite cuisine rich in coconut and spices. Apart from this traditional cuisine, Cochin restaurants also provide South and North Indian cuisines, Continental and Chinese cuisines. OYC is specialized in offering interesting flavours of cake in various price ranges to cater to the taste buds of Cochin people. People of Cochin are slowly moving towards a contemporary lifestyle with a major shift in food habits and clothing. Not just sea food; Keralities have a special liking for cakes and sweets too. Hence OYC provides a myriad of options to choose from. Browse through the varied cake flavour options available at OYC to choose your favourite cake and order online from your comfort zones, no matter where you live. is a cake specialist offering a huge variety of designer cakes to suit different occasions including regular types, eggless choices, special party varieties, customized cakes and cake combos with teddys, sweets, nuts and chocolates. Since this cake shop provides doorstep delivery on the preferred date and time and that too free of cost anywhere in Kochi, make use of this facility to either order cakes well ahead of the occasion or on the same day. Most of the time, we really do not need a reason to eat sweets, also it does not matter what season of the year it is, we just love to eat sweets and especially cakes. This is why OYC enables ordering of cupcakes or piece cakes available as a pack of 6 or 10 online and share it with your friends and family members. 


    Online cake delivery in Trivandrum

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      Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala is a modest yet enthusiastic city, which has evolved into a tourist hot spot for travel fanatics from all over the world. Though Keralite cuisine dominates the eateries in most part of Kerala, the presence of other cuisines from across the country and world too can be felt here. Like any other energetic city, people of Trivandrum too celebrate festivals and host parties with great fervour. In all such occasions cakes are savoured without fail as they have become the personal favourite for both kids and elders. Hence offers yummy cakes in myriad flavours from strawberry, vanilla and black forest to chocolate mousse, red velvet, and others.

      This online cake shop offers innumerable choices not only in flavours but also in shapes, weight, and designs. Want to exhibit your creative side? No problem, as OYC lets you customize your cake the way you want. With the same day cake delivery option in place, you can even plan to host a party within a short notice yet make it a grand success anywhere in Trivandrum. Vegetarians can now rejoice, since this cake shop has a special line up of eggless cakes to select from too. There are the special two or three tier party cakes apt for parties and weddings with a huge guest list and also the cup cakes and piece cakes apt for intimate get-togethers. For elaborate gifting options, you can order the cake combos with flowers, teddy or chocolates at OYC, online and get them delivered free of cost anywhere in Trivandrum as well.


    Online cake delivery in Madurai

    • Largest Online Cake Shop in Madurai with over 50 Flavors                         

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    Cakes are the delicious treat which completes almost all happy moments of life including birthdays, engagements, wedding anniversaries and more. Madurai is well known for its variety of tasty foods. To suit every individual’s preferences, tastes and occasion, OYC offers huge varieties of cakes in delectable flavours with free home delivery option in Madurai. Made from hand-picked fresh ingredients, cakes at OYC are definitely a tasty treat to make all parties and celebrations more special. You can pick your favourite from the wide range of flavours including strawberry, pineapple, chocolate truffle, black and white forest, cheese and much more. No wonder OYC is touted as one of the best online cake shops in Madurai.

    Cake combos with flowers, chocolates, and cards at OYC ensure a unique gifting experience for both the person who is gifting it and receiving it. Select from the Mickey Mouse cake, Donald Duck cake, Numerical cake, Spiderman cake and other Disney and Cartoon cakes available at OYC and get the online ordered kid's favourite cake delivered even at midnight in Madurai to surprise your little ones. Irrespective of sizes, cakes are always a tasty favourite of everyone. You can order half kg cakes in many incredible flavours. also specializes in baking photo cakes and kid's digital cakes. Not just for birthdays, these photo cakes are perfect for Valentine's Day, mother's day, wedding anniversaries and other special occasions too. 


    Online cake delivery in Ranchi

    • Largest Online Cake Shop in Ranchi with over 50 Flavors                             

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    The city of rich culture and heritage, Ranchi is now witnessing rapid development in food, entertainment and lifestyle. People of Ranchi are foodies and love to try-out different cuisines and tastes and hence conduct food fairs during major festivals of the state. Though known for their spicy traditional food, sweets too find an important place in their menu during all occasions and especially cakes tops their desire list. has emerged as the best and favourite online cake shop among the people of Ranchi as it allows them to order cakes from anywhere and get it delivered the same day. You can also customize cakes as per your requirements, OYC does it all for you. This largest online cake shop specializes in providing a plethora of cake varieties in popular flavours including pineapple, chocolate, strawberry and more.

    For those of you who are bored of tasting regular cake flavours, there is a line-up of special cakes and party cakes. If you want you can opt for large photo cakes or special cakes suitable for big birthday parties or order half kg cakes to complement small get-togethers. As a matter of fact taste matters the most, not the size.  Why wait for an occasion to order cakes, eat cakes whenever you feel like; no need to give any excuses. Buy piece cakes and cupcakes either for yourselves or for others. OYC also offers eggless cakes in many flavours, so eggs will not be a reason anymore to stop having cakes. Gifting options include cake combos with teddys, flowers, chocolates and nuts; mix and match as you like. Order now and enjoy free home delivery option across Ranchi. 


    Online cake delivery in Lucknow

    • Largest Online Cake Shop in Lucknow with over 50 Flavors
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      Lucknow is one of the rapidly developing cities, which never compromised with its rich heritage for the urban globalization. It is a place where food lovers can experiment with different cuisines including Mughals and Awadhi cuisine. These cuisines are known for their royal way of preparing and serving dishes. Keeping this in mind, takes extra care in preparing cakes the same royal way to satisfy the taste needs of Lucknowi people and offers specially designed cakes, online for every occasion. These delectable confectionaries make fantastic gifts and treats for all kinds of celebrations starting from wedding anniversaries, birthdays and corporate parties to housewarming functions and much more. Hence OYC has taken great initiatives to come up with a wide array of cakes online appropriate to suit varied tastes, choices, occasions, quantities and of course budgets.  The customer-friendly website of OYC enables online cake order and online cake delivery a breeze.

      Kids in general look forward to celebrate their birthdays and love to cut birthday cakes and hence the wish to cut a distinct and visually appealing birthday cake is quite understandable. And if you have been on a look out for a similar type, then you have come to the right online cake shop that specialises in baking colourful cakes in different interesting shapes and cartoon characters. Some of the sought after kid’s options available for online cake order and ready to be sent as cake home delivery at OYC include cakes featuring Mickey Mouse, Teddy Bear, car, Doremon, doll, Angry birds, Chota Bheem and friends, Spiderman and so on. Cakes not just captivate the minds and hearts of kids, but also elders. Like kids adults too can enjoy their share of these yummy treats. In addition to the regular flavours, OYC brings them some special varieties including the Blueberry and Strawberry cheese cakes, Red Velvet cake, Rosy Delite, Walnut Chocolate Cake, Orange Mania, Rainbow, Chocolate Mousse cake and many other amazing types waiting to be tasted. Why not try photo cakes for your next birthday with your image on the cake, the cup cakes in assorted flavours or Taj-5 star cakes? There are so many options at this online cake shop in Lucknow. Since the complete essence of a birthday or any other celebration is by surprising you loved ones. OYC will help you in giving that surprise to your beloveds on their special day. Choose not just from the normal cake flavours and types but also try the special cakes Eggless cakes and Sugar-free cakes and send them along with flowers, gifts and chocolates to make the event memorable. Use online cake delivery to create an impression and to make a proclamation about your affection to the receiver and is also considered as an incredible way to celebrate the occasion especially when you are unable to be with your dear ones. Those of you who stay abroad or touring for a short stint abroad can now opt for online cake order and send cake to all you care and love in India to compensate your absence during a wedding anniversary, festival or birthday. The cake that is delivered at the door steps speak volumes that is hard to describe.

      Preparing fresh cakes at home is now a far-fetched dream but acquiring the same kind of cakes is not. Thankfully OYC prepares some of the freshest, moist, spongy and delicious cakes you used to crave for and hence provides same day home cake delivery so that you can relish. The same way preparing cakes in huge quantities too is not very feasible these days. No one has the time or the energy to do so. But, do not shy away from hosting a party as this online cake shop offers special party cakes in necessary sizes and types. From simple vanilla to chocolate and extravagant blueberry to cheese cakes there are many to choose from. You have irresistible flavours of cupcakes at OYC as well that makes a perfect snack to share with your family and friends. Check this favourite online cake shop from time to time to enjoy astounding discounts by placing an online order in Lucknow. Want to show how starry-eyed you can be and how far you can go when it comes to wishing? Pick the mid night delivery service of this online cake shop and make your beloveds feel on top of the world. This service is highly suitable for Birthdays, Valentine’s Day and wedding anniversaries and cakes sent on the stroke of midnight are seldom forgotten, such would be the impact. If you are one among those who stay far away from your parents yet stay close to their hearts, this mid- night service can be utilized to wish your father or mother on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day as well. Nothing can be matched to the joy and happiness they experience when they receive a gift like cake from their son or daughter. 


    Online cake delivery in Tirunelveli

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    Tirunelveli, the ancient city is known for its variety of traditional, signature dishes and sweets. The Tirunelveli cuisine is not just known for its delectable taste but also for its health benefits. Only yummy delicacies can cater to the taste needs of Tirunelveli people, and OYC has tried to make it possible with an assortment of appetizing cakes. For those who wish to order cake online and expect a free home delivery in Tirunelveli, will be the right bet.

    No birthday is complete without sharing sweets. This online cake shop will definitely make your birthday more special with its eclectic range of cakes. From regular cake flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, black and white forest to special flavours such as orange mania, cassata, and walnut, you name it and you have everything under one roof at OYC. Planning a grand birthday blast for your kid? Here you go; you can now order any type of specialized kid's cake from this online cake shop. Invite your kid's favourite cartoon character to his or her birthday party in the form of cakes and make their special day memorable for years to come. Are you a vegetarian food lover? Then why not order online the eggless cakes from OYC. The special two or three tier party cakes with excellent designs and themes at OYC are sure to be a stunning focal point for all parties and occasions. Why wait? Order your favourite cake online at OYC now and enjoy free home delivery anywhere across Tirunelveli. 


    Online cake delivery in Chandigarh 

    • Largest Online Cake Shop in Chandigarh with over 50 Flavors                                            
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      People of Chandigarh are hard core food aficionados and any time food crackers who are always ready to taste mouth-watering food stuff.  The city’s cuisine is a blend of modern and traditional foods. Hence cakes find a special place in their menu, be it a birthday blast, a retirement function, anniversary, a party or any other celebration you name it. Using the online cake order and delivery option provided by OYC, you can now plan to host even a last-minute party anywhere in Chandigarh. Choices are wide. The collection comprises of chocolate truffle, strawberry, pineapple, butter scotch, white and black forest and many more. Vegans, egg-intolerant people and vegetarians need not feel left out as there are eggless cakes specially baked for them.

      Why not give a pleasant surprise to your love this Valentine? Grab the cake combos from OYC to surprise your love by delivering cakes along with flowers, Teddy bears or chocolates. If you wish to give a very special gift to your love then Taj 5- star varieties of cakes are best choice. All this can be done without even stepping out of your homes and visiting bakery shops in Chandigarh.  All you need to do is to place an order online and have it delivered from, the best online cake shops in Chandigarh. There are exclusive party cake range consisting of piano cake, doll cake, tier cakes, and more that are sure to grab the attention of all. For your little ones there are Mickey Mouse cakes, numerical cakes, Teddy bear cakes, car cakes and more to make their birthdays memorable.