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Good food is the best way to enter one’s heart. Food without sweets and their aromas are definitely far from thinking and desire. People of Trichy and their known people can now enjoy all the sweet varieties of India through – the biggest online sweets portal. Since good taste and sweet memories are all intertwined with each other, order whatever sweets you desire to eat including Bhoondhis, Mota Laddus, Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns and more online without even getting up from your seat. Why should heat, traffic, long queues and other troubles stop you from enjoying this experience, when OYC can bring them all to you right into your living room? Earlier all festivals and functions were celebrated in a pompous manner with an elaborate feast. All food items including sweets and savories were prepared at home. But today’s scenario is very different from that of the past. There is neither time nor the energy but fortunately, there is the power of internet and OYC with a wide array of sweets at your disposal. The traditional sweets taste authentic that they are sure to bring back the good old memories of your grandmother and her sweet preparations. Since Indian tradition is steeped in preparing, consuming and sharing sweets specific to the occasion or festival, OYC ensures that Gujiyas for Holi, Modaks for Ganesh Chaturthi, Pedas, Mysore Paks, Gulab Jamuns, Rasagollas and Katlis for Diwali are readily available for online order and purchase. You can pamper yourself, share it with your neighbors, colleagues, relatives, and friends or send them as gift packages. If you are looking for extraordinary gifts and at the same time have a concern for value for money, then combo gifts containing sweets along with other gift items can be your best bet. For instance, you can choose a combo gift containing sweets and flowers for nature loves, sweets and chocolates for chocoholics, nuts and dry fruit combos for hardcore dieters and soft toy or cake combos for kids. Ultimately the aim is to make an impression on the receiver and evoke a feeling of warmth and love for you.

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What if you are away from your loved ones in India and yet wish to stay connected with them? No worries when OYC is available to fulfill your wishes. You can place your sweets order from any part of the world through the online facility and have them delivered in India on the preferred date and time of your choice. This way you can make up for your absence during important occasions and festivals and at the same time remain close to your loved one's hearts. This way you can send gift boxes containing sweets to your mother, father, brother or sister, son or daughter during birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Raksha Bandhan and even Valentine’s Day. Imagine your daughter is residing in a hostel and craves for the Ellu Urundais, Murukkus and rice mixtures you once used to prepare at home. For this, you need not have to slog and waste your time in the kitchen or go running to purchase them from brick and mortar shops. All you have to do is to act smart and buy the mixes and sweets online from OYC and send them to all you love and care in India as home delivery. With just a tap of the finger or click of the mouse, all your orders will be processed and take care of to your utmost satisfaction.

In spite of providing sweets and savories at affordable rates, OYC also provides a lot of discounts and offers for both existing customers and new customers. Now weddings and small parties can also have traditional sweets of Trichy as OYC cater to bulk orders too. You will definitely love the taste and wish to have some more. Although there are various modern sweets available here, many still prefer traditional sweets when it comes to important celebrations and occasions. Hence OYC procures traditional sweets made from reliable resources so that you can relive those wonderful moments of your past. Why wait or worry when there is so much within your hands reach? The mouthwatering Ghee Sweets, Traditional Urundais, Kara Seedais and other special dishes are all available whenever you want without any hindrance. The home delivery system of OYC is meticulously done using which you can track your online sweets order and find out when your package will reach you. Various modern technologies are involved in the process to give you the best service and best online shopping experience. For OYC you are an important customer and for you, OYC is the wiser choice. There may be a lot of online shops that sell sweets but your experience with this online store will be equal to the one that of shopping in a high-end street and sending the sweets packed and parceled personally. This is not all; there is the same day delivery option for the forgetful souls who need to be rescued from embarrassments for remembering important dates and occasions at the last moment. And the midnight home delivery for the adventure seeking and playful souls who would like to add their personal touch with whatever they do. Having said it all, OYC can surely be your one-stop solution for buying and sending sweets online through which you not only gain the confidence and trust of the receivers without losing time, energy and quality but also gain through loads and loads of discounts and profits.


I wish to buy some traditional sweets online. Do you have them?

Yes, we have various traditional sweets that can be bought online. The range includes Sweet Somas, Groundnut Urundai, Manoharam Urundai, Adhirasam, Tirunelveli Halwa, Mysore Pak, Mewa Ladoo, panner Jalebi and many more.

We heard that you enable purchasing famously branded sweets including Ganga sweets and Sri Krishna sweets, online. Is that so?

You have heard it right. OYC enables you to buy some of the signature sweet varieties of famous brands like Ganga Sweets and Sri Krishna sweets, online.

Will the ghee sweets that are purchased online will be of a good quality?

As far as OYC is concerned, the ghee sweets that are sold by us online are prepared from high-quality ghee and other ingredients. No wonder they taste delicious and have a huge fan following all over the globe.

I would like to buy some of the unique and forgotten types of sweets online like the Chandrakala, Agra Petha, Ellu Urundai, Lavanga Lathika and so on. Can you provide those?

You said it right the sweets you mentioned are unique and forgotten types and hence we have made sure that they are available online for people like you. We will be very pleased to provide them.

We are hosting a small party tomorrow for which we would like to buy2 kgs of Angur Basundhi and Maladu each online. Will you be able to provide delivery of these sweets without spillage and breakage?

We are proud to say that all this long we have provided sweets delivery without any spillage or breakage as we take special care to pack them both hygienically and properly.

Customer Reviews on Online Sweets Delivery in Trichy:

Ameer N:
Sohan Halwa, 26 July 2019

Bought Sohan halwa to Trichy from OYC. It was deliverd perfectly as ordered. Very good service.

Pavithra K
Milk Peda, 19 Februaty 2019

Best Malai peda I have ever had it this. Thank you so much Oyc for delivering promptly. It was very helpful

Adhirasm, 13 June 2018

Bought Adhirasam from Orderyourchoice. It is good and tasty. Good sweet delivery service in Trichy. Keep it up.

Ravishankar L
Kesar Mohanthal, 15 March 2018

Thanks for delivering Kesar Mohanthal in Trichy. Its not available in any nearby sweet shops and its really reasonable price in your shop.