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Ganesha Gifts

- Exclusive collection of Ganesha Idol, Ganesha Gifts, Flowers, Traditional Sweets & Hampers.

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Lord Ganesh or Ganpati the elephant-faced Hindu God is a favorite of all. In spite of the presence of a number of Hindu mythological figures, Ganesh has a huge fan following all over the globe irrespective of caste and creed. This is evident in the number of Ganesha related items and collection of Ganesh idols on display at The Ganesh statues in various poses including the reclining Ganesha, the modern Ganesha with a laptop, playing chess and table are real heart-stealers. As Ganesha and modaks are inseparable, OYC has a wide choice of Modaks made from Kaju, Mawa, Kesar, chocolate and so on as well.

Ganesh is the lord of a good beginning. We always start a function or a puja with a prayer to him and also he symbolizes prosperity and well being. Crafted to perfection, these Ganpati idols also serve as beautiful showpieces in the living rooms. Even having a glimpse at the relaxing poses of these idols can make us feel relaxed and peaceful. There is an idol of Ganesh chowki at OYC which can be used in the office reception or as a welcome showpiece at home. There are also idols of Ganesh and goddess Lakshmi made of metals which can be used in puja rooms. If you want a gift for a housewarming ceremony these gifts in marble will be the right choice. Apart from these, you have Ganesha diyas, Ganesha on a leaf and Ganesha playing various musical instruments which are both innovative and attractive. The collection is a fine blend of tradition and modern styles and makes wonderful gifts suitable for all occasions. Place an order online and OYC will see to it that they reach the preferred person and destination in India without fail.

We have a wide range of unique collection of Ganesha Gifts including Ganesha Idol, Ganesha Coins, Ganesha Sweets, Ganesha Flowers, Ganesha Pooja Thali, Ganesha Hamper. Sending this Gift to your loved ones will make the Festival a traditional and memorable. We Guaranteed the delivery with Assured Quality.