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Cherish the taste of quality Indian sweets online

Online sweets are becoming the new trend when it comes to gifting’s and celebrations. Internet era has enabled people to immerse themselves in occasions and celebrations without much to worry about sourcing best quality sweets Needless to say Indian sweets have a huge fan-following, worldwide OYC establishes itself as an link between India and rest of the world when it comes to gifting sweets. We facilitate online sweets delivery /gifting service across India. OYC helps customers buy sweets online easily. Bright colors, different flavors, immense varieties, aromatic spices and forbidden tastes, all put together ensure out-of-the world experience. There is no age bar when it comes to enjoying sweets and to receive a gift box of tasty sweets is a dream come true for all. Be it the North Indian sweets or south Indian sweets, the choice is endless thanks to the wide range of online sweets given by OYC. Orderyourchoice.com is one of the largest online sweets shop in India which aims to give out some of the best quality sweets to customers and making online sweets delivery across India. OYC pioneers the concept of online sweet delivery for those customers who want wider array of quality sweets online to be gifted to their dear ones located in distant locations across India or for their personal use we undertake online sweets delivery anytime. For centuries, sweets have remained an integral part of our lives now instead of traveling to store we provide our customers the convenience to buy online sweets online we carryout out online sweets delivery services anywhere in India. Anything and everything starts with enjoying and sharing these delicious online sweets whether it is an announcement of a newly born, engagement or promotion, they are indispensable. It is considered as a blessing, when online sweets are ordered and delivered at home thus the concept of online sweet delivery is made easy because of OYC. No wonder elders feed their family members and friends with sweets

Online Sweets Delivery in Few Easy Steps

Customers can place the order anytime at OYC to buy sweets online as per their convenience. Sweets in particular are distributed when a new business is started or a new assignment is obtained at OYC we do online sweet delivery anytime whatever be the occasion. When this is the case with normal occasions, think of the quantity of online sweets you would order or buy online during big functions like weddings and festivals like Diwali, Holi and Raksha Bandhan. We provide all kinds of online sweets in peculiar boxes which can be clubbed along with other gifts or greeting cards can mean a lot to neighbors, colleagues, friends, family and all you are associated with anytime as we undertake online sweets delivery. OYC complements such occasions by undertaking online sweet delivery. And the most amazing thing is that these online sweet boxes at OYC come in various shapes, sizes, contents and colors to suit all budgets and preferences on top of that we also undertake delivery of bulk quantity sweets anywhere in India. We not merely do online sweet delivery but also delivery you happiness and enhance and bloom your occasions with our rich variety of online sweets range. Online sweets delivery is possible only because of persistent demand from our customers. With the help of internet connectivity you can order our quality sweets online it can be any variants choose specialty sweets of fame from different states of the India we provide assurance that same will be delivered on time thanks to the online sweet delivery services of OYC. We guarantee on-time delivery thanks to our network of logistics player who are spread across India to ensure our customers get timely delivery of our sweets as per stipulated by them even across even remotest parts of India. Swift and prompt delivery is one of the positives of OYC. Online sweets delivery is a new phenomenon all made possible because of OYC we work hard to see that you get your online sweets delivery on time to meet up with your Special occasions, events, parties, festivals, weddings etc... Online sweets delivery is one our top priorities at OYC which also includes top notch quality, Freshness, timely delivery, Uniqueness… etc. OYC undertakes online sweets delivery anywhere in India to secure utmost customer satisfaction our customers are regular customers because of such services. Order for Online sweets delivery can also be made anytime we are doing even midnight, early morning online sweets delivery

Where to snag Specialty Sweets Online in India?

Some of our specialty online sweets in stock at OYC are Bengali, Andhra, Mumbai, Kolkata,Delhi,Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Pune, Ahmedabad sweets which are considered specialties in their respective native regions. So Bengali sweets like Ragullas, Champakali, Cham Chams and Sandesh are no longer the favorites of Bengalis alone, and they can be obtained and relished in any part of India. This is the same with Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Pune, Ahmedabad sweets, and Tamil Nadu’s sweet specialties too. You can order sweets online by type, price range, region or quantity based on your requirements and preferences. Browse through our OYC page to buy specialty sweets as mentioned above online. You can get a better idea about the varieties available while the colorful pictures can provide a better insight of what you can expect. We provide Quality sweets with regional characteristics to People are slowly realizing the fact that sweets online is the only way to procure quality sweets on time to meet the bulk requirements of grand occasions and celebrations a small bakery may not be able to churn out adequate quantities to cater to the mass occasions like marriages, parties etc.… OYC offers you online sweet delivery services in time to meet up the bulk sweet requirements for festivals, celebrations, occasions, events, parties etc.…and ensure prompt online sweets delivery. Our traditional Sweets can easily match your festive requirements as we segregate sweets accordingly to Indian States these specialty sweets easily complements your occasion.

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Gift your loved, dear with sweets online to supplement the celebrations of occasions and events with our range of specialty sweets online soured from some of the finest bakeries in India. We satisfy your quench for sweetness with our widest range of online specialty sweets online these are one of a kind sweets online brings customer enchanting experience when they devour its flavor.

Order Sweets Online from reputed Sweet Brands of India

When it comes to order sweets online, customer Prefer only branded items. Longing to taste some of the popular items? You have come to the right place. OYC has joined hands with some of the renowned brands like Sri Krishna Sweets, Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Shree Mithai, Grands Sweets, Gupta Bhavan of Chennai, Almond House - the Iconic sweet and savory store of Hyderabad, Anand sweets of Karnataka, Bhikaram of Rajasthan, K.C. Das of Kolkata, Ghasitaram of Mumbai, Kaka Halwai of Pune and many other brands of various states so that you can buy sweets online. Branded sweets are ideal for gifting for customers, clients, employees and to all who are close to heart because the receivers instantly relate the our online sweets to quality and thoughtfulness of the giver. Branded sweets online are known to make the receiver feel privileged while making the sender generous. It arouses a sense of satisfaction when a customer places order for sweets online. Hence the sweet boxes are designed and decorated with colorful wrappers, ribbons and embellishments to captivate the senses of the on-lookers and receivers. Choose from our array of online sweets which are from established sweets shops like Sri Krishna sweets, Anand sweets, Grand sweets, Pulla Reddy sweets, Bhikaram, Shri mithai and many who have sweets of all kinds like ghee sweets, milk sweets, dry fruit sweets, halwas and many more sweets online, buy sweets online and send it to your dear and near free of cost we undertake online sweets delivery anywhere in India. Our branded online sweets can also be in the form of gift packs and combos of sweet boxes it can be sent along with other gift items like chocolates, cakes, teddy bears and so on. If you are unsure of the brands or sweets you want to send to your friend or relative hailing from a particular state, no worries as you can find sweets categorized region or brand wise too which depends upon the region. Each region, state, district and town of India is legendary for their indigenous list of sweet brands famous to that particular region. Order sweets online to save a great deal on time, transportation, effort and money and visit our online sweets from time to time to avail discounts.

Order Snacks online

Snacking is also a common phenomenon seen in the Indian households; they can be spicy, salty, sweet and sour. These goodies are often had while sipping coffee or tea in the morning or evening for self-indulgence while they are served in varied types during social gatherings to make the meeting or party interesting and engaging. We delight in treating the busy customers who crave for home town sweets and savories, may it be Kolkata’s rasagula, Sohan Halwa of Delhi or Tamil nadu’s adhirasam and muruku etc from well-known and your favourite brands like Haldirams,Sri Krishna sweets, Anand sweets, Grand sweets, Pulla Reddy sweets, Bhikaram, Shri mithai and many more. You need not have to slog in the kitchen preparing these time consuming snacks instead buy sweets online from OYC so that they come in handy when a friend or relative visits you. Buy snacks online at OYC and get mesmerized by its unique quality to satisfy your festive, occasional needs anytime we are establishing ourselves to position as familiar player when it comes online sweets and snacks. Taste our line of online sweets and snacks to get a glimpse of Indian tradition our online sweets and snacks variety are designed in a way to project India and its pride and glory. So go ahead buy sweets and snacks online and cherish its taste.


Name some of the famous Indian Sweets Online available at OrderYourChoice?

We have every kind of famous Indian sweets online like Sandesh, Mothichoor Laddu, Mysore Pak, Adhirasam, Kaju Katli, Chandrakala, Thirunelveli Halwa and Jilabee are some the most renowned Indian Sweets available at OrderYourChoice.com. These famous Indian sweets are native to various parts like Andhra, Bengal, Chennai, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore and Ahmadabad.

What kinds of regional sweets do you have online?

We maintain sweets which are peculiar to particular regions let it be native sweets of Bengali, Guajarati, Andhra, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Pune, Ahmedabad. We at orderyourchoice have it all and we provide free online delivery of the same across India free of cost.

How you are able to maintain the quality of sweets during long transits?

We only undertake online sweets delivery in proximity to the destination of customers so quality is assured in case of rare sweets we see to that shelf life of sweet is within the delivery date. Orderyourchoice takes utmost care to ensure the quality of our sweets is top notch so that customers can relish the taste of fresh sweets.

I wish to buy some traditional sweets online. Do you have them?

Yes, we have various traditional sweets that can be bought online. The range includes sweet somas, groundnut urundai, manoharamurundai, adhirasam, thirunelveli halwa, maisur, mewaladoo, panner jilabee and many more.

We heard that you enable purchasing famous branded sweets including Ganga sweets and Sri Krishna sweets, online. Is that so?

You have heard it right. OYC enables you to buy some of the signature sweet varieties of famous brands like Ganga Sweets and Sri Krishna sweets, online.

Will the ghee sweets that are purchased online will be of a good quality?

As far as OYC is concerned, the ghee sweets that are sold by us online are prepared from high quality ghee and other ingredients. No wonder they taste delicious and have a huge fan following all over the globe.

I would like to buy some of the unique and forgotten types of sweets online like the Chandrakala,Agra Petha,elluurundai,Lavanga Lathika and so on. Can you provide those?

You said it right the sweets you mentioned are unique and forgotten types and hence we have made sure that they are available online for people like you. We will be very pleased to provide them.

We are hosting a small party tomorrow for which we would like to buy2 kgs of Angur Basundhi and Maladu each online. Will you be able to provide delivery of these sweets without spillage and breakage?

We are proud to say that all this long we have provided sweets delivery without any spillage or breakage as we take special care to pack them both hygienically and properly.

I am a sixty year old man who cannot move around with ease. I would like to order some of your popular milk sweets online. Can you help me place the order?

Please do not feel bad sir; OrderYourChoice.com is there to satisfy your sweet-tooth. You can sit from the comfort of your home and order all kinds of milk sweets online. Contact our customer service team who will be happy to guide you through the process.

How do you rate sweets online shopping Vs offline shopping?

Those who have experienced sweets online shopping will definitely recommend it. Because, you get all varieties at one place and will be able to choose your preferred choice without other’s hindrance. The best of all, you can get all information without even budging from your seat.

Do you take online sweets order that is suitable for gifting?

Yes we do, almost all our sweet varieties are suitable for gifting. For instance, you can take the look at the Mix Mawa Pedas that are attractively packed and ready to be delivered intact.

I am living in Texas, US and would like to order sweets online for my friend in Delhi. Can you customize the gift and send it along with a friendship band?

We are always at your service. You can very well order sweets online for your friend in Delhi from anywhere. We can either send it with a greeting card, flowers, cake or chocolates with his name on it along with a friendship band. Kindly let us know your choice, we will execute it accordingly.

Does this online sweet shop have sweets below Rs.499/-?

Yes, OYC has sweets below Rs.499/-. It includes the Bombay Halwa, Milk Burfi, Maladu, Badusha, Tirunelveli halwa, Rasagulla, Canned Sandesh and others. Ours is one among the online sweet shops that sell sweets at a very reasonable price.

Customer Reviews on Online Sweet Delivery:

Spl Mixture & Kaju Sweets,18 August 2016

I ordered a combo pack called Spl Mixture & Kaju Sweets from OYC to gift my girlfriend on her birthday she was stunned after looking that weird gift but it has something which depicts my heart my love for her he online sweet exceeded my expectation. Thanks OYC teams.

Mysore Pauk & Kaju Roll,21 Aug 2016

When I was scouting OYC Sweets page I came across a product named Mysore Pauk & Kaju Rollwhich intrigued me so I placed order for the sweet online for the same. The online sweet got delivered within two days of my order Ii am awestruck by the taste of the jelly so tasty delicious .Good quality product from OYC.

Laddu(Bhikharam Chandmal),20 December 2016

I am not a sweet tooth but anyway I made an order I placed an online order Laddu(Bhikharam Chandmal) it is beyond extraordinary thanksoyc.

Iruttu kadai halwa,05 January 2017

I made an order for iruttaikadai halwa online!! I never that it would be possible to get my hands on iruttukadai halwa it is so good and yummy. Well done OYC.

Preethi :
Badam halwa,31 january 2017

Buy sweets online for the first time I must admit the fact that OYC is great when it comes to sweets.

Thirunelveli halwa,05february 2017

Very good product from OYC. I never expect such a quality from an online store it is definitely of superior quality from here on going to use OYC to get my sweets. Value for money good product for the price

Kaju Roll (Ganga Sweets),10February 2017

I placed an order for Kaju Roll (Ganga Sweets) to gift my mother on her b day she was mesmerized by the quality of the product I wanted to offer her something of nutritious value to her so went for nuts. Timely delivery good service by OYC.

Gopinath Mariappan :
Soan Papdi, 10 July 2015

Fresh delicious sweets have tried their Soan papadi and kajukatli also ordered barfis for an occasion every time experience was good and special mention of their gift box they packed.