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Get Free Doorstep Delivery of the Most Sought after Bangalore Sweets Online

The more and more life becomes demanding and complicated, the tendency to revisit the wonderful moments of the past becomes compelling and it includes the feel-good factor of the traditional Bangalore sweets once tasted. Even if you want to prepare them at home you neither have the time nor the patience and expertise of your mother or grandmother that s why we provide you online sweets delivery in Bangalore. OYC has some of the yummiest of Bangalore's famous sweets online including the Adhirasam, Gulab Jamuns, Panner Jalebi, Soan Papdi, Mysore Pak and many other types belonging to the lengths and breadths of India like Anand sweets, K.C.Das and Sri Krishna Sweets for which online sweet delivery in Bangalore is undertaken by OYC. We provide online sweets delivery in Bangalore in various parts of Bangalore like Malleswaram, Hebbal, Indira Nagthe ar, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Banashankari, Jayanagar, Basavanagudi, Ulsoor, Whitefield. Apart from the traditional Bangalore sweets online, there are a lot of unique options like the Sugar-free Dry Jamun in all flavors and tastes, not to miss the Chocolates and Sugar-free Chandrakala. Nowhere would you find hundreds of sugar-free options like the ones available here at OYC. Customers can combine sweet choices with Soft toys, chocolate boxes or other products to enhance the wow factor. Planning to host an event like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or parties for getting a promotion at the office, graduating from school and so on for your friends and close family members? The need for an elaborate sweet buffet can be easily taken care off as OrderYourChoice will be ready to make online sweets delivery in Bangalore for all Occasions, Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings, and many other occasions. Customers can choose from different types of sweets as per their desire in any required quantities at any point of time, date and place.

Online sweets delivery in Bangalore – The Silicon Valley of India

What is life when there is no sweetness in it? It’s nothing, that too for Indians who always serves sweet in all their special meals. No-one can say No to sweets which we all get during special festivals and occasions. People love India for its city special sweets. All cities have their trademark sweets. Bangalore is one such place which has its own traditional and delicious range of sweets. Not only their flavors are different, but also their history related to it is what the city has got to provide us.

Delivering Bangalore’s authentic sweets to your home

You can see many sweet shops in the Silicon Valley of India. It proves people’s love for Bangalore sweets. If you are craving for the best sweets from the popular shops of Bangalore, don't worry. OYC provides free online sweets delivery in Bangalore. You can get Bangalore special traditional sweets, diabetic friendly sweets and branded sweets from popular shops from OYC. The sweets will be of high quality and taste that matches the traditional taste of the city.

Bangalore: A sweet paradise for every sweet lover

Remember you are in a fairyland and what you find there is full of sweets from different parts of the country. No, its not just a dreamy paradise and its real. You heard it right, the electronic city, Bangalore is a sweet ecstasy where different regional and local sweets are there just to give you that special feel. You will be mesmerized with a hell lot of choices in sweet varieties. Just get down to the streets of Bangalore and find every nook and corner of the street brewing some juicy and sugary sweets. Don’t worry if you can’t feel this in person, as the facility of online sweet delivery in Bangalore offers you the same heavenly experience. Many tourists and visitors have never failed to taste those delightful bites when they visit the city and that proves how Bangalore sweets are widespread and appetizing.

Order Quality Bangalore Sweets at Your Comfort

Our payment gateway is designed for your comfort so that it is easy for you to place the order for your Bangalore sweets. Customers who order sweets online in Bangalore during festive seasons can avail attractive packages to be given as return gifts or wedding favors that are sure to stay in the memories of your guests for a long time. In spite of being exceptional, the sweets that are bought in bulk, online will also entitle you to get huge discounts and deals. Bangalore sweets are not only for the natives customers in Bangalore customers residing in different states and regions of India can order Bangalore sweets within the comfort of their homes.

Explore the signature sweet dishes of Bangalore

Why Bangalore is so obsessed with food? It is one of the cities that take food as a serious matter and comes up with different varieties each and every time. The city has got a big group of local foodies and visitors who are the fan of their food varieties. You can’t resist falling in love with Bangalore sweets and a lot can happen over a bite of those delicious wonders. The city owns many signature dishes that invites visitors to their nice arousing aroma. Though the sweets are modern and experimental, they still stick on to the culture that speak about their roots and traditions. Sweet shops sell all the signatures sweets of the city but, online sweets delivery in Bangalore is a raising trend where you find even more better varieties of sweets in good quality than the shops. /strong>

Get Regional Specialty Sweets Online in Bangalore

Bangalore comprises of people from all region of India, It is also called Silicon Valley of India, and almost everyone is busy with their work routines, but never misses their dear ones for which we provide online sweets delivery in Bangalore so that you can gift them. Technology has helped them a lot, from normal communication to surprising them which has also it possible for customers to get order sweets online in Bangalore. Bangalore has a special eye for beauty and taste. The regional cuisine of Bangalore is known for its slightly sweet taste because people of this region love everything sweet, OYC was initiated for the purpose of satisfying these sweet fanatics of Bangalore. Keeping this fact in mind OYC – the largest online sweets shop to deliver sweets in Bangalore. OYC has come up with an impressive array of sweet specialties of various regions of India displayed and sold under one roof for which online sweets delivery in Bangalore is undertaken by OYC. At OYC Bangalore sweets it is not limited to the variety alone, it includes the convenience of online sweets delivery in Bangalore shopping experience as well as deals offered at our online sweets Bangalore page. When you shop for Bangalore sweets online you avoid traveling long distances to reach your favorite Bangalore sweet shop and avoid waiting in long queues. Instead, you simply click on the mouse or computer button to make your selection in our Bangalore sweets online page, make the payment online and have the ordered Bangalore sweets items at your doorsteps after which it becomes our responsibility to make sweets delivery in Bangalore promptly. As far as the deals are concerned, OYC provides all the benefit of its online Bangalore sweets presence to its customers in the form of discounts and deals, which can be availed from time to time on our site. Our deals and discounts range from first-time purchaser deals to festive offers and bulk order purchase. OYC’s offers and discounts are very astounding they are sure to make you celebrate functions with zest and to make you come back for more and more, often. OYC designed in such a way that it is easy for our customers to navigate and browse web pages enable your friends and family in Bangalore to order sweets online from OYC without any strain or effort and enjoy tastily and aroma filled sweets right in their homes itself. For ages, Indians have been celebrating festivals and functions like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Holi, Vishu, Pongal, New Year, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more with Bangalore sweets. In other words, special occasions and days will be incomplete in Bangalore if they are not celebrated without relishing on delectable sweets. Everyone in India is so familiar with the taste, texture, color, and flavor of the sweets that they are expected them to be perfect and fresh. Hence this online sweet shop strives hard to procure sweets online Bangalore made using quality ingredients from authentic places and provide only those that are exceptionally good to the customers. Every aspect including packaging is done with care so that online sweets delivery in Bangalore is done without any spillage or damage. When it comes to sweets online Bangalore the only best option as we are famous having a diversified collection of milk, ghee and dry fruit sweets both traditional and contemporary or any other Bangalore sweets. You can order sweets online Bangalore from any part of the world and send them as gifts all across India or order sweets online in Bangalore for your own indulgence. OYC – your favorite sweets online Bangalore shop in Bangalore remains open to take your orders any time of the day and make online sweets delivery in Bangalore. This is not all; this Bangalore sweets online store also has some of the tastiest Bangalore sweets and savories from famous brands such as Anand sweets, K.C.Das and Sri Krishna sweets so the quality of sweets is thus guaranteed from our side. Order sweets online Bangalore for occasional sweets and get same day online sweet delivery in Bangalore for your favorite ones online from with more than 1000 varieties of Ghee sweets, Milk Sweets, Dry Fruit Sweets, Halwas, Traditional Sweets & other Bangalore Sweets along with Savories, We have become a famous online sweets Bangalore shop in with Professional logistic network to undertake online sweets delivery in Bangalore at the shortest time.

Online Sweets Delivery in Bangalore - OrderYourChoice

Sweets by TypeSweets by RegionSweets by Brand
Ghee Sweets Andhra Sweets KC Das
Dry Fruit Sweets Bengali Sweets Kanti's Sweets
Traditional Sweets Rajasthani Sweets Anand Sweets
Sugar Free Sweets Tamil Sweets Shree Krishna Sweets

OrderYourChoice enables Bangalore people to choose from the humongous varieties of online sweets pertaining to famous regions of India like Andhra, Bengal, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu and many. From famous sweet shops which house some of the most sought-after regional sweets of India like Malai Burfi, Angur Basundhi, Kaju Katli, Special Nachni Ladoo, Sandesh, Keshar Rajbhoj and many more regional sweets online in Bangalore at OrderYourChoice.

Try OYC's Online Cake Delivery Service in Bangalore

The one gift which can possibly be a substitute for a sweet will be Cakes. Cakes are also a tool for celebration and something we can cherish our memory with and enjoy its taste of awesomeness. We also top in online cake delivery in Bangalore service. With our flawless and customer satisfying service, we are now serving almost all cities across India. We do Online Cake Delivery in Chennai, Online Cake Delivery in Mumbai, Online Cake Delivery in Kolkata, Online Cake Delivery in Ahmedabad, Online Cake Delivery in Delhi, Online Cake Delivery in Hyderabad, Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon, Online Cake Delivery in Pune and also more than 200 cities cake delivery across India.


Can you name some of the sought-after sweets online in Bangalore?

Bangalore has an accumulation of population which consists of people with diversified religions and Communities which include the Tamilians, Kannadigas, and Telugus. Bangalore people generally prefer Tamil, Andhra and Karnataka sweets like Drynuts Pootarekulu, Chitti Khaja, Kakinada Khaja, Kajjikajalu, Tirupati Laddu, Chum Chum, Sandesh, Jalebi, Jangri, etc. are some of the most preferred sweets by Bangalore people which are available at India's renowned online sweets shop.

What are some good Dussehra sweets and snacks providers in Bangalore?

OrderYourChocie provides sweets which are custom made for festive occasions like Dassehra. At OYC we have a collection of specialty sweets like Besan Ladoo, Badam Halwa, Rasgulla, Mawa Peda, Motichoor Ladoo to celebrate your Dassehra festive in a grand manner. Let your Dussehra celebrations unfold with an exquisite range of Dussehra sweets.

What sweets should I take from Bangalore for my family?

Mysore Pak, Badam Halwa, Kesar Peda, Kaju Kathli are some of the must-have sweets in Bangalore city we have it all at a site dedicated to providing you quality regional specialty sweets from Bangalore sweets page to get a glimpse of more sweets online.

In addition to the Mysore Pak, what are the other famous sweets that are available for purchase online in Bangalore?

At OYC you can find a myriad range of sweets available for purchase online in Bangalore in addition to the famous Mysore Pak. The range comprises of Kaju Katli, Dry Fruit Halwas, Mothi Ladoos, Jalebis, Gulab Jamuns, Mohan Bhog and more

List some of the famous milk sweets available online in Bangalore.

OYC boasts of a big list of famous milk sweets available in Bangalore and it includes the Chocolate Burfi, Angur Basundhi, Dryfruit Burfi, Kaju Katli, Doodh Peda, Pista Panch, coconut Khova, Tirattipal and more.

I agree that the Mysore Pak is one of the sought after special sweets of the people of Bangalore. I would like to know what it is made of?

Yes, you are absolutely right; the Mysore Pak is one of the mouth-watering sweets loved by Bangaloreans. It is actually made from pure ghee, high-quality gram or besan flour and sugar.

Do you charge any extra amount for online sweets delivery in Bangalore?

The prices listed on our site includes all charges such as packing, shipping and taxes, the, however, the additional amount might be levied if you have any special request like the mid-night delivery in Bangalore and rest of India.

If I want same day delivery of sweets in Bangalore, when should I place the order online?

If you want the sweets to be delivered on the same day of order in Bangalore, you need to place the order before 2 p.m. However in case of urgencies and upon calling us directly we can try to deliver the same day even if the order is placed after 2 p.m.

I am looking for special sweets shaped in the form of fruits for display at a function to be held at Bangalore. Do you have them so that I can order online?

We have special cashew sweets shaped in the form of fruits including apple, banana, mango, tomato, and pomegranate procured from Sri Krishna Sweets. They look realistic and taste heavenly. You are welcome to place the order online so that we can deliver the same in Bangalore.

My daughter’s betrothal is scheduled to be held this weekend in Bangalore. I wish to order more than one variety of sweets online that are reasonably priced too. Please suggest. has countless types of delicious sweets that can be ordered online and delivered in Bangalore. But we would suggest you check our combo sweets category that is reasonably priced too. You can select as per your desire and needs accordingly.

My Bengali friend is coming tomorrow and hence I want to buy some popular Bengali sweets online from you and get them to Bangalore. What is available with you?

Actually, we specialize in providing some of the popular Bengali sweets such as Cham Cham, Champakali, Canned Sandesh and Rossogolla, Amrit Khumba and others. You can buy them all here, online and also get them delivered in Bangalore. Hope you and your friends enjoy them and send us the feedback. We would love to hear from you.

Our family members in Bangalore love your sweets, especially the Thirunelveli Halwa. I want to buy 4Kg of Tirunelveli halwa, online will get a discount?

Thanks for your compliments and we will make sure that we will continue to provide quality sweets and strive hard to provide 100% satisfaction. We normally provide discounts ranging from 10 to 15% when you buy from us online. Kindly check our site from time to time to avail various offers as and when applicable.

My cousin in Bangalore is a health freak and hence I would like to gift him dry fruit and nut sweets. What varieties do you have?

You can very well gift dry fruit and nut sweets that are healthy, hygienically prepared and carefully packed to retain their shape and taste. As far as the variety is concerned we have an enviable collection ranging from Kaju Kalash, Shanks, Rolls, Pista Cones, Balls to Anjeer cutlets and many more. Visit our site for more details.

Customer Reviews on Online Sweets Delivery in Bangalore:

Sowmya Bhat
Combo Sweets, 18 August 2020

Bangalore and Parties are inseparable I often end-up hosting them without any notice in advance. Thankfully OYC comes to my rescue all the time. I always choose the Combo Sweets as they look eye-catching, taste awesome, and give more buying options. Above all gets delivered on the dot.

Halwa, 10 January 2020

For me buying halwas of different types from OYC has become a habit of sorts. Of all, I just love the Pista Halwa, Cashew Karachi Halwa, Ice halwa, and Anjeer Halwa. The amazing part is that when I have the craving I just order online and eat to my heart’s fill at home. The gooey consistency and the taste is an out of the world experience.

Ameer K:
Sohan Halwa, 14 July 2019

Ordered Sohan halwa from OYC online to Bangalore. The delivery was made promptly on the scheduled date. Sohan halwa was extremely delicious. Completely loved it.

Milk Peda, 11 February 2019

Brought Malai Peda from OYC still can't get over the taste of it. Very much satisfied by the taste of the sweet. The sweet delivery service is good in Bangalore.

Apparachith K
Mixed Kaju Sweets, 21 June 2018

Ordered Mixed Kaju sweets to serve my friends and relatives on the day of my marriage anniversary. It had lots of varieties of Kaju sweets in it. And every sweet tasted very good. Thank you oyc for the timely delivery.

Prasanna Kumar
Besan Laddu, 11 May 2018

Ordered Besan Laddu from OYC for a dinner party. Most people ate the laddu and asked for more. It was very delicious. Thanks a lot oyc for a quality product and a nice delivery service.

Tirupati Laddu, 24 April 2018

Tirupati Laddu was delivered from some branded sweet shop but has the exact same taste of Original Tirupati Laddu. Thanks, Oyc.

Uma Mageshwari
Tirunelveli Halwa, 15 January 2018

Ordered Tirunelveli Halwa from Oyc to Bangalore. It took 2 days to deliver but it was totally worth it. Sent directly from The Halwa shop. Just amazing taste.

Special Badam Pista Mix, 06 September 2017

The noteworthy feature of OYC sweets is their eye-catching gift box sweets orderly neatly packed.

Kaju Sandwich, 10 September 2017

Kaju Sandwich was weird looking at first but tasted great worth the money.

John Paul:
Kaju Water Melon, 14 September 2017

OYC has some of the craziest sweets you can ever find online here is an example Kaju watermelon got one for me it is tasting way better than normal watermelon.

Kesar Burfi, 21 September 2017

OYC is the place to buy Bangalore sweets online my previous experiences with them were great don't have a second thought just go for it some of the best quality sweets you can discover at OYC.

Sandeep :
Badam halwa, 11 September 2017

I Brought badam halwa from oyc it was so good tasting nothing can even match its quality which is far off better compared to my local producers.

Mango jelly, 26 September 2017

One the best Bangalore sweets online it tasted just like the real thing.