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If you are a person with a creative bent of mind who wants everything unique, you have come to the right place. At you can find customized chocolates in incredibly novel forms. There are chocolate CDs and Slabs that can be converted into personalized chocolates by writing names, sentimental messages, dates and even poems, Photo on them and can be gifted for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and baby showers and so on. There is no limit to creativity and gifting options. Ever thought you can send an SMS via chocolates, present custom made chocolates awards to your favorite teacher or gift a ‘get well soon’ chocolate? Visit OYC to find custom chocolates of India which come in all types. Get extra ordinary personalized chocolate ideas available here at Orderyourchoice.

Custom chocolates gifts not only give immense satisfaction to you, the sender but also to the receivers. These are simple yet magnificent gifts that would catch the fancy of all. Like photo cakes, photo chocolates too can create a dramatic visual impact. These edible confectionaries have a great fan-following not only among kids but also among adults. Since these sweet favors are best enjoyed when they are fresh and intact in shape, this online store takes great pains to wrap them attractively and at the same time with great care. You can do all this from your comfort zones with ease. Browse through OYC, choose customized chocolates of your choice, avail amazing discounts and send them all across India using their free delivery service.

Custom Chocolate Online

For those who always seek something unique for their loved ones, our online store has customized chocolate slabs and SMS chocolate to voice-out your heart-felt wishes and emotions through them. OYC team has the best homemade chocolate makers with us so we always deliver fresh and high quality Chocolates Online. Order chocolates online for your chocolate lover friend. Sharing chocolates with friends gives us great memories taste our best quality chocolates online and add sweetness to your memory. This is not all; there are printed hearts, heart lollipops, assorted colorful chocolates and photo chocolates to suit your varied needs and preferences too.

Earlier these chocolate gift packs were considered perfect for birthdays, baby showers, house warming ceremonies and as return gifts during festivals like Diwali, Christmas and New Year. But now they have evolved into popular gifting options for weddings, wedding anniversaries, job promotions and corporate presentations too. The Shubh Vivaah chocolate slabs, Wish Chocolates, Express Bars, Miss you a lot, Thank You, Get Well Soon and other chocolate expressions are few among the many options displayed at our site that can give you great ideas about how they can be effectively used as gifts. So design and buy custom chocolate online at OYC to convey whatever in your mind.


What is Custom Chocolate?

Custom Chocolate is a chocolates which can be molded shaped as per preference of customers. It can be made into various shapes, forms to custom fit needs of occasions, and festivals etc… Orderyourchoice is one of the few players when it comes to personalized chocolates online.

How it is different from regular chocolates in terms of taste?

When it comes to taste it is identical to the real chocolate as its ingredients are no different. Like Regular Chocolate it utilizes the same ingredients which mainly consists of Cocoa mass, Cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, Cocoa powder. These are mix together to form custom chocolates after which they are poured into specialized custom molds for it to take the shape of those items thus the name custom.