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Buy Diwali gifts online and share your happiness with loved ones on this auspicious day. We have brought you an exclusive collection of the best Diwali gifts online to make your celebrations complete with the happy note. OYC is a one-step solutions store for all your gift requirements and we also have Diwali offers on a wide range of exclusive gifts which could bring ultimate happiness in your lives.

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Diwali - Festival Of Lights

Diwali is one of the most loved occasions in India, which is celebrated with utmost joy. Marked with lights, sweet savories, celebrations, and crackers, Diwali is an occasion which celebrates the victory of good over evil and marks the end of darkness. It is celebrated with the brio in most parts of India. People enjoy this festival day by lighting, sparkling diya, and crackers. It is a very colorful celebration that is celebrated throughout India, in different forms. Irrespective of caste, creed, and color, followers from all religion and ethics celebrate Diwali with utmost joy. The celebration starts two days in advance of the day of Diwali and it continues for the total of five days. In most of the houses the celebration goes along with the exchange of gifts and now you can get the Diwali gifts online for all of your lovable family members

Celebrating the festival of lights in all its beauty and glory

One can see a lot of zeal and zest associated with Diwali celebrations. People forget all their worries and celebrate this event at the best of what they can do. Those colourful sparkles on the sky and glowing lights on the houses are believed to bring glory and brightness to our lives. The day just not ends with that. Special delicacies and surprising Diwali gifts are something we never miss. All people rejoice with their friends and families on this special day irrespective of any differences. But there are many who miss their family and stay outside for work. Why should we let them feel bad that they are alone when we have an excellent option of sending them some last-minute exciting Diwali gifts online? Diwali is the festival that reforms the charming splendour of this country. So, let us celebrate it happily with everyone.

Lighten up your Diwali day with attractive Diwali gifts

The custom of presenting gifts is to value your relationship with others. Gifts are the way to show someone that we value them a lot and are grateful for them. When we enter into the festival season, it really makes sense to pause for a moment and think about those little presents. The bigger or smaller, whatever it is, the value of gifts lies in the heart of those who present it to us. It’s a more powerful way of expressing your gratitude and conveying your wishes through the gifts. Gifts can make even a smaller celebration a grandeur one and Diwali, the festival which is magnificent by itself is the right occasion for presenting gifts to your loved ones. Diwali gifts can brighten your relationship and makes the day extra special. Browse for Diwali gifts online to find out the trendy and latest ones instead of buying from the shops where only old models are available.

Diwali Celebrations

Diwali is a five-day festival. The first day of Diwali is known as 'Dhanteras'. To mark the occasion, lamps are kept illuminated throughout at the night, in reverence of Yama, the God of Death. The festival of Dhanteras is also been celebrated to honor the Dhanavanthri, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. On this day, people usually decorate their workplaces and their and workplaces, and make traditional 'Rangoli' (Kolam) on the entrance, to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. It is considered as auspicious to buy silver and gold on this day.

The second day of this festival is, 'Chhoti Diwali' or 'Narak Chaturdashi'. In most of the southern parts they believe, according to mythology, the demon Narakasura(Naragasuran) was killed by Lord Krishna on this day. On the other side, Bengalis believe that the Goddess Kali killed the demon Raktavija on this day. Different traditions are always followed on this day in different parts of the country. However, in common, a custom that is usually followed unanimously on this day is bursting of crackers. People light diyas and lamps in their houses and workplaces.

The third day will be the main day of the Diwali which called 'Badi Diwali'. People believe, it is the day when Goddess Laxmi is worshiped and offered the "Naivedya". On the eve of the Diwali, every corner of the house(Mainly Hindus) in the country are illuminated with lamps, earthen diyas, and candles. Colorful 'Rangoli' (Kolam) are used to beautify and decorate the entrances of the houses. This practice of decorating the floor of the entrance is mainly practiced as a tradition of welcoming the Goddess Lakshmi who is believed to bestow the people of the house with wealth and prosperity.

The next day, that is the fourth-day 'Annakoot' or is 'Govardhan-Puja'. In the home, usually 50+ different varieties food items are prepared and arranged in a thali(Plate) and are placed before Lord Krishna.

The fifth and the last day of the festival is Bhai Dooj. It is especially celebrated for Brothers and Sisters; this occasion has the number of traditions and customs associated with it. However, the tradition of putting the tilak of Kesar (saffron), Roli (vermilion) and rice on the brother's forehead by their sister as a mark of their love and protection, is observed everywhere(Mainly in northern, Western and Eastern part of the country

It is the common belief of people that buying new things on the day of Diwali will bring home the Lakshmi, which is wealth. People buy themselves and others Diwali gifts, clothes, sweets, decorative lights, and most Importantly firecrackers. In the evening of Diwali, Lakshmi puja is held by the people at their home by lighting diyas. People take bath, wear new clothes and then start puja. After the puja, they distribute prasad and share gifts with each other. They pray to God for a happy and prosperous life. And in the last, they enjoy burning firecrackers and playing games. The celebration of Diwali might vary in various states. People of the northern part of India conduct Puja's only in the evening whereas the people of Southern India will take bath and do pujas in early morning. Some, even before the Sunrise.

Know the real glory of celebrating Diwali

Festivals are a way to bring people and families together. Irrespective of the financial situation and other difficulties, people enjoy all the festivals. Diwali is the master festival of all as it is celebrated by majority of the people irrespective of their religion, though the reason for celebration may vary. Diwali festival marks the victory of good over evil and the lights on that day marks a true belief of success and satisfaction overriding all the bad vibes. The most exciting part of Diwali celebration is shopping and sharing of gifts with friends and families. Gone are the days where we visit each and every shop amidst the heavy crowd to look for gifts. With online shopping being the hot trend, different varieties and unique designs of Diwali gifts online are available for sale. It is no doubt that the Diwali gifts are a true symbol of wishing your family a good luck and fortune.

Diwali Gifts Ideas

Diwali celebration remains incomplete without exchanging of amazing Diwali gifts and we offer every kind of online gifts pertained to Diwali in our web page.

- Diwali Gifts for Him

Send Diwali gifts to your Father, Brother, Grand Father, Husband, Friend or any other male buddy by ordering Diwali gifts online from OYC. Sweets, Gifts, Personalized gifts, Chocolates, Clothes, wallets etc, will be a perfect gift for them.

- Diwali Gifts for her

Giving gifts on Diwali is not the recent trend but it’s a century long tradition, which is still now being followed by people from all over the country. Exchanging gifts among friends and relatives on this day will build the relationship and unites the souls. Send diwali gifts to your Mother, sister, Grand mother, Wife, Friend or any other Female buddy to make them happy.

- Diwali Gifts for kids

Diwali is a festival which brings extreme happiness among everyone. Kids are always most excited about this festival. Receiving more exciting Diwali gifts, getting new clothes, feasting on sweets and chocolates will bring them extreme happiness

- Diwali Gifts For Corporates

Giving Diwali gifts for employees has become a business trend now. Buy corporate Diwali gifts to your clients and employees and boost them up, it will motivate them. Diwali sweets, chocolate gifts hamper, assorted dry fruits, corporate gifts, gift vouchers, and many items of utensils and crockery will be the perfect gifts for them.

Gifts For Diwali

Distances cannot part away from the relationships, break the distance barriers and excuses to your dear ones and send various kinds for Diwali gifts online from OYC.

Diwali Sweets - Sweets are very special on Diwali. This festival will leave incomplete without sweets, Sending sweets for Diwali to your loved ones will bring sweetness to the relationship and increase the bond. Now order varieties of Ghee sweets, dry fruit sweets, sugar-free sweets, traditional sweets, milk sweets, combo sweets, and special sweets from OYC.

Dry Fruits - Dry fruits have always a special place in people’ heart. Some keep fast on this festival so dry fruits will be the best gift to them, it also considered as the rich gifts. Now order Assorted dry fruits, walnuts, green raisin, mixed dry fruits with box, dry fruits hampers, roasted Pista, Kaju etc to your dear ones.

Diwali Gift Hampers -Gift hampers will bring a mixed happiness, it will include all varieties of gifts which will be suitable gifts for all kinds of people. Send Diwali gift hampers to your loved ones.

Diwali Flowers - A bouquet of flowers will make one of the most affordable and yet thoughtful Diwali gifts. Flowers will express our warm wishes to our dear ones. It also decorates the places. Gifting flowers on Diwali will a great idea.

Diya Online - A diya(Vilaku) is also great when you want to meditate. Its always lights up to help you connect with your inner-self better. It also signifies the start of good things, the lighting of Diya signifies the triumph of goodness. Order diya online in OYC.

Decorative Pieces - Home Decoration items will be special gifts on Diwali, people love to renovate their houses on Diwali so when we give them the decorative gifts it would to perfect for them. Send home decorative pieces to your loved ones.

Spiritual gifts - Indians have great belief on God’s and spirituality, Idol of god’s and related items will be the suitable gifts for all. Now you can order idol of Goddess Parvathy, Goddess Saraswathi, Goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, Mangal Kalash, Goddess Durga online, – which are said to bring good luck and will be much appreciated during Diwali.

Spiritual gifts will bring peace and happiness in times of needs.

Diwali Thali - Worshipping goddess Laxmi, Krishna and is most important in the festival. Thus Diwali pooja thali reflects as the best gifting option.

Send Diwali Gifts Online across India

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I have to send Diwali gifts to my relatives all over India. Can you deliver to all?

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Southern Sweets Combo, 4 November 2018

Bought Southern Sweet combo as Diwali gift from OYC. Shared it with my neigbours in the day of Diwali, it tasted very good. Thank you for the timely delivery and fresh product from Branded shop.

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Sent this Diwali Thali combo to my relatives in Hyderabad. They got the parcel right on the day of Diwali and they said it was good and thanked me. Thank you oyc for delivering the Diwali Gifts perfectly.

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