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All the goodness in life is related to sweets. In India tradition everything begins with sweets as they are considered as a good omen. Be it a feast, baby shower, wedding, Holi, Diwali or a birthday, sweets are intertwined with our culture and hence have become an important element of the celebration. People living in the beautiful city of Trivandrum can now get ready to taste some of the delicious and aromatic traditional and modern sweets from all over India through an online website dedicated to serve all with their quality items. Since this shop offers mind boggling varieties of sweets and savouries under one roof, they are categorized and displayed under various sections to simplify the selection process based on varying needs and purposes. With the online facility to shop for sweets from any place and anytime, OYC looks like a virtual sweet shop opened inside your bedroom or living room. You are free to choose anything from the available list of sweets while you are lying down in the bed or relaxing on a couch, it is that simple and easy. Fill out the online form mentioning the delivery address, date and time and OYC will send the sweets you bought as free home delivery.

Life is fast paced and there is no time even to stop and stare. Hence it is likely that lot of wishes remain unfulfilled. But never let lack of time as an excuse to share and gift sweets with your relatives and friends as special bonds and relationships need to be nurtured from time to time, occasions are just a reason. Some of the important festivals and special occasions during which everyone come together and rejoice include Diwali, New Year, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Pongal, Vishu, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies and many more every year. Irrespective of the occasion or festival no buffet or food spread is incomplete without sweets but you need not have to slog in the kitchen for long hours preparing sweets instead can enjoy the little spare time you get with your dear and near. Wonder how? It is simple and fast. All you have to do is to visit this online store and buy sweets. All the special sweets including coconut burfis, Halwas, Mawa Pedas, MysorePaks and Rasagollas can be ordered from anywhere using the online facility and get them as home delivery in Trivandrum and rest of India. Depending on the number of guests you can either order sweets in small or bulk quantities and if needed you can even send the sweets in designer boxes as gifts. Apart from providing superior quality sweets, OYC also provides the best deals. There are a variety of discounts for first time buyers, bulk buyers and much more. Otherwise also all the sweets and savouries are reasonably priced at this online shop. Your loved ones may be your elderly parents, siblings or children who would want to be remembered and pampered, after all they deserve it. Do not let distance and lack of time come in your way to see them happy. A small gesture like a gift box containing their favourite sweets can do wonders both for you and your parents. If they are diabetic or health conscious then why not try our sugar free sweets. Though made without sugar they are no less in taste. Even if you live abroad and tied up with work you can always find time to buy sweets online because OYC is open on all the days of the week and throughout the day to take your orders. With the precise address and date of delivery entries the online sweets orders can be tracked effortlessly while the customer service team would also be there to assist you at all times. There are delicious sweets made from dry fruits and nuts apart from the regular milk and ghee sweets made from pure and quality ingredients which will be relished by all. Choose a single variety or assorted sweets as per your needs and wishes and even send them along with other gifts like flowers, teddy bears and home décor items to make anybody fall in love with the gifts.

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The taste of moti bhoondhi laddus, manoharam urundais, murukkus and mixtures once made by your grandmother and mother would still be lingering in your thoughts. Those days have gone by and now they are seldom prepared at home. If you still long for them, OYC should be your ideal destination for such sweets, savouries and rice mixtures. All the items are fresh, pure and procured from all the famous shops of Trivandrum. Within hours you can taste them on your dining table such is the speedy and prompt delivery service. If you are a first time buyer, do not fear about leakage, damage or spillage. All the sweets are neatly and hygienically packed so that they reach you in the best condition possible. You will be saved from street shopping in the hot or winter season and still get the best. When you can lead a luxurious lifestyle like these with OYC why not give it a try. It may be new for you but OYC has a long line of satisfied customers who have already posted their feedback about their satisfying experiences. Visit our site today to get all the answers for your queries and then with a peaceful mind place your orders at OYC.


In addition to the Mysore Pak, what are the other famous sweets that are available for purchase online in Trivandrum?

At OYC you can find a myriad range of sweets available for purchase online in Trivandrum in addition to the famous Mysore Pak. The range comprises of Kaju Katli, dry fruit halwas, Mothi laddoos, jilabis, gulab jamuns, Mohan Bhog and more.

List some of the famous milk sweets s available online in Trivandrum.

OYC boasts of a big list of famous milk sweets available in Trivandrum and it includes the Chocolate Burfi, Angur Basundhi, Dryfruit Burfi, Kaju Katli, Doodh Peda, Pista Panch, coconut Khova, Tirattipal and more.

I agree that the Mysore Pak is one of the sought after special sweets of the people of Trivandrum. I would like know what it is made of?

Yes you are absolutely right; the Mysore Pak is one of the mouth-watering sweets loved by People of Trivandrum. It is actually made from pure ghee, high quality gram or besan flour and sugar.

Do you charge any extra amount for online sweets delivery in Trivandrum?

The prices listed on our site includes all charges such as packing, shipping and taxes, however additional amount might be levied if you have any special request like the mid-night delivery in Trivandrum and rest of India.

If I want same day delivery of sweets in Trivandrum, when should I place the order online?

If you want the sweets to be delivered on the same day of order in Trivandrum, you need to place the order before 2 p.m. However in case of urgencies and upon calling us directly we can try to deliver the same day even if the order is placed after 2 p.m.

I am looking for special sweets shaped in the form of fruits for display at a function to be held at Trivandrum. Do you have them so that I can order online?

We have special cashew sweets shaped in the form of fruits including apple, banana, mango, tomato and pomegranate procured from Sri Krishna Sweets. They look realistic and taste heavenly. You are welcome to place the order online so that we can deliver the same in Trivandrum.

My daughter’s betrothal is scheduled to be held this weekend in Trivandrum. I wish to order more than one variety of sweets online that are reasonably priced too. Please suggest. has countless types of delicious sweets that can be ordered online and delivered in Trivandrum. But we would suggest you to check our combo sweets category that is reasonably priced too. You can select as per your desire and needs accordingly.

Customer Reviews on Online Sweets Delivery in Trivandrum:

Krishna Kumar
Mixed Sweets, 22 March 2020

My friend got engaged this week in Trivandrum. To congratulate him, I got OYC’s mixed sweets delivered at his doorstep with my special message using the online delivery service. I received great appreciation for my rich and tasty sweet selection.

Coconut Burfi, 14 September 2019

Myself and my wife have been working day and night in the hospital and hence did not have time to prepare our traditional coconut burfi sweets at home for Easter this year. We simply ordered them online from our favorite online sweet store OYC. They tasted just like home-made sweets and saved us from guilt.

Aneesha K:
Mixed Halwa, 24 July 2019

Bought Mixed Halwas consisting of you various Halwas in Trivandrum. It was truly good. thanks OYC.

Prakash Raghavan:
Kopra Pak, 31 September 2017

Very good service by OYC. The product was delivered as scheduled and I couldn't find sweets of better quality than this anywhere in Trivandrum.

Lashmi Venu
Tirupati Laddu, 16 June 2018

Hey! Thanks a lot for this. This tasted very good similar to tirupati laddu. Liked it so much.

Pavithra Kannan
Paneer Jalebi, 16 February 2018

Ordered Paneer Jalebi from oyc for a special event. I have to say it tasted so good. The aromatic package of Ghee was so seductive.