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Online Sweets Delivery in Ahmedabad at your Comfort

OrderYourChoice is one of the largest online sweets store in India which houses sweets from various regions and cities of India like Ahmedabad. When it comes gifting you can always wrap sweets with decorated covers sent them to their dear ones. Combine Ahmedabad sweets with Personalized gifts, Chocolates, Soft toys, Flowers as per your needs the combinations are endless when it comes to Ahmedabad sweets at Orderyourchoice.com the online sweets megastore. We provide sweets delivery in Ahmedabad even on the eve of festive seasons like New Year, Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, Christmas, etc. We carry out sweets delivery in Ahmedabad and also in other parts of India so whether you live in Ahmadabad or other parts of India you can always taste Ahmedabad sweets by just with a click of a button. Our Ahmedabad sweets are sourced from top-notch sweets store some of which are Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand, Jayhind Sweets, Vipul Dudhiya Sweets, KC Das, Gwalia Sweets, Jodhpur Sweets, Azad Sweets and Restaurant, Gwalia sweets, Kandoi sweets, Supriseforu, Bikaner Sweets, Mertiya Sweet Home, Mehta Chavana and sweet Shop etc. We initiate sweets delivery in Ahmedabad using sweets procured from the above mentioned branded sweets shops so that you can taste these native Ahmedabad sweets without having to travel all the way to these shops. Some of the most popular Ahmedabad sweets includes Mohanthal, Shrikhand, Ghari, Kaju Katali etc. we have them all delivered at your doorsteps just place your order for Ahmedabad sweets and we will see to that your online sweets delivery in Ahmedabad is timely delivered.

Ahmedabad’s sweet Journey

People of Ahmedabad have a very sweet tooth. The main food platter also consists of a touch of sweetness as they add a bit of sugar or jaggery in it which justifies the prior statement. The city has mastered the art of creating lip-smacking sweet varieties. Ahmedabad sweets have gained attraction and many of the sweets that we love today has their origin from Ahmedabad. There are many sweet varieties that has been both traditional and famous for many years. Few of their sweets are completely irresistible. OYC offers online sweets delivery in Ahmedabad procured from the most famous and branded shops of the city. Our people’s love for sweets can never be neglected and we serve the purpose of satisfying it.

Taste the best sweet cuisines of Ahmedabad

Those who are in a hunt to taste the best sweet varieties of our country must try tasting Ahmedabad sweets. The city is not just famous for one sweet, but for many. When you roam around the streets of Ahmedabad, its assured that you tend to taste some of the best sweets of India. The traditional sweet shops of Ahmedabad are pioneers where they spread happiness to all their customers through their delicious heavenly sweet bites. If you feel unlucky that you cannot make it to experience that, we offer you the facility of online sweets delivery in Ahmedabad where you can experience the same magic. The rich and tasty sweet delights will for sure tickle your taste buds and soothes your soul.

Online Sweets delivery in Ahmedabad – A Culinary paradise

Ahmedabad, the city on the banks of Sabarmati River, has many delightful food treasures to offer to everyone. Ahmedabad cuisines are known for their peculiar taste and mix of different flavors. Their meals are always accompanied by yummy deserts. Their ‘Thali’ platter is a unique mash up of many dishes including sweet and salty foods. In general, Gujarati people are too fond of sweets. So, you can find a sweet stall in every nook and corner of Ahmedabad lanes. Though Ahmedabad snacks and savories gained more fame and reach, the city offers delectable sweets that are never to miss. OYC brings Ahmedabad sweets from the best sweet houses of the city straight to your home. Jalebi, being the popular food in Ahmedabad, is a must try sweet there. Experience the ultimate taste of it by ordering online.

Must Visit Places When it Comes Buying Ahmedabad Sweets

- Dudhiya

- Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand

- RasRanjan

Dudhiya One of the oldest shops in Ahmedabad city for sweets. It houses the Best Matho/Shrikhand in Ahmedabad. Sweets which are popular in Ahmedabad are the festive sweets that they prepare. Recommended for all the Diwali corporate gifts and milk based sweets. Vipul Dudhiya is some of the few places in Ahmedabad where you can get a variety of Shrikhands. Here Lassi is given in Earthern pots. They have a very popular in Ahmedabad and have multiple outlets. Kandoi Bhogilal Mulchand It needs no introduction it is already well known by both locals as well as by other travelers from other cities. This is the best place in Ahmedabad, where you can rest assured that you are going to get delicious sweets no matter what. There has been a lot of old sweet shops in Ahmedabad, however, Kandoi has emerged as the best one among the lot because of Quality and Consistency. Their Mohanthal is extremely famous, do try once if you visit Kandoi. And don’t fall for their stale gift packs, try to buy the fresh sweets. Established since 1845, Kandoi has won numerous awards and accolades. RasRanjan Sweets When it comes to Ahmedabad sweets RasRanjan is the place. RasRanjan is an old place and over the years RasRanjan has maintained its unique delicious taste. Indians are surely hardcore lovers of sweets and Ahmedabad sure is a food paradise for all the sweet lovers out there. These amazing Ahmedabad Sweet Shops can surely add joy to your life.

Online Sweets Delivery in Ahmedabad - OrderYourChoice

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We provide customer to select sweets from Branded Sweets Shops in Ahmedabad and thus assuring the quality. With more than 200 varieties of Ghee Sweets, Milk Sweets, Dry Fruits Sweets, Bengali Sweets, Traditional Sweets along with Savouries, we have become a famous sweets shop in Ahmedabad with the Professional logistic network to undertake online sweets delivery in Ahmedabad.

OYC also Serves you Cake Delivery in Ahmedabad

Like how sweets is a common delicacy, cakes are also a most cherished dessert ever. Cakes are not just a dessert, it is the only and most common tool to celebrate any occasion or festival. It is so delicious so that no one could say no to it. We, OrderYourChoice has brought out our Online Cake Delivery in Ahmedabad service to quench people's thirst for cakes. Not just in Ahmedabad, we also do Online Cake Delivery in Chennai, Online Cake Delivery in Bangalore, Online Cake Delivery in Delhi, Online Cake Delivery in Kolkata, Online Cake Delivery in Mumbai, Online Cake Delivery in Hyderabad, Online Cake Delivery in Pune, Online Cake Delivery in Jaipur, Online Cake Delivery in Gurgaon and also in more cities across India.


Will you charge me extra if I wish to send 1 Kilogram Kaju Pista Burger to my Nephew in Ahmedabad?

Normally we do not charge extra other than the charge mentioned in the page for any sweet you order online. Because the charge mentioned is inclusive of the tax, shipment and service charges. Shop with us and stay relaxed, your wish is our command.

What do you prefer: purchasing sweets from a shop or purchasing sweets online?

It depends upon the need of customers in case if you want sweets from selective branded sweet shops from particular regions of India or sent them as a gift or in case of rarer sweets Narikol'or Ladoo. Ghevar, Pinni which are famous in regions like Assam, Rajasthan, and Punjab online sweets is preferred as the same cannot be purchased locally. Also when you go online your choice is not restrained to particular sweets varieties. Orderyourchoice.com has an accumulation of sweets famous to various regions of India like Bengal, Andhra, Chennai etc. Your selection can also be made brand wise as we have tie-ups with some of the leading sweet brands of India.

Where do you order sweets, generally for functions and festivals in Ahmedabad?

Orderyourchoice.com is the best option when it comes to online sweets as we provide sweets tailor-made for festivals in Ahmedabad like Holi, Raksha Bandhan, Uttarayan, Navratras, Diwali, Ganesh Chaturthi, Eid ul-Fitr and Christmas for which delivery can avail free of cost within Ahmedabad. Our quality Ahmedabad sweets fulfill your celebration needs anytime.

Customer Reviews on Online Sweets Delivery in Ahmedabad:

Dry Fruit Bati, 12 February 2020

My name is Reena and I live in Ahmedabad. Last week I received Dry Fruit Bati as a housewarming gift from my friend in the US who ordered it from you, online. I just could not stop myself from giving you the feedback that the sweets were finger-licking tasty and looked awesome as well. Great job guys.

Yash Chowdhary
Mysore Pak, 12 June 2019

I still can't get of the amazing taste of the Mysore pak I ordered from OYC online. Very good taste and sweet delivery service in Ahmedabad.

Amritha L
Tirunelveli Halwa,22 January 2019

Bought tirunelveli halwa to Ahmedabad from oyc. Received the sweet in 2 days. Taste was amazing and everybody loved it. Thank you

Venkat Guru
Sandwich Katli, 18 December 2018

Ordered the sandwich katli sweets online from orderyourchoice to Ahmedabad. The sweet tasted very very good and delicious.

Kesar Peda, 15 August 2018

Bought Kesar Peda to present my friend on his marriage reception. Thanks for the timely scheduled delivery.

Malathi Verma
Sandwich Kathli, 17 February 2018

Amazing taste and package from the shop. Thanks oyc for making sure the product delivered at the time.

Gowtham K
Kesar Peda, 22 January 2018

Kesar Peda sweet was so so yummy. Thanks for delivering the product correctly from Gwalia sweets Jaipur.

Mixed Halwa, 24 September 2017

My order for mixed Halwas consisting of you know colorful different Halwas totally awesome thanks OYC.

Kopra Pak, 31 September 2017

I am sure you I'll not be able to find sweets of better quality than this anywhere in Ahmedabad.

Magdhal, 14 October 2017

Beautiful looking sweets I don’t know how they make such sweets. I am satisfied with my sweet from OYC timely delivery, good quality sweets.

Rasamalai, 16 October 2017

It can't get better than this for sure. OYC provides some of the good tasting sweets online thanks OYC.

Lakha :
Mixed sweets, 19 October 2017

Distinct Sweet Varieties all under one box I am really surprised.

Ram Prasad:
Kaju Pista flower, 20 October 2017

buy it and You will see for yourself it depicts the real flowers. Just like flowers.