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Celebrate the Ugadi in a big!! Happy and prosperous Telugu & Kanada New Year Gift the fascinating collection of Ugadi gifts from OrderYourChoice and let your beloved be proud of you throughout the year.

India’s cultural festival – Ugadi – The beginning of new era

India is the best example for encouraging “Unity in Diversity”. Different people from different religious backgrounds reside in our country thus enabling way for different festivals and celebrations. Ugadi is one such regional festival that Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh people celebrate and rejoice with high spirit. Ugadi marks the beginning of new year. People celebrate it also to thank mother nature for whatever she has offered to the mankind.

Make Ugadi a day to remember for your loved ones with OYC gifts

Ugadi, being a function, which is celebrated widely with enthusiasm and splendour everyone wants to get the best experience that day. The memories on this day will remain warm and fresh for all if it is spent with some unexpected gifts. Along with the lush spread of Ugadi special delicacies and colourful decorations, imagine the ambience of receiving a lovely gift from the dearest ones. OYC helps in setting up your mood and atmosphere for the same heavenly experience with our lovely collections of Ugadi gifts online & Gudi padwa gifts online. Like how the Ugadi lunch offers different flavours, you can make it a flavourful experience for your loved ones with the Ugadi gifts from OYC.

Celebrate the “Start of new YUG” with OYC online ugadi gifts

Maharashtrian people also celebrate ugadi in the name of “Gudi Padwa”. Marathi people use wooden sticks covered with red or yellow cloth and a silver/bronze pot will be placed upside down on the stick. This is called as Gudi and will be placed outside of house along with a garland made of neem and sugar to denote life is full of bittersweet experiences. The day then continues with shower using sesame oil and then prayers. The house will be decorated with mango leaves and garlands. Jasmine, neem leaves and mango are must in ugadi & gudi padwa celebrations. Gifting is one of the important traditions of Ugadi celebration where elders of family offer gift to younger ones in the family. Our ugadi online gifts make your festival celebration easier & unforgettable one and brings the colour of hope, happiness and prosperity in your life.

Ugadhi is a festival that marks the beginning of the new calendar year and is mostly celebrated by the people of Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra and Karnataka. It is customary to wear new clothes, feast on delicacies and share gifts as these all put together symbolizes everyone’s wish for prosperity and well-being. It also goes by the belief that all that starts well ends well. To make this a reality visit and indulge in online shopping. Find a huge collection of Ugadi gifts including a huge variety of sweets, flowers, ugadi greetings, idols of Goddess, diyas, and more here. With the modern lifestyle taking a toll on all, there is no time to prepare the traditional sweets at home these days. Hence to fill that gap, OYC offers a huge spread of them including Ugadhi Ariselu, tapeswaram Kajapootarekulu, Sanna bundhi Laddu, Nethi Arisalu, Kajjikayalu and so on.

No Indian festival is complete without an elaborate feast and to make it possible. Buy the hot checodi, kajupista, jangiris in mouthwatering colours and flavors, the famous gavvaluor sweets, the pedas of the north and others to decorate your food table and to treat your guests. For a wholesome gifting experience, OYC has hampers consisting of pictures of Lord Balaji, special Ugadhi Greetings, sweets and even a Ugadhi Panchangam in them. It is believed that these gift hampers will bring the blessings of Goddess Lakshi in all the homes they enter. The gift options does not end with this, you can find ugadipachadi, ugadigudipadwa to ugadi rangoli designs at OYC. You will not lose time in choosing the gifts as gifts are neatly categorized under specific titles. The amazing thing about shopping at OYC is that your smile remains on your lips even after you have purchased because this store offers great deals and ugadi offers to all their shoppers.