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EID History and Traditional Gifts

EID is the foremost important religious festival celebrations by the Muslims which marks the end of the Ramadan. It is the Islamic holy month where the Muslims observes fasting. EID-al-Fitr was originated by Prophet Muhammad. It is observed on the first day of month of Shawwal. This festival was initiated in Medina after the migration of Prophet Muhammad from Mecca. Anas Ibn Malik, a close companion of Prophet Muhammad has said that “When the prophet arrived in Medina, he found people celebrating two specific days in which they used to entertain themselves with recreation and merriment. He asked them about the nature of these festivals at which they replied that these days were the occasions of fun and recreation. At this, the prophet remarket that the almighty has fixed two days instead of these for you which are better than these: Eid al-fitr and Eid al-Adha”

In India Muslims celebrates EID with bundle of Joy and happiness. They’ll go to mosques and start the day with their prayer. People exchange traditional greetings “EID Mubarak” followed by a formal hug to one another. Gift giving is also a important part of their day mostly gifts will be Sweets, Chocolates, Dresses and some also give small sum of money to children and show their gratification.

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Eid, the festival is all about sharing. Ramadan is celebrated by all Muslims globally but in different ways as per their culture. Though the method of celebration varies, the one thing that remains unchanged is sharing gifts with others as part of the festival. ‘Eidi” or “Eidia” is referred as gifts given to children and other members during the festival. Money was the most preferred gift earlier. But nowadays due to the availability of many Eid gifts online which matches the taste of younger generation now, people prefer buying them instead of giving money. We, at OYC, holds the modern touch in all our Ramadan gifts online thus remaining in the modern trends of young people.

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Eid is a festive occasion that is close to the heart of all Muslim friends and families. After a month of fast and prayers during Ramadan, Eid is the time they rejoice by feasting and celebrating. At OrderYourChoice.com you can find a huge collection of Eid gifts including Eid greeting cards, Eid dresses, special suits, sweets, cakes and so on. With friends and relatives scattered across India you may not be able to meet and share pleasantries with your beloveds in-person on this special day but when you shop with OYC online you will be able to deliver any gift you want to and on the same day too through them.

For your close friends and relatives, there are packs of imported chocolates, dry fruits, and nuts, assorted and fruit baskets. If you are looking for south Indian delicacies there are unimaginable varieties of sweets and savories ready for your order. These mouth-watering sweets are neatly packed in attractive boxes and hence make great gifts. The creamy and tasty Angur Basundhi and the Burfis in different flavors can make you go mad for them for sure. Flower bouquets found in this site are carefully hand-picked and beautifully arranged so that they look very fresh and eye-catching. You can even shop for dresses for this Eid and send them as gifts too. This is not all, you are about to get loads of Eid decoration ideas even by simply looking at the home décor items available here. To make it even more lucrative, this online store provides loads and loads of offers and discounts to all those who shop with them. Whatever be the case, online shopping with OYC is going to save you time, money and make your presence felt by delivering your gift packs to your dear ones anywhere in India.


I am from Bangalore. Can I send EID gifts to my friends in Delhi?

Yes. We deliver EID Gifts to locations all around India. Choose your favorite from the wide range of gifts availabe

Customer Reviews on EID Gifts Online

Nasreen Banu
Kaju Roll and Mixture, 3 September 2017

Thanks a lot oyc for delivering the gift right on the EID day. Very nice sweet combo this was.

Ahmed J
Mixed Ghee and Kaju Sweets, 4 September 2017

Ordered this sweet combo a day before EID, but it was delivered perfectly. good work