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Bhikaram Chandmal Bhujiawala

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The shop started its existence way back 125 years ago when an man called Tanuskhdas Agarwal who is behind the birth of a famous fried sweet snack called Bhujia which was made in a small town called Bikaner and very soon his creation gained popularity among the people in Bikaner which paved way for the now Bhikaram Chandmal Bhujiawala. We at OrderYourChoice are proud to deliver you their quality sweets which are not available elsewhere. So utilise us to gift your dears from Bhikaram Chandmal Bhujiawala - Same day delivery within Kolkata - Sweets will be delivered within 1 - 2 days for Other Cities.

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Customer Reviews for Bhikaram Chandmal Bhujiawala in OrderYourChoice

Kreethi Bansal
Kaju Barfi, 18 May 2018

Bought Kaju Barfi in bhikaramchandhmal from oyc. I have to say that this product is very delicious. I am in totally love with this. Thanks so much oyc.

Prathabh Kaiseh
Soan Papdi, 22 March 2018

Soan papdi was so soft and delicious. Thanks oyc for good delivery service.