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Krishna Chandra Das commonly known as K C Das was a Bengali Confectioner, Entrepreneur who was a hier of the Nobin Chandra das the real founder of the famous sweet shop. It all started out as an small sweet shop in bagbazar located in the north of kolkata with the ambition to create sweets which have signature taste which failed to raise to people's expectations but Nobin Chandra Das never give up hope and after months of determination and hard word he was able to perfect himself in the art of sweet making and distinguish himself as a special sweets maker whose name is still stands synonymous with Bengali and became the inventor of the so called Rasgulla which is the most famous Bengali Sweets up to date thus his legacy continues in the form of his sweet shop which incorporates his sweet making ideas and makes his Bengali sweets availabe to the people who are otherwise are left with no other feasiable option when it oomes to Bengali sweets. Now people all over India can order his sweet creations which include sweets like Sandesh, Rasagulla, Rasamalai, Kalojaam, Gulab jamun, Kesar Raj bhog and many more pictured above all of which are made from his signature recipies that adds distinct flavour authentic to his establishment K C Das sweets now available online as OrderYourChoice has stock of his finest sweet creations that have true to Bengali Sweets Heritage. Enjoy!! the rich taste of Sweet with Bengali tradition and which will be the Best Gift from this Exclusive Shop. - Same day delivery within Kolkata & Bangalore - Sweets will be delivered within 1 - 2 days for Other Place in India.

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Customer Reviews for K.C Das Sweets Kolkata:

Amit Vastav
Bel Murabbah, 11 May 2018

Tasted Bel murabbah after years and Oyc has served the best tasty Bel Murabbah and satisfied me completely. GOod work oyc.

Kunal Karma
, 29 March 2018

Bought Sankh Sandesh for a family festival. Thank you oyc for delivering it on time and the sandhesh was very tasty.