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Pulla Reddy Sweets is a popular Traditional Indian sweets manufacturer based in Hyderabad who specializes in Halwas, Milk and ghee sweets that are made using locally sourced ingredients that further contributes to the sweets unique taste. It was all started out with a man with a man called pulla reddy garu who was illiterate but had a vision to create a establishment that supplies premium quality Hyderabadi sweets to people and let them experience the real taste of ghee and pure ingredients.He was reluctant to provide discounts as he felt that his sweets deserve the price which was the result of using pure ghee. Initailly the shop was not well received due to the high prices of his sweets but very soon people realized the quality of his sweets and soon got reputed brand in Hyderabad with more than 10 branches now with more than 5000+ customers paying a visit to his shop on daily basis.

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