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Online Cake Delivery in Pondicherry

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Hassle Free Online Cake Delivery Service in Pondicherry

- OrderYourChoice is the largest cake shop that offers you to order cake online and get the home delivery of cakes to your desired locations in Pondicherry.

- We have a wide range of Birthday cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Kids cakes, Party Cakes and Photo cakes in fabulous designs in our online cake shop for home delivery.

- All the cakes ordered will be delivered to customers, only from the top quality bakeries in the Pondicherry with guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Pondicherry (or Puducherry), a French colonial settlement which is now a Union Territory town bounded by India’s Southeastern Tamil Nadu state. The city has a long and interesting history of trade and war. There is a strong French impact in the city, specifically in the old quarters, with Rues and Boulevards lined with Mediterranean style houses and bakeries, although the city remains very much Indian. Sri Aurobindo Ashram is one of the important landmarks in Pondicherry. In addition, there are a lot of tourist spots and resorts that make the city sleepless night during the New year eve.

Why Cakes attract the Crowd?

Cakes are always associated with happy moments in life. Even if you are stressed or tensed, a piece of deliciousness can make you calm down. Imagine a situation where you had an argument with your loved one. Moments later, you stand before them with cake in one hand and a bouquet of flowers on the other. Just visualize how dreamy the situation will be! Cakes are not just meant for special days but to make your days very special.

You find better varieties of cake in online shops than in the bakeries. You can customize your cake as per your requirements. Online shops support even midnight delivery like when you want to surprise someone on their birthday exactly at 12’o clock. You can include special messages in the cake for your loved ones or go for themed designs. All these are possible only when you order cake online. Though many shops support online cake delivery in Pondicherry, OYC is better known for its timely service and high-quality cakes that are so fresh and flavourful.

Guiltlessly satisfy your sweet tooth with our delectable cakes

When you say about a party, the one thing that everyone will look forward into is yummy and colourful cakes. Especially kids are more attracted towards cake. Even a mindful eater who is so pricky about his food choice will definitely fall for these creamy angelic beauties. Those who are on diet will first go on to consuming cakes on their cheat day. That’s how cakes have impacted everyone. Cakes are freaking delicious. Missing that taste and then feeling guilty is the worst sense ever. So, when you get a chance to taste, go for it and move forward. You can be guilt free when you choose your order from the trustworthy cake shops like OYC. Our online cake delivery in Pondicherry will help you satisfy your cake craving at economical rates.

Looking for Best Online Cake Delivery Service in Pondicherry?

Order Your Choice is the largest Online Cake Shop in Pondicherry that offers online cake delivery in Pondicherry on the same day at your loved one's doorsteps on their Birthday, Anniversary & Festivals. We Offer you wide collections of Cakes like Pineapple, Red velvet, Black forest, White forest, Chocolate Truffle and many more exotic flavors. Online Cake Delivery in Pondicherry can give you lot of option for selecting the best cake for your occasion. Some of the most famous bakery in Pondicherry are French Bakery, Auroville Bakery, Grand Bakery, Baker Street, DL Cakes and we have associated with this bakery to deliver the delicious cakes with rich experience.

Online Cake Delivery in Pondicherry - OrderYourChoice

Cakes by occasionCakes by typeShipping Type
Birthday Half Kg Cakes Good Morning Delivery
Anniversary Eggless Cakes Delivery in 2 Hours
New Year Kids Cakes Same Day Delivery
All Occasion Photo Cakes Midnight Delivery

Totally Satisfying Online Cake Shop in Pondicherry

The main goal of our cake shop in Pondicherry is to satisfy the Customers to the maximum and so we are sending cakes in Pondicherry only from the Premium Cake Shop in Pondicherry and deliver it with personal care to make their celebration a memorable one. OYC has made online cake delivery in Pondicherry very easy now.

The neighborhoods that are enjoying this cake delivery service are Jhansi Nagar, Sithankudi, Boomianpet, Thilagar Nagar, Kamban Nagar, Thirupur Kumaran Nagar, Aadiprasakthi Nagar, Raja Annamalai Nagar, Murugaswamy Nagar, Mudalali Society, Mudilar Nagar, Indira Nagar, Sri Ambal Nagar, Vallalar Nagar, Sathya Nagar, Chevaliar Sreenivasan Nagar, TGS Nagar, Pondycherry, Thiru Vi Ka Nagar, Sathiya Nagar, Vasanthapuram, Pudhu Nagar, Rajaji Nagar, Thirumal nagar, Bharathipuram, Lakshmi Nagar, Ambal Nagar, Tagore Nagar, Bharathipuram North, Agathiyar Nagar, Anadha Ranga Pillai Nagar, Ragavendra Nagar, Housing Board LIG Colony, Balaji Nagar, Guru Nagar, Subbiahnagar, Sivaji Nagar, Pillaithotam, Kumaran Nagar Extension, Sonia Gandhi Nagar, Kavikuyil Nagar, John Paul Nagar, Jeeva Colony, Pavazha Nagar, Chinna Kannu Nagar, Indra Nagar Extension, Sethilal Nagar, Annai Theresa Nagar, D.R Nagar and Sri Moogambigai Nagar.

A Tasty Cakes Makes a Party Memorable in Pondicherry

A party is a gathering of family members, Relatives, Friends starting from 10 nos. to 100+ at a celebration hall or in resorts. The gathering may be for a Birthday, Wedding, Baby Shower, Anniversary, Achieving the targets or for any festivals. Cake cutting becomes a very important part of the party and size for the cakes starts from 1Kg to 7Kg; flat round cake to 4 Tier cakes depend on the number of persons. As a tradition is to lit off the candle and celebrity start cutting the cake with smile and claps. Then the cakes shall be distributed with chocolates and snacks to all the members in the gathering. Pondicherry is one such place where the people never miss a cake during their celebration. To make the party more comfort, OrderYourChoice provides 100 inducing flavors and 1000+ Exotic design through its online cake shop. Just order the cake by selecting the weight, flavor, design, date and time, our trained Executive will ring your doorstep at your preferred time to deliver the cake. A smile from the customer's face shows that OrderYourChoice fulfilled the customer requirement with great satisfaction!

What are the Criteria Should Customer Consider Before Buying Cake Through Online in Pondicherry?

The customer should ask few questions with the online cake service provider in Pondicherry before buying the cake online.

- Whether the Online cake delivery company can deliver the cake in Pondicherry and in case the place outside the Postal code with an address for the delivery possibility.

- Can the service provider deliver the cake on the specific date and time?

- Can the selected flavor eg Blackforest, Butterscotch, strawberry etc be delivered to your location in Pondicherry?

- Say your design requirement eg basic design, Kids cake, Party cakes or photo cake and get the confirmation with the online cake service provider.

- Enquire about the Cancellation or refund policy in case the cake is damaged or quality is not satisfied or the cake is not delivered by the online cake delivery service provider.

- Last but not the least get the contact mobile no or email id to inquire about your order status.

OrderYourChoice always listens to customer inquiry with utmost care, delighted to reply every question related to online cake delivery in Pondicherry.

Most Preferred Cakes in Pondicherry through Online

Black Forest and Butter Scotch are the most preferred cakes in Pondicherry. In the recent time trends are shifting towards Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Kiwi, Fruit cakes and Cheese Cake as the youngster love to taste different flavor. Health conscious and older generation move towards eggless and sugar free cakes. Though in modern era there are hundreds of flavors, Plum cakes are the ultimate choice during the Christmas. Irrespective of flavor and customer preference OrderYourChoice is a best online cake shop to deliver the cakes across Pondicherry.


Can you please share the recipe of Chocolate mousse cake? I ordered it recently from OrderYourChoice and I just loved it.

Thank you so much for your love towards OYC! We are sharing this recipe from our best bakery in Pondicherry. 6 eggs and 6 Oz/150 grams Dark Chocolate (50–70% cocoa). (1 egg per 1oz/25g chocolate. Allow 1 egg quantity per person) If you don’t have scales look at weight on packet of chocolate, and use correct number of eggs. Separate the eggs. Melt the chocolate, and allow to cool slightly. Whisk egg yolks until they cream up and go almost white. Mix into chocolate. Beat egg white to stiff peaks. Mix 1/4 into chocolate mix to loosen it, then carefully fold in the rest of the egg white, keeping the air. Place in bowl or other serving dish, chill for several hours before eating. This produces a very dark, rich mousse. Add up to the same weight of sugar to the egg yolk as chocolate if you prefer sweeter. We are here to serve always. Place an order online to get luscious Chocolate mousse cake delivered to your doorstep in Pondicherry.

Is Online cake delivery in Pondicherry made on same day?

Yes. Online cake delivery in Pondicherry is made on same day. We need 3-4 hours in advance order.

Is there any discount for this online cake delivery to Pondicherry?

Yes we have offers on online cake delivery to Pondicherry. Use promo code “OYCCAKE” to get 10 % off on all types of cakes.

Do you have eggless cakes that can be ordered online and delivered personally in Pondicherry?

Yes, we do have eggless cakes that can be ordered online. We also deliver them anywhere in Pondicherry that too in-person so that your gift can be best enjoyed fresh and tasty by all your vegetarian and egg allergic friends and relatives. We also offer them in varied flavours and shapes to satisfy your fun seeking taste-buds.

Customer Reviews on Online Cake Delivery to Pondicherry:

Pradeep Kumar
Vanilla Cake, 08 January 2019

Ordered Vanilla cake to my friend Pondicherry from Oyc. It was delivered on time and she said the taste was good. Thanks for the prompt delivery.

Amirtha Priyan
Fruit Cake, 17 October 2018

Fruit cake was always my favorite. Ordered it in Pondicherry when I came here for vacay. Got the cake within 3 hours. It was fresh and very delicious.

Rakesh Khanna
Butterscotch Cake, 19 March 2018

Delicious Butterscotch was delivered right on time by OrderYourChocie. Best shop to order cake online in Pondicherry.

Aarthy Riya
White Forest Cake, 11 Februrary 2018

The cake is so soft and yummy. I completely enjoyed it. The delivery arrived a little late. But it was worth the wait. Best in Pondicherry. Will order more online in OYC.

Daniel Paul :
Chocolate Truffle Cake, 19 November 2017

Ordered Chocolate truffle cake through online cake shop in Order Your Choice. Perfect timely delivery and exceptional customer service. Keep it up OYC!

Mithra Krishnan :
Eggless Vanilla Cake, 15 May 2017

Friend of mine suggested me to Order cake online in OYC. Right on schedule delivery and wonderful service. Cake was also delicious. Best online cake delivery shop in Pondicherry.

Daniel Paul :
Chocolate Truffle Cake, 19 November 2017

Ordered Chocolate truffle cake through online cake shop in Order Your Choice. Perfect timely delivery and exceptional customer service. Keep it up OYC!

Mithra Krishnan :
Eggless Vanilla Cake, 15 May 2017

Friend of mine suggested me to Order cake online in OYC. Right on schedule delivery and wonderful service. Cake was also delicious. Best online cake delivery shop in Pondicherry.

Janani S :
Chocolate Truffle Cake, 23 July 2016

I'm from bangalore, I wished to order 2kg cake for my family in pondicherry, placed the order for 2kg Chocolate Truffle cake from OYC, they delivered on before time. Appreciate.

Asha K :
Pineapple Cake,04 April 2016

Extremely happy with the service by OYC, they delivered my cake on time, customer service was very responsive, Thanks for the prompt service.