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Why cake is the love of our life?

It’s been generations, but still the tiny piece of cake is a heaven for many. Though many other desserts are in existence, the cakes still make our heart skip a beat. Our tongues still drool when we simply hear the word. Its not simply a dessert but is more of emotions and feelings. Yes, when you eat your favourite flavour of cake as first thing in the morning that induces the feel-good hormones in your body. Everything in moderation is always safe and cakes are no excuse definitely.

With such good points to back up, why don’t you order your favourite cake today online? Online shops like OYC provides different flavoured cakes in different sizes in high quality and freshness. Nagercoil, the city is famous for its savouries and spices. But, what about yummy and delicious cakes? Thanks to the quick service of online cake delivery in Nagercoil by OYC, the city can now enjoy the taste of heaven through our cakes. 

Online Cake Delivery in Nagercoil - OrderYourChoice

Cakes by OccasionCakes by TypeShipping Type
Birthday Half Kg Cakes Good Morning Delivery
Anniversary Eggless Cakes Delivery in 2 Hours
New Year Kids Cakes Same Day Delivery
All Occasion Photo Cakes Midnight Delivery

Awaken your senses with our mouth-watering cakes

Cakes are an essential part in every party. Cakes hold a sentimental value to many. Do you know cakes can be the perfect synonym for happiness? Yes, its because even before you taste it, your eyes glows with happiness and excitement on merely seeing the colourful cakes. That’s why there is a saying that people eat with the eyes before using the mouth. But the fact is we use all senses when eating delicious foods. The smell of creamy cakes takes us to a different world. The sight and smell of cakes itself is enough to tempt our tastebuds and make us decide to buy them. Bright and pleasant colours, creamy texture, catchy wishes and on the whole a bundle of joy is good enough to describe cakes. Get your online cake delivery in Nagercoil done from OYC to flawlessly acknowledge and celebrate your happiness.

Top 5 Reason to Buy Cake Online & Home Deliver to Nagercoil from OrderYourChoice

1. OrderYourChoice provide wide range of selection for Birthday, Anniversary & Designer cakes with floral design, cherry topping, exhautic forest, sprinkling nuts that differentiate from others. Mr. Murugan Chief Chef from one of the leading bakery in Nagercoil bakes the cake on behalf of OYC with spectacular design caters to the customer expectation.

2. OYC associated only with Top brands like Italian Bakery, Cake World, Swiss Bakers, British Bakers, Grace Bakery etc that guarantee the quality of raw material with richness of taste. All the bakeing process is been done Hygienically with modern machineries ensuring fresh cakes are prepared at the shortest time.

3. Customization of cakes including photo cake, add on gifts like flowers, sweets, chocolate, balloons, decorative material shall be order at one go to make the celebration grand. Mr. Danial CEO of Event Organizer in Nagercoil thumbs up as OrderYourChoice fulfill his expectation and recommended to all his relatives and friends. over 100+ his followers became OYC regular customer

4. Express Delivery of cakes in 3 hours anywhere in Nagercoil including Vadasery, Meenakshipuram, Kottar; outside town like Acharipallam, Anjugramam, Aralvaimozhi, Colachel, Kaliyakkavilai, Kanyakumari, Kottaram, Kulasekarapuram, Marthandam, Myladi,Parvathipuram,Suchindram, Thuckalay and across Kanyakumari districts. Professor Mr. Subramani stays in Marthandam applaud the service of OrderYourChoice as he received a Fresh Red Velvet Cake from OYC where he cannot get it in their town. All the gathering had experience the taste of different flavor!

5. OYC bring real value to the customer for their hard earned money! in case the customer are not satisfied with the cake, design or freshness, OrderYourChoice assure their customer with redelivery ore full refund that makes the trustworthiness. Mr. Velusamy President of Kottaram town Handsup for outstanding effort done by OrderYourChoice by redelivering the damaged cake with a complimentary gift in a matter of just 1 hour.

Nagercoil is a city in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is a capital of Kanyakumari districts with a tourist spot like Thanumalayan Temple in Suchindram, Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar Statue, Vivekanada Rock, Bhagavathi Amman Temple, Fruit Garden, Kovallam, Mathur Thottipalam. People comprise of different religion and culture; they loved to celebrate all the occasion in a grand and traditional way.

Want to Surprise Your Loved Ones on their Special Day?

- Surprise your loved ones with a cake along with a bunch of flowers on their special day. Check out our website OrderYourChoice for online cake delivery in Nagercoil. This service is so easy and stress-free and is so beneficial when you are away from your dear ones. Cake delivery in Nagercoil is a cake walk for team. Our prompt Online Cake Delivery in Nagercoil will leave you satisfied & happy. Make your special occasions a memorable one with our online cake delivery service in Nagercoil.

When you are in the process of ordering cakes in OYC, try tasting our scrumptious Vanilla Cakes. It’s been the famous cake variety of the people of Nagercoil. We get lots of order from Nagercoil, Vanilla cakes are the frequent ones among them. Its unanimously loved cake variety of the town, Irrespective of the occasion. As we deliver our orders only from the top quality bakers, you can see the result here. They bake the cakes with utmost care and perfection. The vanilla cakes they prepare will be exquisite and heavenly. The elements they use to bake the cake with are fresh and delectable. Such Milk, Baking powder, Eggs, vanilla extract and all other ingredients will ensure the taste of the cake to be best.


Do you have Sugar Free Cakes in your Online Cake shop. Can you make delivery of it in Nagercoil?

Yes. We have sugar free cakes in our online cake shop. We can make delivery of sugar free cakes in Nagercoil. We can deliver across India.

Ordered Vanilla cupcake from OrderYourChoice. It was heavenly! I tried baking it with the recipe on some of the sites online, but nothing couldn’t match yours’ taste. Can you please share the exact recipe?

Thank you for your unconditional love. We’ve got the recipe of this vanilla cupcake from our finest bakery in Nagercoil. The ingredients you need are 2 cups flour, 1⁄2 teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons baking powder, 1⁄2 cup butter, 3⁄4 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 cup milk, and 1 teaspoon vanilla essence. Preheat oven to 375f or 190c; line muffin cups with papers. Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy. Beat in eggs one at a time. Add flour (mixed with baking powder and salt) alternating with milk beat well; stir in vanilla. Divide evenly among pans and bake for 18 minutes. Let it cool in the pan. Try out this recipe and let us know how it came out. We are always here to serve you. Try various cake flavors from our online cake shop, whenever you get cravings for cake. We’ll grace you with timely cake delivery in Nagercoil.

Why Online cake Delivery to Nagercoil?

There are many questions as to why I should order cakes online. We got a very quick answer for all of those who are stuck up there. Here you go: While,conventional type of cake ordering is ok, orderyourchoice brings in variety from any bakery across your city so you have more varieties of cakes to choose from. These Cakes are Online only cakes, which are other wise hard to find in stores. As well, we deliver you while you are busy scheduling up for your kids party, wedding party, or any birthday/ Anniversary occasions. Its so simple, just a click from your mobile, the cake arrives at the destination with precision.Placing an online cake delivery is just a matter of simple clicks.

I wish to order a 2 kg blueberry cake from OYC, online and want the delivery in Nagercoil at Late evening. Can you make it?

Our main objective is to satisfy our customers and will do whatever it takes to please them. Yes, we can send the online ordered cake as mid-delivery to your place of choice in Nagercoil. Please confirm the same by calling the customer service to double ensure the service.

If I order a cake online, how much will I be charged to send the cake to my place in Nagercoil?

OYC does not collect any separate fees for delivering cakes in most of the major cities in India unless and until it is specified in the web page.

Customer Reviews on Online Cake Delivery in Nagercoil :

Chocolate Truffle cake, 25 February 2019

I bought Chocolate truffle cake to Nagercoil from Orderyourchoice. Got the cake in the correct time but the writing on the cake was damaged and edges were smudged, I immediately raised the complaint with customer support and they replaced my cake within few hours. And it was very good. I appreciate your support and true service.

Prabhu Ram
Butterscotch Cake, 28 August 2018

I rarely write reviews, but thought I should say this. orderyourchoice's service is very good. Made a order for a Butterscotch cake for a birthday function and contacted it saying it is urgent. They took my request and delivered the cake within 2 hours. The cake was fresh and taste was too good. I would definetly go with OYC for future cake orders too. Thanks a lot!

Praveen T
Butterscotch Cake, 15 July 2018

Doing good work in Cake delivery service in Nagercoil. Got the cake punctually in the scheduled time and the taste was very good.

Nisha Venkatraman
Red Velvet Cake, 29 June 2018

Bought Red Velvet Cake from orderyourchoice. It was so delicious and soft. Perfect cake delivery service in Nagercoil.

Padmanaban Sriharan
Blueberry Cakes, 11 May 2018

Blueberry Cakes are most delightul cake ever. They are so good and enjoyable to the core. The cake just melts in my mouth and doing the same with its impeccale taste.

Arun Kumar. L
Mixed Fruit Cake, 19 February 2018

Mixed fruit cake have become my favorite now. It tasted so awesome. The cake was so fresh when deliverd, thus it made the cake more loveabe.

Daisy Emmanuel
Plum Cake, 25 December 2017

Thank You OYC for making our Christmas more special by delivering the cake on the same day. It was so delicious too. Great service. Whenever a special occasion comes, will look out OYC and order cake online.

Janarthanan P :
Black Forest Eggless, 17 September 2017

The personalised cake got delivered without any damage, was on time, and it was yummy.

Suchitra Swami:
Pineapple Cake,28 April 2017

Very good service, one suggestion if you receive local order deliver within 2- 4hours! Thank you OYC

Jayanti Manoj :
Photo Cake,10 April 2017

The personalised cake got delivered without any damage, was on time, and it was yummy.