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Online Cake Delivery in Mysore

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Majestic Online Cake Delivery Service in Mysore

- OYC is the largest cake shop that offers you to Order cake online & Home deliver the cakes to your desired locations in Mysore.

- We provide various sorts of cakes with Amazing designs such as Birthday cakes, Eggless Cakes, Kids Cakes & Party cakes and lot more.

- The cakes ordered will be delivered from the top quality Bakery in Mysore with Guaranteed Customer satisfaction!!

Have you seen this Innumerable Options of Cakes for Delivery in Mysore?

Mysore or Mysuru is the city in the India’s southwestern state, Karnataka. Mysore is a land of history, famous for its sightseeing & rich heritage. Now you, the people of Mysore can celebrate your special occasions by ordering your favorite delicious cakes online from OrderYourChoice. We have plethora of cake varieties in our online cake shop. The cake flavorsincludesVanilla, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Black forest, White forest, Pineapple, Blueberry, Orange, Mango and also some special cakes like Red Velvet, Black Currant, Cassata Cakes, Chocolate Mousse cake, Blueberry cheese cake and lot more.

Especially for the sake of Vegetarians and Vegans, we have multiple varieties of Eggless cake to suffice their cake desires. The eggless cake flavors included Vanilla Eggless, Butterscotch Eggless, Black forest Eggless, White forest Eggless and many more other flavors. Want to print customized photos in cakes and surprise your loved ones on their special day? We are here to help. OrderYourChoice is the specialized photo cake shop in Mysore, print any photo of your own and get it delivered right to your doorsteps.

Ease your mood with cakes from OYC

Cakes and mood are inseparable. You can change your mood with just a piece of cake. Hard to believe? Try once and you will realize the magical connection between both. Also, the researches prove that there is a scientific connection between bad mood and craving for something sweet. Your favorite flavour of cake helps your mood to calm down and not to overthink about anything. Chocolate is a proved stress reliever and imagine about chocolate cake, isn’t it a brilliant combo?

So, if you are ready for such a remarkable combo, we are here to serve you. Just look for “Online cake delivery in Mysore” and OYC will be at your service to please your mood. When just a sight of cakes itself is so pleasing, visualize how it would be to taste the same. We assure you that our cakes will never fail to satisfy you.

Online Cake Delivery in Mysore - OrderYourChoice

Cakes by occasionCakes by typeShipping Type
Birthday Half Kg Cakes Good Morning Delivery
Anniversary Eggless Cakes Delivery in 2 Hours
New Year Kids Cakes Same Day Delivery
All Occasion Photo Cakes Midnight Delivery

Why everyone loves to cut cakes on their birthday?

Is it fun only for kids to light a candle and cut the cake on birthday, definitely never! It is a delightful experience even for adults and aged people. Cakes have become a proud part of party menu which proves that any party is not complete without serving cake to your guests. Everyone gets the feeling and vibe of a party through two things; one is the music played in the party and the other is undoubtedly scrumptious cakes. They both are treat to your ears and tummy and without which, the party will definitely be a boring event. Our online cake delivery in Mysore is the best delivery service which helps you to organize your party better. So, make your guests feel the party vibe with our exclusive collections of party themed cakes from OYC.

Want to Order Cakes Online in Mysore Just a few Easy Steps?

When you place a cake order in OYC, you need not have to follow-up or enquire about the cake delivery in Mysore status from time to time because we never fail or let down our clients or customers no matter what. The cake you ordered will reach you properly. Delivering cakes on-time and also without any damages or smudges is our top priority. The cakes are made from fresh and genuine ingredients that they taste awesome and are always prepared on the day of delivery so that they reach the customers with the same taste and flavor. We assure you that we always offer freshly prepared Online Cake Delivery in Mysore.

Our beneficial cake delivery service is also available in Hinkal, Hutagalli , Srirampura , Elwala , Bhogadi , Belvata , Koorgalli, Kadakola Amachawadi, Anagalli, Anandur, Arasinakere, Ayarahalli, Ballahalli, Bandipalya, Baradanapura, Belavadi, Bhugathagalli, Bommenahalli, Byathahalli, Chatnahalli, Chikkahalli, Chikkakanya, Chikkanahalli, Chikkanahalli, Choranahalli, Chowdahalli, Dadadahalli, Dadadakallahalli, Danagalli, Dandikere, Daripura, Devagalli, Devalapura, Doddakanya, Doddakaturu, Doddamaragowdanahalli, Doora, Duddagere, Gohalli, Gopalapura, Gudumadanahalli, Gujjegowdanapura, Gumachanahalli, Gungralchatra, Gurur, Hadajana, Halalu, Hanchya, Harohalli, Harohalli, Hosahalli, Hosahundi, Huyilalu, Inam-Uthanahalli, Jantagalli, Javanahalli, Jayapura, Jettihundi, K.Hemmanahalli, Kadanahalli, Kalalavadi, Kalasthavadi, Kallurunaganahalli, Kamaravalli, Karakanahalli, Keelanapura, Kellahalli, Kemmannupura, Kenchalagudu, Kergalli, Kesare, Kiralu, Kochanahalli, Koodanahalli, Kumarabeedu, Kumbarahalli, Kuppaluru, Kuppegala, Lalithadripura, Laxmipura, Madagalli, Madahalli, Madaragalli, Maddur, Madhavagere, Mallahalli, Mandakalli, Mandanahalli, Manikyapura, Marase, Marasettihalli, Maratikyathanahalli, Marballi, Mavinahalli, Megalapura, Megalapura, Mosambayanahalli, Mullur, Murudagalli, Mydanahalli, Nadanahalli, Naganahalli, Nagarthahalli, Nagawala, Nuggahalli, Pillahalli, Puttegowdanahundi, Rammanahalli, Rattanahalli, S. Kallahalli, S.Hemmanahalli, Sarakariuthanahalli, Shettinayakanahalli, Shyadanahalli, Siddalingapura, Sindhuvalli, Someshwarapura, Thaluru, Thoreyanakaturu, Udburu, Undavadi, Vajamangala, Varakodu, Varuna, Yachegowdanahalli, Yadahalli, Yadakola, Yandahalli, Yedahalli, Yelachahalli.


Is it possible to send some fresh flowers with cake delivery in Mysore?

Yes we do deliver cakes for any occasions in Amritsar. We have cakes and combos especially for Baisakhi New Year celebrations. We also have tier cakes of various delightful flavors and amazing designs. We believe that those cakes would be perfect for such celebrations. Choose your favorite cake and place the order. We will deliver the cakes to your doorsteps in Amritsar and help you sweeten your Celebration.

Customer Reviews on Online Cake Delivery in Mysore:

Vanilla Cake, 4 March 2018

I have tasted Vanilla cakes from many cake shops in Mysore but this stands best. Ordered it online in Oyc, it was delivered within few hours. So good!

Narendran K
Butterscotch Cake, 23 January 2018

Ordered Butterscotch online for my friend's Birthday party. Everybody in the gathering loved it. Most promptive delivery service in Mysore.

Daniel Britto:
Plum Cake, 24 December 2017

Thankfully, Ordered cake was delivered on the same day without any delay. You guys made our Christmas celebrations feel complete. Cake tasted delicious.

Vignesh Suresh:
Black Forest Cake, 22 April 2017

Ordered black forest cake online in Cake was also so delightful and yummy. Excellent service. Best onine cake delivery shop in Mysore

Maria Shiv :
Cheese Cake , 13 June 2016

A decent online cake shop delivering Cheese cake with to their customers. Happy to have this kind cake shop in our city.

Ramya Nithin :
Chocolate Truffle , 18 March 2016

We ordered 2kg chocolate truffle cake was astonishing and the nut pie was too sweet, though the ambience was amazing and we really enjoyed it.