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Relax and Enjoy Yummy Cakes from Online Cake Delivery in Udupi

- Order Your Choice is the largest cake shop that offers you to Order cake online & Home deliver the cakes to your doorsteps in Udupi.

- We have wide ranges of Birthday cakes, Eggless Cakes, Kids Cakes, Photo cakes & Party cakes in amazing designs in our online cake shop.

- The cakes ordered will be delivered only from top quality Bakeries in Udupi with assured customer satisfaction!!!

Make your special occasions more delightful by ordering cake online in Udupi from OrderYourChoice. Whatever maybe your event of special occasions, we have plentiful range of cake to cater your need, which includes Birthday Cakes, Anniversary Cakes, Christmas cakes, New Year cakes, Valentines cakes and so many varieties of cakes to celebrate your respective occasion. Order Cake online in OrderYourChoice & Get the online cake delivery in Udupi at your doorsteps and make the event unforgettable experience.

Celebrate your special moments in Udupi with the best cakes from OYC

For the ones who want to surprise their loved ones with a delicious cake, here you are in the portal having extensive varieties of cakes to order online. Celebrations are not only for happiness but also to make lovely memories which we can cherish later in life. It is no surprise cakes add value to your celebrations and make it more unforgettable. Presenting cakes to someone on their special day is a sign of appreciating them. Imagine standing before your loved ones and presenting a delicious cake of their favourite flavour, design and icing, how happy and excited the moment would be.

That is how cakes add meaning to your celebration and relationship. How can you miss such a wonderful treat which you can easily order from OYC? So, if you are searching for the right shop to order cakes online in Udupi, just stop by at our website and select from the astounding varieties of delightful cakes.

Online Cake Delivery in Udupi - OrderYourChoice

Cakes by occasionCakes by typeShipping Type
Birthday Half Kg Cakes Good Morning Delivery
Anniversary Eggless Cakes Delivery in 2 Hours
New Year Kids Cakes Same Day Delivery
All Occasion Photo Cakes Midnight Delivery

Order your favorite cake online for Home Delivery in Udupi

OrderYourChoice, the largest online cake shop in Udupi specializes in providing an excess number of cake varieties in popular flavors including Pineapple, Chocolate, Strawberry, Cheese Cake and more. For those of you who are bored of tasting regular cake flavors, there is a line-up of special cakes and party cakes. If you want you can opt for large photo cakes or special cakes suitable for big birthday parties or order half kg cakes to complement small get-togethers. As a matter of fact taste matters the most, not the size.

Why wait for an occasion to order cakes? Eat cakes whenever you feel like; no need to give any excuses. Buy piece cakes and cupcakes online from OYC and get it delivered in Udupi for yourselves or for others. OYC's online cake delivery in Udupi also offers eggless cakes in many flavors like Vanilla, Butterscotch, Strawberry and many, so eggs will not be a reason anymore to stop having cakes. Gifting options include cake combos with Teddy, Flowers, Chocolates and nuts; mix and match as you like.

Also enjoy our cake delivery service in Indrali, VP Nagar, CPC Layout, Marpalli, Vasuki Nagar, Sri Krishna Temple Complex, Ananta Kalyani Nagar, Manchi, Rudra Priya Nagar, Udupa Compound, Weavers Colony, Bhagyamandira Municipal Colony, Ananthakrishna Nagar, Okude Layout, Gopalpura, Lokayya Shetty Compound and VM Nagara.


I bought the butterscotch eggless cake from OYC. Totally loved the cake. Can you share me how to prepare that butterscotch Eggless cake at home?

Thank you so much. This recipe is from our best bakery in Udupi. The ingredients you need are Maida 1 & 1/2 cups, Baking Powder 1 teaspoon, Butterscotch Chips 1/2 cup, Sugar 1 cup, Oil 1/8 cup, Melted Butter 1/8 cup, Butterscotch Essence 1 teaspoon, Water 1/2 cup, Thick Curd 1/2 cup, Vinegar 1 tablespoon and Baking Soda 1/2 tablespoon. Measure and take Maida and baking powder in a mixing bowl, whisk it well. Set aside. In another mixing bowl take sugar. Add water, oil and melted butter. Then add butterscotch essence. Whisk it well and stir till sugar dissolves completely, set aside. Now take thick curd in another mixing bowl, add baking soda and vinegar to it. Wait till it becomes frothy. Now add this to oil-water-sugar mixture (Mix 2).Whisk well. Now add flour little by little and keep whisking. Whisk well so that there are no lumps, it will form a creamy flowing batter. Now coat butterscotch chips with a tsp of flour and then add (I forgot it but recommend coating with flour to avoid sinking to the bottom). Mix once with a spatula. Now grease the loaf pan with oil, then sprinkle flour and tap off the excess flour. Pour the batter into the prepared tin. Top with butterscotch chips and Bake in preheated oven at 180 degree C for 45-50 mins or until a tooth pick inserted in the center of the cake comes out clean , you can also see the golden top. Cool down completely at least for 30mins then invert to demold. After that leave for 30mins, then slice.

Customer Reviews on Online Cake Delivery in Udupi:

Rajeev Ravi
Black Forest Cake, 18 March 2018

Ordered a cake for my friend's send away party in Udupi. Ordered the cake in last minute but they delivered it on time accordingly and the cake was fresh and delicious too.

Amrutha Shravan
Personalized Cake, 17 January 2018

Wow the cake was so great. Photo was printed perfectly in the cake and it tasted great too. I have to thank my friend for suggesting oyc Udupi cake delivery shop.

Vigneshwar Hari:
Chocolate Truffle cake, 17 December 2017

Great service in helping me order the cake online delivering the cake right on time. The cake was also so gorgeous and delicious. Looking forward to order my next cake in OYC.

Jithesh Kumar :
White Forest Cake, 5 May 2017.

Ordered white forest cake online in OYC. So delicious and heavenly the cake was. The cake looked exactly it was in the site. Good service by OYC.

Amit singh :
Chocolate Truffle Cake,01 Mar 2017

I was hesitated to get cakes online, but as I had no other way I ordered and OYC you guys surprised me!! Loved the cake!! Thank you so much orderyourchoice for the good experience.

Ankita Shukla :
Fruit Cake,28 Dec 2016

I ordered a cake for our senior's retirement, it was delicious and everyone askfrom where its was ordered. Thank you Order your choice for such good quality cakes.