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Online Cake Delivery in Ongole

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Looking for a Online Cake Delivery in Ongole in few easy steps?

- OrderYourChoice is the largest cake shop in Ongole that offers you to Order cake online & Home deliver the cakes to your locations in Ongole.

- OYC has abundant varieties of Birthday cakes, Eggless Cakes, Photo Cakes, Kids Cakes and lot more in Stunning designs.

- The cakes ordered will be delivered from the best quality bakeries in Ongole with assured customer satisfaction at best price possible.

- With OrderYourChoice’s stress free service, getting home delivery of cakes for you special occasions has become easy now!

Want Cake Delivery service in Ongole for 24/7?

Ongole is a city in Prakasam district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is a municipal corporation and the headquarters of Prakasam district. Ongole comprises of a blend of various cultures, it is a well-known city in Andhra Pradesh. Looking for a place to buy cakes online without travelling? You have landed at the right place. OrderYourChoice and its cake delivery service is a growing technology here. We ship the cakes only from top quality bakeries in Ongole.

Mesmerize yourself in the deliciousness of OYC cakes

If you truly want to name a dish that is mandatory part of any celebration and the one that makes everyone drooling is undoubtedly a cake. Why don’t we just put a pause for everything and indulge in a delicious piece of cake from OYC? Simply order cakes online in Ongole from OYC and get yourself mesmerized in the deliciousness of heavenly cakes. Cakes are not just meant for celebration. If you are feeling cranky or bored or upset, something soft and creamy can melt you down and what else it can be other than the scrumptious cakes. Don’t wait for any celebrations or reasons to go for a cake. Instead, let devouring a tasty piece of cake be the reason to celebrate and enjoy.

Send cakes online to the Vibrant Ongole City

Every celebration means partying with your friends and family with a soft and delicious cake. If you want to express your care and love towards your best people, then OYC has the best cakes to do the job. We make people smile and enjoy through our online delivery of yummy cakes in Ongole. Order cakes online in Ongole through OYC and win the hearts of your dear ones.

Surprise your special ones on their birthday

Who would reject when you offer them a lovely piece of delicious cake at the birthday party or during any special occasion? Cakes attract everyone in the crowd. Cakes create magic with their appealing look and drooling aroma. You can surprise your friends in ongole no matter where you are. Simply order cakes online in Ongole from Orderyourchoice and beautify your loved one’s moments.

Online Cake Delivery in Ongole - OrderYourChoice

Cakes by OccasionCakes by TypeShipping Type
Birthday Half Kg Cakes Good Morning Delivery
Anniversary Eggless Cakes Delivery in 2 Hours
New Year Kids Cakes Same Day Delivery
All Occasion Photo Cakes Midnight Delivery

Compliment your family on their special days

Cakes make all your occasions and celebrations special and beautiful. You know them well, so make their day more memorable with our lovely collection of tasty cakes in different flavours. OYC offers cake in all different varieties right from birthday to anniversary and new year to Christmas celebration. Give a pleasant shock to your friends by surprising them in the midnight with our late-night cake delivery support.

Witness the masterpiece creations from OYC

Just imagine sniffing the smell of freshly baked cakes and prepared creams. Can you feel how excited and heart-warming it will be? Baking is an art. Everyone can try their hands on it but definitely it involves its own pros and cons. That’s the reason why many bakeries were developed and they took in their hands the job of creating masterpiece cakes for celebrations. Though we may try baking cakes at home, when it comes to occasions or parties, we immediately prefer a bakery who is well known for their works. Because the techniques, tools and secrets used by the professional bakers are always different resulting in an excellent output. Baking a cake is half a work done but assembling it and getting IT ready is what the most difficult part is. And, professional bakers are well trained to carry out this and you might have already witnessed some wonderful works from the trained people. So, be ready to witness again such masterpiece creations from OYC, as we undertake orders for online cake delivery in Ongole too.

Woo your little ones with cartoon cakes

Surprise your little kids with our cartoon themed cakes. Kids love both cake and cartoon. What if both are combined, it’s a double dhamaka for them. Select from different cartoon themes like Ninja Hattori, Mickey mouse, Tom & Jerry etc. Kids cakes are prepared with utmost care and love.

Astonish your lovely spouse on your wedding day

Heart symbolizes love. Heart shape is widely accepted as a symbol of love and affection. Express your love towards your spouse with our lovely collection of heart shaped chocolate cakes. If your spouse doesn’t like chocolate flavour, not to worry. We have huge collections of different flavours in cakes like strawberry , mango, vanilla, butterscotch, pista, litchiblueberry etc.

Free online cake delivery to Ongole

Just wishing someone without a gift will never suffice. Instead, treat them with a luscious cake from OYC. Wish your friends and family in Ongole by ordering cakes online from us. Let your loved ones be anywhere in the Ongole city. We make sure that we deliver your love and wishes in the form of cakes on time through our best delivery system. The best part is we deliver the cakes for free.

Online cake delivery to different parts of Ongole

We deliver cakes to all different parts of Ongole city that includes Srinivasa Colony, Jayaram Hall Circle, Ram Nagar, Maruthi Nagar, Samatha Nagar, Meera Colony, Mundalamur, Ramnagar, Kammapalam, Rajevnagar, Islampet, Sonia Gandhi Nagar, Dharavari Thota, Revenue Colony, APSRTC Ongole, Srinagar Colony, Pokala Colony and Brundavan Nagar.

Free & Efficient online cake delivery system in Ongole

People always gear up with so much of fun and excitement for special occasions. In such cases, cakes can be the perfect choice for people who are looking out in the last minute for some gifts. If you are more worried that visiting shops and buying cakes in the last minute may be troublesome, then online ordering of cakes is the best choice for you. To satisfy your needs, our online portal is equipped with huge varieties of cakes and other gift combos. We deliver your cakes for free to all parts of Ongole city. We are the premium online cake deliverers for many years. We have been satisfying the demands and needs of all our prestigious customers with huge honour and satisfaction.


I order cakes frequently just for me to eat. Is there any small cakes that would be suitable for me?

You can order Half Kg cakes or Piece cakes anytime you want from OYC and get the home delivery to your doorsteps in Ongole. We have multiple flavors Half Kg cakes and Piece cakes to cope up your cake cravings at any time. There will be no less in the quality or the taste of the cake. OYC’s cakes will surely satisfy you!

Are your cakes freshly baked?

Yes, our cakes are 100% fresh and prepared using premium quality ingredients. We bake the cakes just-in-time before the delivery and our delivery system is too fast so that the Cakes remain fresh.

It’s my sister’s birthday? Can you suggest any combos along with the cakes?

Yes, you can choose greeting card, soft toys, chocolates, flower bouquet, sweets etc. as a combo with your favourite cake.

Are the photo cakes safe to eat?

Yes, the photo cakes are very safe to consume. The photos are imprinted on edible paper or sheet which was made out of Cocoa butter.

What is the best cake for the celebration of our parents's Anniversary celebration?

We have varities of Anniversary cakes that you could choose from. Order the cake online and get it delivered. Enjoy the occasion with OYC cakes.

Is there any discount for this online cake delivery to Ongole?

Yes we have offers on online cake delivery Ongole. Use promo code “OYCCAKE” to get 10 % off on all types of cakes.

Do you have eggless cakes that can be ordered online and delivered personally in Ongole?

Yes, we do have eggless cakes that can be ordered online. We also deliver them anywhere in Ongole that too in-person so that your gift can be best enjoyed fresh and tasty by all your vegetarian and egg allergic friends and relatives. We also offer them in varied flavours and shapes to satisfy your fun seeking taste-buds.

As the best cake shop in Ongole what customization options do you offer?

As far as customization is concerned, sky is the limit. You can incorporate photos and special messages on to the cakes. If required can even shape out dolls, cars and other interesting shapes using cakes.

Customer Reviews on Online Cake Delivery in Ongole:

Lakshman Pratabh
Strawberry Cheese Cake, 18 April 2018

Thanks a lot for delivering the cake within few hours. It was very helpful. No other online cake shop in Ongole would have did this at your price.

Pragya Reddy
Mixed Fruit Cake, 23 December 2017

This is the first time I ordered cakes online for Ongole. And I haven't tasted Mixed Fruit Cake ever in my lifetime. But I have become fond of both. Good work oyc.

Karishma P:
Butterscotch Cake, 8 November 2017.

Not a big fan of online cake buying. But the flavors and cake verities in OYC felt like buying in a real bakery. Good place to order cake online in Ongole.

Harikrishnan L:
Chocolate Cake, 12 April 2017.

I ordered Chocolate cake online in Order Your Choice. It tasted so delicious. Price was so genuine and affordable. Great online cake delivery service in Ongole.

Manogna sharath :
Blueberry Cheese Cake,27 Dec 2016

Thank you for doing a marvellous job delivering the order OYC. I will return to Orderyourchoice for my next order online.

Arjun Jain :
Marble Crunch Cake , 17 February 2016

The cake was so tasty and creamy... i have never tasted such marble chocolate cake for a long time now... We will surely remember OYC for all our memorable occasions. Keep it up always. Thank you OYC!

Jenny Lawrence:
Photo Cake, 2 January 2015

I have ordered this photo cake to my parents anniversary. They surprised and fully enjoyed the celebrations because of you only. Thanks for making the enjoyment. I ll back to place an order to your site.

Vignesh Karthick:
Vanilla Eggless, 29 December 2015

I like this 10% offer guys. I am a regular customer to your site, so continuously provides more offers. Then the product qualities are amazing. Keep it up always and make the customers happy with Tastes.

Vikram sharma:
Rose Water & White Chocolate cake, 22 December 2015

The Baked cake was very fresh and delivered on time. Usually all the other cakes will be soggy and doesn't taste good. Have tried more than 3 flavors and cakes are really fresh and Rose water cake is awesome! This online cake delivery contains additional packs candle and knife.

Adhith D Shenoy
Vanilla Eggless, 27 October 2015

As my friend suggested, i tried this website and ordered Blueberry cake. I mentioned same day delivery. They made on time delivery. Coming to cake, Fresh blueberry decorative topping with attractive design. Being a fan of blueberry cake, I could not find any negatives in the cake.