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Online Cake Delivery Service in Vellore, Simply awesome!

- OrderYourChoice is the Largest Cake Shop that lets you to Order cake online & Home deliver the cakes to your desired locations in Vellore.

- We have wide range of Birthday cakes, Eggless Cakes, Kids Cakes, Party cakes and lot more cakes with amazing designs in our online cake shop.

- The cakes ordered will be delivered only from top quality Bakeries in Vellore with Guaranteed Satisfaction.

- With our hassle free service, getting home delivery of cakes is made much easy now!

Vellore is the administrative headquarters of Vellore district; it is one of the smart cities in India, not only that people of Vellore are also smart by preferring online cake delivery in Vellore. If you are looking to buy best cake in Vellore, then you have arrived at right place. We ship best cakes to Vellore and other cities around India. Special cakes for all occasions are available with us. Book cakes on the internet from OYC for birthday cake, anniversary, Party cakes or any special cakes for special occasions. offers you with wide range of collections such as Black forest, Red velvet, Chocolate cake, Butterscotch Cake, Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake and many more.

Why cakes hold a secret meaning for celebration?

A cake on your wedding anniversary – Is it simply a dessert or something more? Wedding anniversary cakes are a sign of prosperity and fertility. A gorgeous cake will always be the centrepiece of attraction. The traditions have changed a lot but cakes have never been skipped from any celebrations. You can plan for a simple single tier or a grand looking multi-tier cake for your anniversary. Be it anything, but make sure you get it from the supplier who are well experienced and exclusive for baking your cakes. OYC is one such branded online shop to look for when you are planning for online cake delivery in Vellore. The shop which has association with the aesthetic and talented bakers will never fail to surprise you through their works and high quality service.

Online Cake Delivery in Vellore = OrderYourChoice

Cakes by occasionCakes by typeShipping Type
Birthday Half Kg Cakes Good Morning Delivery
Anniversary Eggless Cakes Delivery in 2 Hours
New Year Kids Cakes Same Day Delivery
All Occasion Photo Cakes Midnight Delivery

Cakes and Happiness – An Inseparable Combo

Cakes are the real crowd pleasers, be it any flavour and design. Cakes offer something for everyone in their own way. Cakes make everyone smile and enjoy. They get all the attention when it comes to desserts. With so many variations and innovations, it still tops the list of most favourite dessert irrespective of the age and gender. Just add a cake to your party and it makes the function a grandeur. None can deny if you offer them a piece and that proves how hit the cakes are among the crowd. Though initially you can get cakes only from the local bakeries, now thanks to internet and technology, many online sites have started doing online cake deliveries. OYC is known for its exceptional quality of cakes and perfect timing in delivery. So, your search for online cake delivery in Vellore has now come to an end for a good reason. Choose OYC as your cake delivery partner and we assure you will never guilt it.

Well Organized Cake Delivery service in Vellore

When someone orders cake, it is useful only when it is delivered on time. Butterscotch cakes are more famous in our online cake shop in Vellore. The pureness of the ingredients will reflect on the deliciousness of the cake. The frostings on the cake will just melt you. Treat your Vegan friend with delicious Eggless Cake from OYC’s cake delivery service in Vellore. Our logistics are very well known for hassle free delivery. Send cakes to Vellore at reasonable rate. You will melt away by the yummy cakes. Visit our website to avail offers and discounts.

Enjoy our beneficial Cake delivery service in localities of Vellore like Sasthri Nagar, Ganthi Nagar, Kurisilapattu, Ajipura, Melmonavoor, Old Katpadi, Madhi Nagar, Gopalapuram, Kirupa Nagar, V G Rao Nagar, VIP Nagar, Goldan Nagar, Thiruvalluvar Nagar, M.G.R. Nagar, Thanthai Periyar Nagar, Thirumalai Nagar, Ambedkar Nagar, Thendral Nagar, Periya Allapuram, Karaja Nagar, Vevekanandar Nagar, Theedeer Nagar, Punniyakotti Nagar, MGC Nagar, TKV Nagar, Chitteri, Vadivel Nagar, Maruthi Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Manivizhundhan, Thiru Vi ka Nagar, Selvam Nagar, LIC Colony, Kumarappan Nagar, Mullai Nagar, Ashok Nagar, Cinna Sankaranpalayam, Avulliah Nagar, Indira Nagar, Bernice Puram, Palavansathukuppam, Kamaraj Nagar, Vallalar Nagar, Pudumai Housing Society and Poonth Thottam.


Do you deliver Butterscotch Eggless cakes in Vellore? And what is the key difference between normal Butterscotch and Butterscotch Eggless cake?

Yes we do deliver Butterscotch Eggless cakes in and around Vellore. We also have wide range of Eggless cake flavors in our online cake shop. Difference between Butterscotch and Butterscotch Eggless cakes are obviously the egg content in them. Eggless cake do not contain eggs, whereas egg cakes contain them. The egg is used in order to create lightness in a cake. In an eggless cake, the lightness is created in other ways. It is replaced with mashed bananas, yoghurt, baking soda, tofu etc. so that eggs can be avoided.

We are having a birthday celebration for our friend. Is cake delivery in Vellore available at the Evening?

Yes. Order cake and select your convenient time slot for delivery. We will deliver the cakes right on time.

Is there any offers available for cake delivery in Vellore ?

Yes we have offers on online cake delivery Vellore. Use promo code “OYCCAKE” to get 10 % off on all types of cakes.

Our company is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month end. Hence we would like to order cakes online in bulk and want the cake delivery in Vellore. What benefits will we get?

When you buy cakes in bulk you are entitled to get huge discounts, customization, neat-packing apart from single payment, PO, checkout and free online cake delivery in Vellore and also across India.

Will online cake delivery to my location in Vellore is possible ?

YWe can deliver upto 228 pin-codes in Vellore. Kindly refer our Delivery location clickhere .

Customer Reviews on Online Cake Delivery to Vellore:

Arvind Kumar
Butterscotch Cake, 12 April 2018

I placed an order for my friend's birthday, and the Butterscotch was delicious, inspite of the climate you guys managed to deliver it fresh and without melting thank you OYC

Sarah Jane
Pineapple Cake, 19 February 2018

Wonderful service from the team. Didn’t expected the cake to be delivered this faster. And the cake was also prepared keenly with care. It reflects in the taste of it. Excellent online cake delivery in Surat service.

Arun Kumar. L
White Forest Cake, 21 November 2017

The white forest cake I ordered online in OYC is the best I’ve had in my lifetime. Thanks for such an amazing service and cake. Best online cake delivery in Madurai.

Karunakaran. S
Butter scotchcake , 12 May 2017

Ordered Butterscotch cake online in Amazed by its punctual delivery and delightful taste. Definitely I’ll order cake online in Madurai in OYC only.

Suchita Swami:
White Forest Cake, 09 Jan 2017

Wonderful customer service and yummy cake. Expecting more and new variety of cake flavours.

Jayu Mohan :
Rosy Delight Cake,28 Dec 2016

Shop offers variety of cake & Sweets products. Taste quality & design are awesome. Been visiting this place since more than 3 years am impressed with their service.

Mohan Raj :
Special Mickey Mouse Cake, 11 April 2016

A shop dedicated for cakes truly with modern shapes! Love this Special Micky Mouse cake looks Catchy and so fresh and tasty.

Ramya Nithin :
Chocolate Truffle Cake , 04 March 2016

Shop offers variety of cake & Sweets products. Taste quality & design are awesome. Been visiting this place since more than 3 years am impressed with their service.