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Online Cake Delivery in Sivakasi

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Online Cake Delivery Service in Sivakasi at your doorsteps

- OrderYourChoice is the largest cake shop in Sivakasi town that has the facility to order cake online and home deliver the cakes at your doorsteps.

- We provide wide range of Birthday cakes, Eggless Cakes, Kids Cakes & Party cake with amazing designs in our cake shop.

- Ordered cakes will be delivered only from the top quality Bakery in Sivakasi with Guaranteed customer satisfaction at best price possible!!

Sivakasi is a city in the Virudhunagar district in south Indian state of Tamil Nadu generally called as Kutty Japan of India. The city is known for Fire Crackers, Match boxes and Printing Industries. Celebrating an event with sweets are always a part of our tradition. Likewise cakes are the delicious confectionary which is loved by everyone irrespective of age range. Our cake delivery service has started to flourish in and around Sivakasi. We are the best online cake shop in Sivakasi with home delivery service provider, we offer variety of cake for all you need for your special occasion, and we cater all your needs anytime anywhere.

Add excitement to your celebration with cakes from OYC

Have you ever wondered why cakes are always a point of attraction and must for any celebration? Because, it gives a personal connect and feel for the people. For ex, a cake cutting on a wedding represents the sharing and caring between the couples. When they feed cakes to each other, it represents their willingness to share and be there at all times. We throw a party just to share our joy with others. Sharing sweetness with our beloved guests show how happy we are. So, when you have a cake in your party, it means you are celebrating and sharing more happiness among your guests.

The tradition of cake cutting is ever growing, thanks to the shops like OYC. If you are looking for an online cake delivery in Sivakasi along with gift combos, then OYC is the one stop shop for your needs. The online shop not only provide cakes but also the gifts and bouquets in combo along with the cake which makes your event planning easy and less time consuming.

Why cakes are the best gifts for your loved ones?

Selecting gifts for your loved ones is not so easy as we have to consider certain things before buying it. Your gifts can make the day special and remarkable for the receiver. It really doesn’t matter whether your gifts are expensive or not, but the timing and your intention means a lot. So, what kind of gifts can fall into such category? Without any doubt, people vote cakes as the best gift and perfect choice for both the buyer and receiver. Its economical as well as a common gift to be given to anyone irrespective of age and occasion. Cakes as a gift match well with all celebrations. If you know the receiver’s taste and liking, you can order cakes as per that. A common flavour and design will also suffice if you have no clues about receiver. Whatever it is, cakes are the best gifts and get your online cake delivery in Sivakasi done by OYC for a trouble-free experience.

Online Cake Delivery in Sivakasi - OrderYourChoice

Cakes by occasionCakes by typeShipping Type
Birthday Half Kg Cakes Good Morning Delivery
Anniversary Eggless Cakes Delivery in 2 Hours
New Year Kids Cakes Same Day Delivery
All Occasion Photo Cakes Midnight Delivery

Cake Delivery Service in Sivakasi with utmost Perfection

Our expert Bakers bakes the best cakes for each and every occasion. Be it Birthday Cake, Anniversary Cake, Mother’s day Cake, Father’s day Cake, Valentine’s Day cake and many more, we deliver it with perfection and care. The wide range of flavors includes Black forest cake, Chocolate truffle cake, Pineapple cake, , Black current cake and many more flavorsome cakes. Our logistic team manage their best to deliver it on time. On your kid’s birthday spend time with the kid than spending time search for the bakery to get cakes, we cater you all your needs, Kids cake cartoon cake and Theme cake name any of these and we deliver it at home. This hassle free cake delivery service in Sivakasi will reduce your tension on your special occasions. Check our website time to time to avail offers and discounts.

Our cake delivery service is available in the following neighborhoods. Srimathi Nagar, VSV Nagar, N.G.O Colony, Housing Board, Pandian Nagar, Sivagamipuram, North Satchiyapuram, Muslim Theru, Rathinam Nagar, Lakshmi Nagar, Bharathi Nagar, Selva Vinayagar Colony, EB Colony, Naduvoor, Chellapa Nagar, Rajadurai Nagar, Murugan Colony, Samypuram Colony, Maninagar, PSR Nagar, Indira Nagar, Tirupathi Nagar, Saraswathi Palayam, Annamalaiyar Colony, Muneeswaran Colony, Sivanandam Nagar, National Colony, Sirukulam Colony, KK Nagar, Chinnakulam Karai, A.J. Nagar, Solai Colony, Sundara Vinayakar Colony, Periya Kulam Colony, Palaniandavar Colony, Burma Colony, Deivanai Nagar, Anaiyur, Virudhunagar, Vishalachi Nagar, Ezhil Nagar, Prithvi Nagar, Kayambu Nagar, Samathuvapuram, Vivekananda Colony, Thangappa Nagar, Kammavar Colony, Guru Colony, Kamarajapuram Colony West, K.S.A.Rajadurai Nagar, Vellaimalai Colony and Sathiya Nagar.


What is the difference between fondant cream and butter cream cake? Do you deliver those cakes in Sivakasi?

Here’s the thing! Fondant is made from a mix of glucose, sugar and gelatin. It forms in a dough shape that can be rolled out and laid over cakes and other desserts. This is the preferred choice of many professional pastry chefs since its smooth and provides a seamless result when done right. You can dye it a number of colors, and many times people choose to create figures, cars, trucks or any number of items with fondant. Whereas the butter cream is made from sugar and butter and has a creamy consistency. Butter cream comes out ahead in the taste factor for many people, and it can be the less expensive choice. It also can be dyed a range of colors and used to make decorations when piped. And yes we do deliver cakes with butter cream cakes in and around Sivakasi. Fondant cream will be used if that’s really necessary i.e. if we want to create any shape in the cake we go for fondant cream.

As the best cake shop in Sivakasi what customization options do you offer?

As far as customization is concerned, sky is the limit. You can incorporate photos and special messages on to the cakes. If required can even shape out dolls, cars and other interesting shapes using cakes.

Our company is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month end. Hence we would like to order cakes online in bulk and want the cake delivery in Sivakasi. What benefits will we get?

When you buy cakes in bulk you are entitled to get huge discounts, customization, neat-packing apart from single payment, PO, checkout and free online cake delivery in Sivakasi and also across India.

I want to gift a unique car shaped cake for my niece in Sivakasi. Can you provide cake delivery on a particular date and time?

You have come to the right place. Yes we do have cakes in unique shapes including cars and cartoon characters and can offer cake delivery in Sivakasi on the date and time of your choice. Our main objective is to provide 100% satisfactory services to all our customers.

Customer Reviews on Online Cake Delivery in Sivakasi :

Tharun Kumar L :
Pineapple Cake, 17 December 2017.

Best site for Online cake delivery in Sivakasi. So much varieties of cakes to choose from in affordable prices. One couldn’t get a better site than this to order cake online in Sivakasi.

Karthik Balaji :
Chocolate Cake, 25 March 2017.

Order chocolate cake in OYC for a friends get together party. Delivered in Perfect timing. The cake was so exquisite and also looked wonderful. Good customer service.

Saravanan V :
Photo Cake ,05 March 2017

I wanted to surprise my wife with a photo cake , I’m really glad it came out very well, thank you so much orderyourchoice, cake was very good.

Sindhu Kannan :
Pista Cake,07 Jan 2017

Pista Cake was very good, it was full of flavour everyone at home like it. Never had this kind of flavour rich cake before. Thank OYC team!