Badam Mysore Pak ( Sri Krishna Sweets)

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Badam Mysore Pak (Sri Krishna Sweets) - 500gm

This famous Ghee sweet from Karnataka comes adorned with Badam as garnishing and also tastes unique. The sweet which has three primary ingredients consisting of Gram flour, ghee and sugar is made by Sri Krishna Sweets a Sweet shop in Chennai which has established a name for itself when it comes to making Traditional Indian Sweets including native Tamil sweets. The Badam Mysore pak comes neatly packed in a beautiful box ready to be shipped to your beloved ones who might be residing in Chennai or other parts of India.


- The image displayed is indicative in nature. The actual design, size, shape vary according to the location.

- Same Day Door delivery if location within Chennai. Out of City shipment can take around 2- 5 business days. 

- Any accessories shown are not included.

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