Porivilangai Urundai

Porivilangai Urundai

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Porivilangai Urundai Laddu 250 gm


Porivilangai Urundai a traditional village sweets contains nutritious multi grains, legumes and jaggery. Our Porivilangai Urundai is a Rich, Delicious, Healthy evening snack that is has both mouth watering taste and apetizing looks to match alll as a result of the traditional age old recipe which has its origins from Indian Villages. It is freshly Prepared and is a perfect choice to your dears to make them Happier on Birthdays, Festivals and on all Occasion.

kumar samy 01/09/2016

Porivilangai Urundai

My school had announced a competition to display a forgotten sweet item of the past. Since I was clueless about it, I asked my mother to suggest me something good and at the same time rarely seen and eaten sweet. She having born and brought up with a traditional background suggested that I display Porivilangai Urundai. When I was searching online frantically and found that your shop had and it was great relief for me. The sweet helped me win the competition and also spread your popularity all across our school.

radha 01/09/2016

Porivilangai Urundai

I have heard my grandmother mention about Porivilangai Urundais during my childhood days. She used to say that the ingredients for making them include many items that it would be hard to guess what is used in them. In her old age she almost forgot how to make them. But seeing them in your list of sweets surprised me. I am equally impressed to note that you guys have striven hard to keep our traditional sweet preparation alive. Kudos OYC for your effort.

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