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Basundi 250gm

Basundi is a rich and delicious dessert of thickened milk. It is a Rich, Delicious, Hyginically prepared and is a perfect choice to your dears to make them Happier on Birthdays, Festivals and on all Occasion.

K C 16/01/2021


Thanks to OYC for taking the extra effort to fulfill the promise made to the customer. Basundhi was fresh and arrived on time though there was tension earlier as OYC asked to choose an alternative sweet as the order taken could not be delivered

Nimeshwar 12/03/2018

Pouring with tradition!!!!

Mouth watering sweet cant resist the temptation.

vana 02/08/2016

Have heard many of my friends praising about your Basundi and ou

Myself and my sister got into a petty fight that we did not talk to each other for few days. But I could not bear it. Hence, to make truce with her I decided to buy Basundi from OYC and have it delivered in my sister’s name as a surprise gift. You know what happened? She just loved the luscious desert and even came and hugged me. Good that I ordered from this online sweet shop. I am a happy customer.

Kavirajan 02/08/2016

Basundi -500gm

Have heard many of my friends praising about your Basundi and out of curiosity I too ordered the same. Though I have tasted Basundi from various outlets before, this one in particular was extremely delicious and rich with saffron garnishing. It reached me fresh and on-time. What could you expect more than this? Even after it got over I was licking my fingers

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