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Thirattipal 250gm

Thirattipal is a rich and delicious dessert of thickened milk with sugar,ghee and flavoured with cardamom powder. It is a Rich, Delicious, Hyginically prepared and is a perfect choice to your dears to make them Happier on Birthdays, Festivals and on all Occasion.

Dinesh 12/03/2018

Thirattipal- 500gms

This is the reason why i go for oyc thirayyipal was brimming with quality.

sathya 02/08/2016

Thirattipal -500gm

The only sweet liked by my daughter is Thirattipal and is very choosy about it too. She nags me to buy from you as she loves your Thirattipal. I am happy because I am able to order whenever I want to by just logging on to the computer and have it delivered promptly to my house. The same day delivery is very useful because sometimes she feels like having it the same day and I am able to satisfy her wishes then and there. After all she is my little princess.

Basker 02/08/2016

Thirattipal -500gm

I always craved for the kind of Thirattipal my grandmother used to make when I was a child. It tasted heavenly because the cow’s milk was of the superior quality often got from households and was prepared for long hours until it reached the perfect consistency and taste. Recently I bought Thirattipal from your online shop and found it very much similar to the one I tasted long before and enjoyed it thoroughly. Now I regularly buy from you.

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