Mix Sweets & Mixture

Reference: FDSW058

Weight 500Gms

This combo contains sweet and savouries which is suitable for all occasions.Mix Sweets & Mixture is a Rich, Delicious, Hyginically prepared and is a perfect choice to your dears to make them Happier on Birthdays, Festivals and on all Occasion.

Prashanth Kannan 11/07/2018

Very Beneficial Sweet and mixture combo

Bought this sweet and mixture combo from oyc for birthday function. It was well enough to greet all of them. Good and thank you for this.

Naveen 12/03/2018

Mix sweets and mixture

They tasted great good product from OYC. They are renowned for their quality of their product.

kavi 03/08/2016

Mix Sweets & Mixture

My grandmother used to make all kinds of sweets for us. For a change I decided to gift her some sweets and savouries. I choose the Mix Sweets and Mixture combo from OrderYourChoice.com. It was a pleasant surprise for my grandmother. She vouched for the taste and felt it tasted just like how she made them. In fact she felt it tasted better and blessed me a lot. You made my day OYC.

mani raj 03/08/2016

Mix Sweets & Mixture

We all love varieties and Iam no exception. I love the sweet and savoury side of life. So the combo I choose from OrderYourChoice.com was the Mix sweets and the mixture combo. There was an offer on this combo and I availed it. There was a huge variety of sweets all in different colour and ingredients. The mixture was very tasty and really brought the flavour of India. What a lovely gift it was to get such good sweets without putting in any hard work.

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