Diwali - Colorful celebration of gifts, sweets, and many more

Diwali - The festival of light is just forthcoming. One of the biggest and widely celebrated festivals in India is Diwali. The day is not just to light our homes but to light our soul and the emotion. People celebrate the day by lining up the sweets, diyas, gifts, crackers and many more. Diwali celebrations portray the richness of India’s cultural heritage. During the time of Diwali, all the roads, streets and homes look bright with the lanterns and shining colorful crackers. Experiencing Diwali in India is a real dreamlike feeling.

Understanding Diwali

How did the word “Diwali” come into existence? Let us see. “Deepa oli” in Tamil, “Deepavali” in Sanskrit and famously known as “Diwali” worldwide marks the celebration of victory of light over darkness. Though different states celebrate the festival in different ways saying different stories behind it, the day means fun and happiness for everyone. All over the country, people with their families thoroughly enjoy the day with good food, new attires, exchanging gifts and watching fireworks.

The science behind Diwali celebrations

Unlike other festivals, Diwali is celebrated on different days each year because the day is based on the moon calendar and not solar. On the new moon day during the Tamil month of Kartikai, Diwali is celebrated every year. Other than the reasons being fun and thrill of bursting crackers, it also has a scientific reason to eliminate the potential threats from mosquitoes and other insects that generates from the water pool. The soil based diyas are used on the Diwali day which is economic friendly. The early morning oil bath is highly beneficiary as it poses many medicinal benefits. Cleaning the home and lightening your environment induces the positive vibes.

Enjoying the day with sweets, gifts and goodies

Diwali is a day of colorful celebration of gifts, sweets and many more. Each and every house kitchen will smell delicious with sweets and savories. Sharing of gifts and sweets with friends and families is an unwritten rule in every household of India. Sharing stuffs means sharing happiness and care. So, what are all your list of preparations for the big festive day? Gather them , Visit orderyourchoice for Diwali Gifts  & have a fulfilling online shopping experience. Orderyourchoice offers a variety of categories for Diwali SweetsDiwali combosSavouries  & personalized Diwali gifts to share the festive vibes with your friends & family.   

Are you ready to celebrate?

The season is here already. Shops and bazaars are filled with new dresses, accessories, sweets and gift varieties. The preparations will be on high swing well before a month of Diwali. All households start planning well in advance and go groovy about the celebration. Colorful attires, bright and vibrant fireworks, illuminated atmosphere, smiling and happy faces and what not? The big day is coming and kids are waiting eagerly for it. More than the elders, kids are the one who enjoy the most the Diwali festival.

School holidays, sharing wishes with friends and families, watching special programs and movies, enjoying scrumptious delicacies and the list goes endless. If just reading it alone makes us so excited having a real time experience is such a heavenly feeling and who will not be excited to get ready for that? Festivals are the great way to improve your bonding with others by forgetting all your hatred and enmity.

So, gear up for the celebrations and let Diwali illuminate your souls and lives forever!