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Buy authentic traditional Indian Copper vessel like Copper bottle, copper jug and many more copper cookware online

Copper metal has excellent conductive properties it can evenly dissipate heat across food this ensures tasty and well cooked foods. In addition to being conducive it also has anti-bacterial properties which resists growth of microorganisms thus copper vessels promotes well-being of the family indirectly. Copper vessels or Tamra can enhance taste, aroma and nutrient value of any Indian dishes like terracotta these are the most widely used cooking metals in villages which might also be the reason for their high life expectancy. . It is an age old Indian tradition to drink water from copper vessel which is still in practiced among Villages. People in village prefer copper vessels mainly because of traditional values inherent to India even temples use copper to store water as it Neutralizes water’s pH balance and adds nutrients. Customers can now place order for copper vessels online at which is a renowned shopping site in India for copper utensils like copper bottle, copper jug, copper pot, copper tank and many more. When it comes to copper vessels we have it all under one roof. Our copper vessels are apt for Indian style cooking these golden cookware’s can not only enhance look and feel of your kitchen but can also supplement healthy eating as the metal has antibacterial properties. Customers can get these copper cookware delivered to their homes in no time just with a click of button. We at OrderYourChoice also deal in handmade hammered copper vessels which come various forms like hammered copper bottles, copper cups, printed bottles, copper jugs, copper pot, copper tank etc. which are the end result of skilled Blacksmiths who hail from various parts of India like Nagamalai Pudukottai, Telangana, where some families have engaged themselves as blacksmiths for generations thus our customers can get quality copperwares like copper cup, copper printed bottles, copper jug from skilled craftsman only at Choose from our range of copper workhorses which come as copper vessel, copper kitchenwares and other copper cooking utensils whose usage dates back to medieval times. Thus holding a piece of OYC’s copper is like holding a piece of history unique to India. Buy these precious copper vessel online only at which is already renowned for providing its Indian customers with quality products which is copper vessel..

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State some of the ways which Copper Vessel can be used?

Copper is essential mineral naturally found in our bodies that complements health in various ways like aiding weight loss, anti bacterial, anti aging and cancer fighting properties. Copper Vessel are primarly used for drinking water as copper is known to resist bacterial growth while simaltaneously neutralizing ph balance of water thus making the water healthy which is why it is recommended by ayurvedha to drink water from copper vessel in the morning.

How can copper vessel complement health?

Copper vessels are known for their antibacterial properties which resist the growth of the microorganism in food and in addition to that it can also neutralize food’s Ph and adds nutrients. Copper is present in our body naturally in traces and is an essential nutrient for the body. It works together with iron to form red blood cells. Which in turn helps maintain blood vessels, healthy bones nerves and immune function. Studies have also shown that eating in copper vessels can bring down chances of anemia.