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Jangri 500gm
Available - Delivery all over India

Jangri is a deep fried sweet that is entirely made out of Urud Flour batter shaped. and soaked up in Sugar syrup which in turn gives it its signature looks that is orange color. Get them dispatched from the selective reputed sweet shops across India.

srinivas 01/09/2016


A box full of Jangris was delivered at my house at Pune on the start day of my college. I learnt that my uncle had sent it as a sweet gift for me. They were so juicy and fresh that I sat down to finish them all and then only went to college. Thanks to my uncle who has introduced me to a good online sweet store from which I can buy whatever I want from now on.

basaker 01/09/2016


I am a cooking enthusiast hence try preparing sweets at home and even get most of them right. But till date I have not got the Jangris right. Each time something or the other would go wrong; I might not get the jeera consistency, shape or the mixing in the correct manner. Having got tired of it, I decided to buy them online. I should confess that your Jangris are way too good.

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