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Nellore has many Sightseeing spots let it be Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Venkatagiri Fort or Mypadu Beach to visit. Many are unaware of the fact that Nelloreans also have a appetite for sweets. Take Nellore Malai khaja for instance which is a Nellore sweet consumed widely by Nelloreans. The sweet has no Special Ingredients and is made out of very simple ingredients similar to Gulab jamun that is prepared using Milk, Sugar and Maida but what makes them special is the fact that twist given by the cooks which is the best kept secret of Shopkeepers. However Unlike Gulab jamun the Nellore Malai Khaja is not syrupy outside but juicy inside. Decades ago Local Nellore Sweet stalls started experimenting with this sweets from Andhra and was able to prefect the recipe to the taste Nelloreans after-which the sweet grew in Popularity and was considered famous like the Gottam Khaja, Madatha Khaja of Kakinada. Now with thanks to OrderYourChoice Nelloreans and other Indians across can get their hands on this famous Nellore sweet online called Nellore Malai Khaja. We are a Premium Online Sweet Shop in Nellore to send Sweets in Nellore on your loved one's Occasion & Festivals with assured Quality and same day delivery in Nellore.

Customer satisfaction & their requirement is our most important and thus we can deliver Sweets in Nellore from Top Quality legends like Sri Krishna Sweets, Almond House & Pulla Reddy Sweets with more than 200 varieties of Sweets & Savouries.


What famous Nellore Sweet would you recommend?

When it comes to famous Nellore Sweets Nellore Malai Khaja is considered popular among Nelloreans. The sweet has similarities to a Gulab Jamun when it comes to Ingredients used which is Milk, Sugar and flour but unlike jamun the Nellore Malai Khaja has less syrupy outside and Juicy inside. Local Nellore Sweet Stalls experimented with this sweets decades ago and got good reception from the local Nelloreans and since then the their has been substantial hike in the Nellore Malai Khajas demand.

Why is Nellore Malai Khaja so famous in Nellore compared to other sweets?

The Nellore Malai Khaja gained popularity in Nellore decades ago mainly as a result of its unique taste. The Initial Recipe was modified by local Nellore Sweet stalls to suit the taste preference of that Nelloreans and over the years the recipe was perfected to be produced in a large scale to accommodiate the rasing demand.

Customer Reviews on Online Sweets Delivery in Nellore:

Hansraj Reddy
Chakralu, 18 November 2018

Order Chakralu murukku online from Orderyourchoice. got the package on the scheduled date. No delay. The Chakralu was very crispy and good. Loved the taste.

Lakshmi Shree
Rava Laddu, 13 January 2018

Rava Laddu is my favorite sweet. My gradma used to make it when i was kid. Thanks a lot for delivering to my location, though it is a remote area. Very satisfying service by Oyc.