dark and milk chocolate roses-pack of 100

Reference: HMC-DCMC100

Tax excluded
Need a chocolate rush with a twist? The Happiness Factory got that covered for our true chocolate connoisseurs. We bring a sensory experience to your cravings in a bunch of 50 dark and 50 milk chocolate roses crafted to perfection and with an option of adding a personalized message.

The Happiness Factory chocolates made with rich cocoa provide an exceptional blend of flavour and texture that oozes taste. The elegance and simplicity of the artistic handmade roses will please your loved ones and theyll be sure to express a gasp of amazement with the savoury of the treat. Relish the bunch of 50 dark and 50 milk chocolate roses and slowly dissolve into the mellow and creamy taste yet with deep chocolaty notes. The irresistible melt starts the moment you take a bite and personalized message serves as cherry on chocolate. The versatility lies in taste and packaging which avoids any mishap to your craving. Available in sets of 2, 6, 12, 18, 24, 50 and 100. All prices are inclusive of shipping charges and taxes.

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