The word ugadi comes from the northern adjective "yuga". It means the beginning of a new era. On this day the house is decorated with marigolds. It is specialy celebrated to say thanks for the god Bramah were it is believed that he has created the world on first day of the month of Cytra and is the perfect day to start a new beginning. Ugadi festival is celebrated as ugadi by telugu and kanada people ; gudi padwa in Maharashtra. On this Auspicious occasion House were decorated with mango leaves and flowers. They wake up early in the morning ,take bathed their head, wear new clothes and get blessing from elders in their house. Ugadi pachadi is one of the core dish which takes part in the ugadi feast were the main ingridients like Mango, jaggery, chilli, riped tamarind, neem flower, salt,mixed well togerther and prepared Deleciously. To show that the life is the mix of sad and happy and it is seved in a feast. Some of the Special Sweets prepared during the Ugadi are Rava Laddu, Boondi Pakam, Chitti Khaja, DryNuts Pootarekulu, Kajjikayalu, Kakinada Khaja, Mamidi Tandra / Mango Jelly, Sanna Boondi Laddu, Cashew Pakam / JeediPappu Pakam, Gorumitilu, Green Halwa, AriseluMadatha Kaja etc. To mark the occasion, sweets are been exchanged to their friends and Relatives. Don’t have time to prepare these traditional Andhra Sweets? OrderYourChoice is a perfect place to buy the sweets and other Ugadi Gifts online at affordable price. The quality of service and richness of taste will make the occasion memorable than ever before.

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    • Sathya Narayanan
    • 2020-03-20 15:23:12
    I amazed with imformation provided in your blog. Surprise to know that you have all type of Andhra sweets and i have ordered dry nuts pootarekulu and kakinada kaaja. Enjoyed the taste and will refers to all of my friends and relatives.