Tickle Your Taste Buds with Lip-Smacking Sweets from OYC

“Sweets”, the very utterance can make your mind and mouth drool over to taste some immediately.  Be it a promotion at work, childbirth in the household, purchase of a new car, birthday, wedding, festival, or anything important in life happens, sweets are shared and enjoyed to celebrate the moment. It is needless to say that sweets have an important place not only in our hearts but also in our lives as sweets symbolize happiness, prosperity, affection, and good gesture.

The assortment of Indian Sweets

Sweets made in India come in mind-boggling varieties owing to the prevalence of various cuisines influenced by various traditions and cultures, each sweet is unique in its way. Thus you can find them in many fascinating colors, flavors, and shapes; even the ingredients and cooking style vary to make them one-of-a-kind. They are broadly classified as follows:

Milk Sweets - Here the main ingredient is milk and some of the names popular among sweet buffs include Milk Peda, Milk Cake, Milk Burfi, Mawa Peda, Thirattipal, Milk Kova, and so on

Ghee Sweets - The main ingredient is ghee here and the popular names include Mysore Pak, Laddu, Mixed Sweets. Jangri, Soam Papdi, Chandra Kala, White Burfi, and so on

Dry Fruit Sweets - Dry fruits are used as the main ingredients in these types and some special names that come to mind include Kaju Katli, Kaju Pista Roll, Kaju Apple, Dry fruit Laddu, Badam Mysore Pak, Anjeer Burfi, and many more

Halwa - The first thing that comes to your mind is Thirunelveli Halwa and Irrutu Kadai Halwa. These exotic sweet types are sure to make you nostalgic when they slide through your tongue and throat; such is the consistency and taste. Other popular names include Badam Halwa, Dryfruits Halwa, Fruit Halwa, Carrot Halwa, Dumroot Halwa, Bombay Halwa, and so on.

Traditional Sweets - These specialty sweets carry more than a hundred-year-old legacy and are prepared to keep our tradition alive. Adhirasam, Sweet Somas, Manoharam Urundai, Groundnut Urundai, Pottukadalai Urundai, Ellu Urundai, Sutarfeni, Kesar Mohanthal, and the likes belong to this variety

Regional Sweets - Though every region of India has its specialty varieties the Bengali Sweets have a special fan following for their gooey consistency and melting taste while the Andhra Sweet specialties for their Authentic Regional Flavor and Taste. Some of the famous Andra Sweet names include DryNuts Pootarekulu, Cashew Pakam, Kakinada Khaja, and Kajjikayalu

Sugar-free Sweets - You can now indulge yourself in the goodness of sweets without guilt owing to your health condition as many of your favorite sweets are made from healthy artificial sweeteners without compromising on the original taste. Right from Mysore Pak, Suryakala, Ladoo to Dry Jamun and Jangri, you can find them all.

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