Lighten up your Christmas mood!

Christmas is a holy day that is the observance of birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas indicates the last sparks of autumn’s sunset and the first glory of Winter’s snowfall. The festival emphasizes the significance of magic, fantasy and unbelievable. We feel the sounds of reindeer, magical vanishing of gifts and cookies and glowing wonders of stars and ornaments. 

Christmas cakes and Christmas gifts like flowers, soft toys, chocolates, candy etc. are inevitable during Christmas celebrations.  People nowadays order Christmas cakes and Christmas gifts online as they are more comfortable and convenient. We invite you to have a divine and enchanted experience in celebrating the festival with We deliver across all places in the country. Have the comfort of ordering cakes and flowers online and receive everything on your doorstep at a prompt speed and service from us.  

Christmas Gifts 

Gifts reveal us a real meaning for the Christmas. Christmas presents have a significant history that reminds us the gifts given to Jesus Christ by wise Men. All over the world, on the Christmas day, people exchange gifts with each other. Generally, these presents are left in different places and opened on the Christmas day. Sending and receiving gifts make this event even more special. 

Gifts make sure that we establish a strong connection between our loved ones. OYC has a wide range of gifts like sweets, chocolates, flower bouquets, gift baskets, soft toys, candies and many other exciting gifts. 

Christmas Cakes 

Cakes play a great significant role in the celebration of Christmas and that too, plum cakes are totally obvious in Christmas feast. Fruits and nuts are soaked well in advance in rum/brandy to make plum cake. The better the soaking period, the better, the taste of plum cake will be! Plum cakes were initially served as plum porridge and later converted to cake. Other than plum cake, Christmas cakes are generally a slight variation of different fruit cakes. Other varieties of Christmas cakes include apple cream cake, cheese cake, mincemeat cake etc. We love to crank up the oven for you for this Christmas and coming out with a perfect collection of different flavours of cake for our customers. The traditional Christmas dessert - Plum cake, White Forest cake and Christmas presents fondant cake are all our special preparations for this celebration.   

Christmas Flowers

Flowers are known to trigger your mood and emotions and any celebration is merely impossible without flowers. The bright and vibrant colours can comfort anyone’s mood. Sending flowers to someone makes them feel special and carries your wishes and blessings of nature with them. Offer your gratitude to your elders with our flower baskets and chill your loved ones with our special bouquets. 

Christmas Tree & Decorations using our decorative items

Christmas is incomplete without the Christmas tree. Christmas tree is a sign of eternal life with the God. Tree worship during Christmas has survived a long and has its own significance.

Lights and lanterns signify zillions of stars glowing in the sky. 

Bells convey a note of being a guide to call out the lost sheep to take it back to its home. 

The shining star reminds us being bright and glowing and be stable to reach the eternal state. 

The glowing and spiral balls are symbol of happiness and positive spirit.

Make your Christmas celebration traditional and complete with our specially decorated Christmas trees.  Make your statement of creativity and festivity with our Christmas tree decoration products and experience the festival’s glory. 

Christmas Chocolate & sweets

Sweets are always a part of our celebrations and they are always a culinary climax for all treats and feasts. Sweets are considered pure and that’s why offered to Gods. South Indian sweets always have a unique flavor of ghee and sugar in all their desserts right from Halwa, Ladoo, Boondhi etc. whereas north Indian sweets are mostly on the crispier side like Kaju Katli, Kaju Assorted Sweets, deep frying jamuns, dry fruit rolls, badhusha, jilebi etc.. Christmas celebration is always connected with sweets that include gingerbread cookies, puddings, apple pie, cakes, candies, nuts and fruits etc. 

Chocolates pacifies our heart and mesmerizes our soul. It’s the key to joy and cheerfulness. They say “Chocolate is grounded from happiness”. Christmas and chocolates have a deep connection in history. Dark chocolates are good for heart and have best anti-oxidant properties. Different varieties of chocolates like milk chocolate, dark ones, flavoured chocolates, chocolate lollipops etc. and branded chocolates like Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury’s, vochelle etc. are exchanged as Christmas gifts. We at OYC, wishes to spread sweetness in the air with our special collections of chocolates. 

Festivals represent our glorious traditions and customs. They are meant for enjoying and rejoicing moments with our special people. We would love to take the honour and pride in making your celebrations more special and enjoyable with our Christmas cakes & Christmas gifts. Order your Christmas goodies online with us and let’s together celebrate and get connected!