Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts signify being remembered and loved

If there is one particular day that calls for celebration year after year no matter where you are, what you do and how you are, it should be your birthday. That one day is so special because it makes you feel nostalgic, happy, enthusiastic, and makes you see life in a newer perspective. Hence birthdays are celebrated with close members of the family and friends who go to greater extents to make the birthday boy or girl feel blessed by arranging parties and giving birthday gifts.

Why does birthday gifts matter the most?

To many it might seem like just another day of life. But in reality when birthday wishes and gifts start pouring-in, you feel as if you are re-born. The very idea that you are being remembered and loved by many is sure to put you on cloud-nine. Unlike any other gift, birthday gifts carry lots of emotions in them and therefore are cherished for a lifetime. Now you know why birthday gifts matter the most for many. OYC understands and acknowledges this fact, hence have been very thoughtful to include a wide array of gift items to suit people of various age groups, interests, and desires under their banner. Visit for wonderful ideas and options to choose from.

Birthday Gift options available at

At you will be literally spoiled for choices, that many birthday gift options are available. Starting from cakes, sweets, flower bouquets, teddy bears to Sarees, Kurtis, and chocolates you will find almost all likeables at one place, here. Furthermore, you can order all the above items online and send as gifts to your dear ones along with a personalized note anywhere in India as free delivery as well.

Birthday gift selection guide based on broader categories

1. For milestone birthdays

2. For close relationships

3. For Friends

4. For corporate associations

1. For milestone birthdays:

Normally milestone birthdays are those that indicate life transitioning significant years in a lifetime and they include the 1st, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and so on. Even though all birthdays are important, these milestones cannot be ignored or brushed off as just another birthday. For instance the first birthday of a newborn is very special for the parents and family members and are often celebrated in a pompous manner involving elaborate partying and gifting. Likewise the 13th birthday is when a person enters his or her teens, 16th birthday is often called a sweet sixteen while at the age of 18 individuals become eligible to vote and get a driver's license. As you grow older, each decade your family grows and so do your responsibilities. No wonder special gifts are sourced and given during such occasions. At OYC you have options ranging from elaborate gift hampers and combos that include cakes, sweets, chocolate boxes, flowers and a personalized gift item of your choice in your preferred mix. The best selection will commemorate with the milestone birthday which may be of best utility or interest pertaining to that age.

2. For close relationships:

Birthday gifts for close relationships can involve anyone who is close to your heart. It could be your mom, father, brother, sister, nephew, niece, aunt, uncle, grandma or grandfather. Whoever it might be, the choice of your gift will tell how much you know about them and how much you care. Each relationship is unique and special and so should be the gift you choose for them too. Personalized gifts like photo cakes, favorite sweets, items of their interest like home décor items or Sarees can do the magic. When you send an online ordered gift to their place of living or work, it is sure to take them by surprise and enable them to realize your love for them. The idea to reach them wherever they are might even move them to tears.

3. For Friends:

Friends are always special. Though they are not related by blood, they have a special place in your hearts and lives. The birthday gifts you choose have to reinforce your bonds. It could be anything from a photo mug, handbag, and watch to a wallet or Kurta set. While choosing gifts go by preference, age, gender, and interests to win hearts. Explore OYC to get more ideas and choices.

4. For Corporate associations:

It is a hard truth that you spend more time in the office than at home. So, you tend to become close to people you see and work with on a daily basis. Eventually, when they celebrate their birthdays you will want to give them something that will make you and the receiver happy. Considering this fact,, your favorite online gift shop has all types of items that can bring smiles on your corporate associates’ faces.


Now you know that birthday celebrations are not just any other occasion, they definitely help create beautiful memories. So, come make every birthday an unforgettable one with OYC’s birthday gifts.





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    • Anitha Udayakumar
    • 2022-05-21 20:11:28
    Incredible is the word that comes to my mind when I want to rate their customer service. I live overseas. I wanted to send a birthday cake to my brother on his special day. I checked through numerous websites online and bumped into this magnificent website. I ordered an eggless birthday for my brother at 12 noon and to my surprise there was an immediate response through WhatsApp notifying me on the delivery time. When it comes to Salem, my hometown there are seldom any online shops delivering cakes on the very same day. I was truly amazed by their customer service and ordered a bouquet of roses as well. This time it was quite a sweet surprise that they accommodated my new order and attached it to the existing one. They deliverd the whole package on time and my brother told that the cake tasted yummy too! Thank you team for your wonderful job! You made my brother's birthday a special one. Truly appreciate your service!!! These people are the best by far and I'm gonna make all my future orders with them. I strongly recommend these guys if you are looking for cakes, sweets or flowers delivery!