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Sweets are special. Every memorable celebration ends with something sweet and people remember.

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Mumbai is a throbbing city where you can see people bustling here and there. Though know for the hectic lifestyle, mumbaikars always find time for parties and get-togethers where they indulge themselves to some of the finest sweets. But where is the time to prepare them at home or go searching around to buy some of the favourite sweets everyone loves?  Don’t worry, it is not a problem anymore as OrderYourChoice.Com has come as a solace to all needs including sweets, savouries and gifting. You will agree to the fact that sweets taste awesome only when they are fresh and made from superior quality ingredients and when they are made this way they also remain healthy. If there is a place from where you can buy sweets that tasted as if made at home and can be obtained without even budging from your comfort zones, then it has to be OYC.  Here you can find almost all your favourite sweets and savouries made from pure and tasty ingredients such as Badam halwas, Kaju Katlis, milk, Kesar Pedas and many more at one place so that you can pick as per the needs of a specific event, occasion or purpose. The freshness and taste of the sweets speaks for themselves. Apart from the numerous varieties of sweets exclusive to various regions and states of India, you can also enjoy various types of discounts and quick, free home delivery options all over Mumbai. With many online sweet shops mushrooming all over the web, finding a reputed one can seem to you like finding a needle in a stack of haywire. But when you start searching with certain standard and special features in mind, it should not be a difficult task altogether. The prime pointers that needs checking when looking for a best online sweet shop in Mumbai should find out if the web page is easy to navigate, secure and fool proof, offers various payment options and user-friendly. In addition to this the online store need to provide numerous sweet options, have filters to conserve your search time and need to provide detailed and clear information about their products, services and offers. Last but not the least find out how their online home delivery functions, read customer reviews and feedbacks to get a clear picture about the Best online sweet shop in Mumbai. Having said it all, visit OYC and you will find out that it satisfies all the above mentioned criteria and in all aspects, winning the confidence and trust of thousands and thousands of customers.

No festival or celebration in India is complete without sweets. Though traditional sweets have given way to many modern types, they are still in vogue and keep reminding of the good old days spent with family and friends. Hence OYC has a broad array of these famous sweets that can be chosen and ordered online to be enjoyed at home or office with friends and relatives or sent as home delivery gifts to your beloveds on a specified day and time.  Pujas, Diwali, Holi, anniversaries, weddings or birthdays, OYC has something special for every age, taste and occasion. If you stay abroad, far from your friends and family, missing the time spent together, do not be disheartened. Show your love and emotions by sending sweets to India through OYC and make your presence felt through the gesture. This facility is a blessing for all siblings who stay far away from each other especially during Rakhi – a festival that nurtures the bond between a sister and a brother. Now brothers and sisters can exchange sweets, gifts and of course Rakhis sent in the form of gift hampers. Many options are readily available at OYC and the only thing you need to do is to pick the right one for your beloved brother or sister. OYC is not short of combo gift packs too which are perfect for anyone of any age group and any occasion. They can include sweets, flowers, chocolate boxes or any other personalized gift item of your choice. Even if you like to buy sweets from well-known brands like Mumbai Sulaiman Mithaiwala and Ghasitaram sweet sellers, OYC makes it possible through its online facility. To come up with an eye-catching sweet display, go for the uniquely fruit shaped types or opt for dry fruits sweets in various tastes and designs. Since Mumbaikars go weak by their knees for the kaju pista rolls, the kaju anjeer katlis, special Bombay Halwas and Ice Halwas, they are available in abundance at OYC and are offered at special discounted prices. Diabetics are not let alone, since this shop has various Sugar free options in beautiful and tasty collections as well. All Famous sweets can be ordered online and sent in designer boxes that are fit for gifting during any occasion.  Come Visit and get an out of the world sweet experience, only here.


I wish to buy some traditional sweets online. Do you have them?

Yes, we have various traditional sweets that can be bought online. The range includes sweet somas, groundnut urundai, manoharam urundai, adhirasam, thirunelveli halwa, maisur, mewa ladoo, panner jilabee and many more.

We heard that you enable purchasing famous branded sweets including Ganga sweets and Sri Krishna sweets, online. Is that so?

You have heard it right. OYC enables you to buy some of the signature sweet varieties of famous brands like Ganga Sweets and Sri Krishna sweets, online.

Will the ghee sweets that are purchased online will be of a good quality?

As far as OYC is concerned, the ghee sweets that are sold by us online are prepared from high quality ghee and other ingredients. No wonder they taste delicious and have a huge fan following all over the globe.

I would like to buy some of the unique and forgotten types of sweets online like the Chandrakala, Agra Petha, ellu urundai, Lavanga Lathika and so on. Can you provide those?

You said it right the sweets you mentioned are unique and forgotten types and hence we have made sure that they are available online for people like you. We will be very pleased to provide them.

We are hosting a small party tomorrow for which we would like to buy2 kgs of Angur Basundhi and Maladu each online. Will you be able to provide delivery of these sweets without spillage and breakage?

We are proud to say that all this long we have provided sweets delivery without any spillage or breakage as we take special care to pack them both hygienically and properly.