Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember.

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People of Hyderabad are connoisseurs of food and hence enjoy a wide spread of delicacies. Though there are umpteen traditional choices, cakes have made their way into their wish list and this can be attributed to the modern lifestyle and changing food habits. To match the demand and taste of hyderabadis, OYC has myriad collections of cakes online in more than 100 flavours including butter scotch, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, mango, pineapple and many more. You can select cakes by occasion, by weight and by brand and enjoy online cake Order and delivery in Hyderabad.

There are even eggless cake variants for those who detest eggs or who are allergic to them and sugarless cakes specially made for the calorie conscious health freaks and diabetics. If you are a person who always looks for something special, you have just bumped on to the right online cake shop. Shop and send cake delivery in Hyderabad to the special people in your life and remind them that they are indeed special to you. It could be a surprise gift for a kid who could be celebrating his first birthday or a teen entering college or a grand centerpiece for a lavish wedding.

Whatever be the scenario or event, OYC can do best online cake delivery in Hyderabad. Apart from the regular cake varieties there are special cakes such as red velvet cake, walnut chocolate cake, rainbow cake, chocolate mousse cake, fruit gel cake, marble crunch cake, cassata cake and lots more to suit your varied needs all of them are available for cake delivery in Hyderabad. Nowhere can you find such abundant choices of flavours, shapes, themes and colours. Cakes are not just for parties and occasions, cupcakes and piece cakes in pack of 6 and 10 can also be ordered and delivered to treat your taste buds anytime when you are relaxing at home alone or with your friends. So never mind of any occasion, order the OYC’s online cake delivery in Hyderabad and enjoy the taste.

Planning your kid's birthday in a short notice is now a cake walk. Sit back and order online birthday cakes that will be available for the delivery in Hyderabad by selecting from the assorted kid’s cake choices including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Numerical, Spiderman, and other cartoon cakes. OYC not only provides great ready-made options but also helps to bring out your creative side with their customization option. Making use of it, you can come up with a birthday cake in the preferred flavour, shape and weight and also enjoy online cake delivery in Hyderabad the same day.

Whether you are ordering cake delivery in Hyderabad for a birthday party or a surprise party for a newly married couple, take a step to choose visually appealing cakes in exciting themes and shapes. Because cakes with delightful flavours and tastes are not just enough to capture the attention of the onlookers, appearance matters a lot. Now you know why doll cakes and car cakes are huge hit among kids just like the photo cakes with the adults.

Even though customization enables to add interesting details like names, important dates and messages to cakes, photo cakes add a new twist to the customization option. With OYC by your side, you can have it done from anywhere and send cake delivery in Hyderabad to your loved ones in no time. Not just cakes, you can also order cake combos with flowers, chocolates, Teddy bears, or a mega combo of everything conveniently along with online cake delivery in Hyderabad.

Many now order cakes online not just for the reason that they do not have the time to prepare at home or have the energy to make in bulk, but for the simple reason that they can now savour some of the amazing and freshest cake varieties that are made with the same love and care as it would have been prepared at home. The cakes online at OYC are a joy to dig in with a fork. Give your order at OYC’s online cake delivery in Hyderabad. You can experience for yourself how moist, fresh, fluffy and tasty they are. There is more to the variety, taste and convenience; it is nothing but reliability that we maintain with each of our cake delivery in Hyderabad.

When you place an online cake order with OYC, you need not have to follow-up or enquire about the online cake delivery status from time to time because we never fail or let down our clients or customers no matter what. Your online cake delivery in Hyderabad will reach you properly. Delivering cakes on-time and also without any damages or smudges is our top priority. The cakes are made from fresh and genuine ingredients that they taste awesome and are always prepared on the day of delivery so that they reach the customers with the same taste and flavor. We assure you that we always offer freshly prepared cake delivery in Hyderabad.

Moreover, we do cake delivery in Hyderabad by hand taking utmost care and attention to detail. This is the main reason why OYC has had completely satisfied customers till date. The online cake delivery team works round the clock so that you can send your sweet surprises even at the stroke of 12, midnight. The process of ordering online cake delivery in Hyderabad through OYC is very simple. Just visit our page and select your cake along with personalization details. Our expert team will do the cake delivery in Hyderabad appropriately.


Special Design cake delivery is available for all occasions in Hyderabad?

Yes, Our online designer cakes are the most ordered ones and people like to order it for occasions like Birthday, Anniversary, Mothers Day and many more such occasions to come.

Would you deliver my cake on same day in Hyderabad ?

Ya we can deliver cakes on same day, if you ordered it before 2pm. Special , designer cakes needs one day advance in ordering.

To avail cake delivery in Hyderabad right at my doorsteps, how much should I purchase (minimum value) for, online?

You just have to purchase cakes above Rs.300/- on a single transaction in order to get the order delivered right at your doorsteps in Hyderabad.

I wish to gift a big 3-tier cake for my friend’s engagement that is going to take place in Hyderabad. Will you be able to make the delivery intact without any damage?

We at OYC strive hard to meet all the demands and wishes of our clientele. Since these kinds of cakes are meant for special occasions, we ensure that they are perfectly packed and hand-delivered intact no matter the place is in Hyderabad or rest of India.

Do you take small quantity online cake order in Hyderabad as I am planning to host a small get-together at home?

We do, that is why we have half kg (1/2 kg) cakes in a variety of popular flavours including black forest, strawberry, butter scotch, vanilla, plum and chocolate truffle. You can either order them in single or multiple flavours depending on the size of crowd you are expecting and their preferences.

My husband’s birthday is going to ring in next week and hence I want to place a special cake order online that has to be delivered in Hyderabad. What are all the options I have?

Though all our cakes are made with special care and thought, we do have a dedicated cake section meant for special cakes. Each and every cake featured in this section is unique and special in their own way be it the choice of the ingredients, decoration, colour scheme, creativity or presentation. Visit this section and choose the one that is ideal for the occasion and we will deliver it in Hyderabad.

Customer Reviews on online cake delivery in Hyderabad

Maran R :

Chocolate truffle ½ kg 12 May 2017

I placed an order for a half kg truffle cake and the cake tasted really good. I should have order 1 kg if I knew that the cake would taste so good. Had good experience with online cake delivery in Hyderabad. Thank you OYC.

Jenny Sharon:

Mixed Fruit cake 1 kg 05 April 2017

I ordered cake for a farewell party in my office. It tasted really good. Thank you OYC for the good experience.