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    A leading Online shop to buy all your lighting needs, decorate your house with fascinating  lighting & accessories, Quality assured, free shipment!

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    For ages, humans have had a penchant for anything beautiful and artistic in nature, hence statue and sculptures have been one of their favourite collectibles. Earlier these fine examples of arts were erected in huge sizes and were often owned by affluent people that common men refrained from even thinking of them. Not anymore, good that modern manufacturing techniques have lead to the production of many artifacts in miniature forms not only making them affordable but also in an aim to keep the tradition of collecting great works of art live. Furthermore, internet revolution has made it easy to find these types of figurines online.

    Marble and metal sculptures have been in vogue all over the world for long because the statues and sculptures carved out of them can include intricate details exuberating beauty, precision,elegance and aristocracy. Hence marble stones in India are often used for carving idols of religious deities such as Lord Ganesha, Krishna, Buddha, Goddess Durga, and Lakshmi.   Other famous idol themes included figures of feminine graces and charms, animals, birds and tribals. These spellbounding creations are not only used for accentuating indoor home decors but also outdoors. OrderYourChoice.com is one of the biggest online stores that specialize in providing various kinds of collectible figurines in fascinating forms and prices. Upon browsing you will find some of the popular art pieces including Radha Krishna with cow, Medditative Buddhas with silver or gold bowls in hand, marble ganeshas, wooden elephants, metal horses, marble elephants, dancing peacocks, metal Shanks and diyas and many more. Each of them is beautifully detailed so that they make compelling possessions and gifts. This shop not only enables you to procure them easily but also send them as gifts to anyone you wish to, to anyplace of your choice and time.

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    If you are one among those who is considering enhancing your home’s style quotient, then decorative mirrors should be one of those essential items that you need to think of buying. Many think that mirrors just serve the functional purpose of reflecting the gazers when they groom, walk by or put on make-up. But, when they are used wisely and properly they can be excellent wall accents or can create an illusion of extra space. The most important thing is they can be very pocket-friendly too. Hence it should not be surprising that decorative mirrors have become part and parcel of modern day home décor.

    Though decorative mirrors come in various materials and styles, Venetian mirrors are highly appreciated and sought after by both interior decorators and common users. It is because they have the ability to blend easily into any kind of design or colour scheme of the home without interfering with it. Unlike the coloured frames and wooden mirrors, Venetian mirrors goes well with any kind of furniture set and furnishing too. They look very stylish and plush that the inmates are sure to feel proud and satisfied while the guests are sure to feel warm and inviting. Acknowledging this fact, OrderYourChoice.com provides a wonderful opportunity to all to own some of the exquisite Venetian mirrors displayed at their online website. They have them in various interesting shapes, designs and colour finishes including shiny black and silver. You can pick the one that catches your fancy and order online. Apart from benefiting by the enormous choices, you can also enjoy huge discounts offered by OYC. No wonder many are making a bee-line to either buy for their own use or for gifting them to their beloveds that are sure to earn appreciation. 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 341 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 341 items

A leading Online shop to buy all your lighting needs, decorate your house with fascinating  lighting & accessories, Quality assured, free shipment!

It is only when a home pleases your eyes and offers enjoyment, you would have the tendency to go back and retreat especially after a hard day’s work. But sometimes you might start feeling that your home has become lifeless or drab. If you do so, then maybe it is high time to re-do the existing home decorations.  Ultimately, home décor ideas should aim at enhancing the comfort and mood of the space for the inmates. If done properly, even a slight change in the home wall décor can bring out a refreshing look. OrderYourChoice.com has got hoards of home decoration items to accomplish this feat. Irrespective of the interior style and type, you can add a single item like the Subh Labh key stand or introduce various home decoration items like wall décor items of your choice randomly and personalize your space.

The simple play of light from the ceiling can be used to accentuate one particular place or different parts of the house and make it look like a palace. There are a variety of ceiling lights to club with designer mirrors. Mirrors are mainly used as a Vastu item to reflect the goodness and spread it around but also can be used to make a room look bigger and brighter.  There are beautiful show pieces that can be used as a centre piece in the hallway or as a side table attraction. Based on the rooms and the furniture items the position of these wall décor and show pieces can be interchanged. OYC has various unique pieces of interest like the Marble pillar watch that can be used as part of a bedroom decoration or a living room decoration based on your choice and taste. All these items ordered from this online store will be safely delivered to your home in a neatly packed condition and the shipment is free too. Hence shopping at this site can be very satisfactory to all.