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    Sweets Online in Chennai 

    Have you ever thought about how life would be without sweets? Dreadful isn’t it. From time immortal, sweets have been close to the hearts of mankind just the way music has been. No wonder everyone go head over heels for anything that tastes sweet. Even the nostalgic moments of life are most often associated with acts looking for sweets in jars, pestering your grandma to prepare traditional sweets or trading your pencils for sweets at school and so on. The craving is more and hence even the memories of gorging on sweets stay long.  Chennai is one of those cities which is rich is culture, customs, heritage and of course has a long list of traditional sweets to its credit. No one would have forgotten the yummy sweets like Rava Laddus, sweet Somas, Groundnut Urundais, Manoharams, Adhirasams, Pottukadalai Urundais and savouries like Vella Seedais, Murukkus and Kara Boondhis. But today’s modern lifestyle has taken a toll on everyone that even if people wish to prepare sweets at home they do not have the energy, leisure time and patience to make them. Fortunately, OYC has all the above mentioned sweets and savouries and much more ready to be tasted by their clientele. Sweets are regulars on plate for a Chennai person whether it is a birthday party, Tamil New Year’s Day, Diwali, Pongal, wedding anniversary or a corporate party. So, gear up Chennai to welcome OrderYourChoice.Com - your favourite online sweets shop that has a wide range of varieties for anyone and everyone. It includes the north Indian, south Indian and Bengali sweets. There are special sugar free options solely meant for the elderly suffering from diabetes and the health conscious.  Though these sweets are low in calories they taste as good as the normal types. As you know a celebration cannot be complete without a buffet displaying doodh pedas, dry fruit burfis and other varieties including the modhaks, kaju katlis, pista and kesar rolls all lined up neatly to be tasted and praised, order sweets online from OYC and make the occasion a grand success. Now chennaities can taste some of the authentic flavours when they buy sweets online from this online sweet shop as they are freshly prepared and delivered at your door step on your special day. 

    In addition to serving sweets during festivals and special occasions, they are also sent as gifts and this custom still prevails. The idea behind this custom is to share goodness and wishes with your near and dear, maintain social harmony and strengthen relationships. As a matter of fact some sweets are specific to the occasion like the Modhaks to Ganesh Chathurthi, Milk, ghee and dry fruits sweets to Diwali, Holi and Raksha Bandhan, cakes to Christmas, Birthdays and New Year. Even the companies have started gifting sweets to their employees and customers to maintain healthy relationships and to honour long standing associations.  Having known the importance of gifting sweets, OYC provides sweets online that come neatly packed in colourful and exquisitely designed boxes which can be directly gifted to the guests or sent as sweets home delivery all over Chennai free of cost. This sweet shop also provides special discounts on online sweets order making it a double delight for all those sweet-toothed chennaities out there. This store undertakes bulk orders for special parties, weddings or any other party you would like to celebrate without feeling the pinch of budget. There are also dry fruits and nuts, beautiful flower bunches, soft toys and others to go as elaborate combo gifts along with these sweets and savouries. Order sweets online from anywhere and send these gifts to your loved ones in Chennai so that they relish and remember you at all times. Make use of the same day sweets home delivery option available at this online sweet store to honour your last minute commitments and also avoid being branded as forgetful. The type of sweets available for same day delivery includes Laddu & Kaju Roll, assorted Kaju sweets and Special Mixture, White Soan Papdi, Gulab Jamun, Plain Mysore Pak, Katlis & Roll. If you are one of those brand conscious folks, you can even choose to order sweets online from branded sweets shops in Chennai such as Ganga Sweets, Shree Mithai, Sri Krishna Wweets, Loiee and Grand Sweets. Just visit OYC to know what and all you can buy and enjoy ordering online. 

  • Hyderabad Sweets

    Sweets online Hyderabad 

    Send High Class Quality Hyderabad Classic Sweets from Pulla Reddy Sweets, Sri Krishna Sweets etc to your dears in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasions through OrderYourChoice. Delivery Same day to Hyderabad and Secunderabad 1-2 business days to other Cities. Hyderabad the hi-tech city of India has witnessed and embraced modernization in all forms. No wonder it has opened vistas for the famous online sweet store that has pledged to offer quality products, prompt delivery service and best deals. In India, sweets are integral part of all festive occasions and special days that any celebration is incomplete without them.  They are not only relished but also are distributed to show generosity and love and Hyderabadis in particular do it with great fervor. OYC being one of the biggest and best portals enables anyone to order online and send the ordered sweets across Hyderabad and rest of India within short notice of time. The same day delivery option is for the last minute planners while the bulk order option are especially provided for corporate and those who would like to save on big amounts and still be generous in treating a big crowd.

    At this online sweet store you find sweets of all types and brands. It includes the dry fruit Halwas, Laddus and gift boxes of dry fruits to make a special occasion even more special and enchanted. Other than this there are the traditional sweets like jelebis, laddus, mothi chor laddus and modern varieties like the Chocolate Mawa Pedas, Kaju samosas and many more delicious sweets. Most of the sweets that are available at OYC are very affordable as they come at discounted rates. Do not fail to visit the site during festive seasons because special sweets for Holi, traditional sweets for Diwali, Navaratri, Eid or Easter are available at this store, make it an excuse to feed your taste buds with these delicious sweets all available for online free delivery at Hyderabad now and to avail celebration discounts as well. For the brand conscious crowd, OYC also brings sweets from famous sweet sellers of Hyderabad like the Almond House, Pulla Reddy house, Sri Krishna sweets and many more. 

  • Bangalore

    Bangalore has a special eye for beauty and taste. Bangalore comprises of people from all region of India, It is also called Silicon Valley, and almost everyone is busy with their work routine, but never misses their dear ones. Technology has helped them a lot, from normal communication to surprising them. The regional cuisine of Bangalore is known for its slight sweet taste because people of this region love everything sweet. Keeping this fact in mind OYC – the largest sweet shop online has come up with an impressive array of sweet specialties of various regions of India displayed and sold under one roof. The benefits of buying sweets online is not limited to the variety alone, it includes convenience of shopping and deals as well. When you shop for sweets online you avoid travelling long distances to reach your favourite sweet shop and avoid waiting in long queues.  Instead, you simply click on the mouse or computer button to make your selection, make the payment online and have the ordered items delivered at the desired location. As far as the deals are concerned, OYC provides all the benefit of its online presence to its customers in the form of discounts and deals, which can be availed from time to time. There deals and discounts ranges from first time purchaser deals to festive offers and bulk order purchase. OYC’s offers and discounts are very astounding that they are sure to make you celebrate functions with zest and to make you come back for more and more, often. The easy to navigate and browse web pages enable your friends and family in Bangalore to order sweets online from OYC without any strain or effort and enjoy tasty and aroma filled sweets right in their homes itself. For ages, Indians have been celebrating festivals and functions like Diwali, Raksha Bandhan, Vishu, Pongal, New Year, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and many more with sweets. In other words, special occasions and days will be incomplete if they are not celebrated without relishing on delectable sweets. Everyone in India are so familiar to the taste, texture, colour and flavour of the sweets that that they are expected them to be perfect and fresh. Hence this online sweet shop strives hard to procure sweets made using quality ingredients from authentic places and provide only those that are exceptionally good to the customers. Every aspect including packaging is done with care so that sweets home delivery is done without any spillage or damage. is famous for its diversified collection of milk, ghee and dry fruit sweets both traditional and contemporary. You can buy sweets online from any part of the world and send them as gifts all across India or order sweets online for your own indulgence. OYC – your favourite online sweet shop in Bangalore remains open to take your orders any time of the day. Our best sweet shop also has some of the tastiest sweets and savouries from famous brands such as Anand sweets bangalore, K.C.Das and Sri Krishna sweets that can be received as sweets home delivery.

    The more and more life becomes demanding and complicated, the tendency to revisit the wonderful moments of the past becomes compelling and it includes the feel good factor of the traditional sweets once tasted. Even if you want to prepare them at home you neither have the time nor the patience and expertise of your mother or grandmother. But do not worry; OYC has some of the yummiest traditional and bangalore’s famous sweets online including the Adhirasams, Ellurundais, Halwas, Mysore Paks, Pedas and many other types belonging to the lengths and breadths of India. Apart from the traditional online sweets, there are a lot of unique options like the sugar free mawa modaks in all flavours and tastes, not to miss the sugar free cookies, choco rolls and kesar rolls. Nowhere would you find hundreds of sugar free options like the ones available here. The combo sweet packs are not only for the people who cannot choose just one but also for people who wants to send them as online sweets delivery for festivities and special occasions. You can combine sweet choices based on your wish and can even include soft toys, chocolate boxes or other products to enhance the wow factor. Planning to host an event like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or parties for getting a promotion at office, graduating from school and so on for your friends and close family members? The need for an elaborate sweet buffet can be easily taken care off. OYC will be ready to provide all types of sweets you need and desire in any required quantities at any point of time, date and place. You can also order and buy sweets online in attractive packages to be given as return gifts or wedding favours that are sure to stay in the memories of your guests for long. Our payment gateway is designed for your comfort and it’s easy to buy sweets online. we have become a famous sweets shop in Bangalore with Professional logistic network to deliver online sweets in Bangalore at the shortest time. In spite of being exceptional, the sweets that are bought in bulk, online will also entitle you to get huge discounts and deals. 

  • Pune

    Send High Class Pune Brands Sweets from Karachi Sweet Mart, Chitale Bandhu Mithaiwale etc to your dears in Pune, India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasion through OrderYourChoice.

  • Trivandrum

    Send High Class Trivandrum Brands Sweets from Nandini Sweets etc to your dears in Trivandrum, India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasion through OrderYourChoice.

  • Cochin

    Send High Class Ernakulam (Cochin)Brands Sweets from Bimbis Sweets etc to your dears in Ernakulam (Cochin), India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasion through OrderYourChoice.

  • Mumbai Sweets

    Select your Brands Sulaiman Mithaiwala, Ghasitaram Halwai etc. Enjoy!! the taste. Mumbai is a throbbing city where you can see people bustling here and there. Though know for the hectic lifestyle, mumbaikars always find time for parties and get-togethers where they indulge themselves to some of the finest sweets. But where is the time to shop around and buy some of the favourite sweets everyone loves?  Don’t worry, it is not a problem anymore as OrderYourChoice.Com has come as a solace to all needs including sweets, savouries and gifting. Now you can buy a broad range of sweets and savouries made of pure and tasty ingredients like Badam halwas, Kaju Katlis, milk, Kesar Pedas and many more at one place - OYC. The freshness and taste of the sweets speaks for themselves. Apart from the numerous sweet options including Bengali, Gujarathi, South and North Indian varieties, you can also avail various types of discounts and quick, free delivery options all over Mumbai.

    The combo gift packs are perfect for anyone of any age group and any occasion. They can include sweets, flowers, chocolate boxes or any other personalized gift item of your choice. Even if you like to buy sweets from well-known brands like Mumbai Sulaiman Mithaiwala and Ghasitaram sweet sellers, OYC makes it possible too. To come up with an eye-catching sweet display, go for the uniquely fruit shaped types or opt for dry fruits sweets in various tastes and designs. Since Mumbaikars go weak by their knees for the kaju pista rolls, the kaju anjeer katlis, special Bombay Halwas and Ice Halwas, they are available in abundance at OYC and are offered at special discounted prices. Diabetics are not let alone, since this shop has various Sugar free options in beautiful and tasty collections. All sweets can be ordered and sent in designer boxes that are fit for gifting during any occasion.  Come Visit and get an out of the world sweet experience, only here.

  • Kolkata Sweets

    Send High Class Kolkata Favourite Sweets from K.C. Das , Bhikaram Chandmal Bhujiawala etc to your dears in Kolkata, India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasion through OrderYourChoice. Kolkata is not only known for the mouth-watering fish curries and the Howrah bridge but is also very popular for the distinct variety of Bengali sweets made from pure ghee, milk, kesar and dry fruits. With the launch of - the biggest online sweet shop portal, you can now order these Bengali delicacies from any part of India and get it as free delivery too. Needless to say that the soft and juicy jamuns, rasagullas, Doda Burfis, Anjeer Batis and many more varieties including Gujarathi, South Indian and North Indian sweets too can be enjoyed in your comfort zones.

    OYC has gone a step further and has also introduced branded sweets from some of the well known sweet brands such as Bikarams, Gangurams and K.C.Das. Be it the kesar gander, kalakand, laddu of Bikaram Chandimal or pure malai and milk sweets of Gangurams, you can have them all. Since these sweets should be fresh and consumed quickly, the same day delivery option from OYC comes as a blessing in Kolkata. The gift boxes can contain the choice of your sweets either of the same variety or of different varieties. If required you can even order in combination and can send sweets online along with cakes, flowers, soft toys, branded chocolates and more. OYC will ensure that the orders are delivered promptly on the promised date and time of your choice and also intact. There is also the bulk order option especially to cater to the needs of a huge gathering like marriage parties, wedding anniversaries and birthday celebrations. The beautifully wrapped sweet gift boxes are a big hit among corporate which also can be ordered in bulk. This online store is not short of discounts too and when you order online you can get them in different forms as festival offers, bulk order discounts, first-time purchase offers and much more as and when applicable.

  • Delhi Sweets

    Sweets Online Delhi 

    Normally, desserts are served during the final course or end of a meal either in the form of a sweet drink or dish. Almost all the cultures follow this norm. But in India, sweets are served in the beginning as well as in the end of the meal during all happy occasions, celebrations and festivals, especially when it comes to birthdays, house warming ceremonies and weddings. The custom of serving sweets at the start of the meal is believed to have originated with an idea to welcome all good things with a sweet note. Though the serving is little in the beginning, you can treat your taste buds to a lavish serving in the end. The satisfaction one gets after consuming them cannot be expressed in words. India is not only a country of different religions, castes, terrains, customs and beliefs but also home to a broad array of mouthwatering traditional and modern sweets.  Each state and region boasts of a big list of authentic delicacies to their credit. The people of Delhi now have one more reason to rejoice and that would be the launch of the reputed online sweet store called Almost all regional sweets made from healthy ingredients such as pure ghee, milk, pista, badam, dry fruits and nuts are available here, online. Imagine sitting in your home in Delhi and tasting a regional sweet dish of Andra Pradesh, Bengal or Gujarath? Awesome isn’t it. Thanks to OYC for providing round the clock, committed online service using which anyone can order sweets and get them as home delivery anywhere in Delhi. Since snacking too is part of Indian lifestyle, OYC has come up with different kinds of savouries that can be bought and enjoyed during mid meals or served to guests visiting home. The benefits of online shopping goes beyond comfort, convenience and saving time, you conserve huge amounts which would otherwise be spent on commuting and carrying purchased items. More than this, OYC provides bulk order discounts, special offers on selected items, free delivery service and many more when you buy sweets online.

    Having grown up in a country that is known for its celebrations, family get-togethers, functions and feasting all round the year, it might be dreadful for many of you who are pursuing their education or working abroad. As per the saying “if there is a will there is a way”, you still can be in touch or be in the thoughts of your families and friends by sending sweets to your home town. Using the online facility, you can now order sweets from any part of the world and send them as surprise home delivery to your loved ones in Delhi, India.  It is a known fact that the Pethas are a speciality of Delhi and hence OYC has a variety of pethas and jamuns which will make all of us feel hungry and understand why they are so famous. This is not all; you can buy mouth-watering besan laddus, rabris or the traditional kalakands, burfis, Kaju katlis and many more in just a day’s time in Delhi through OYC. So, do not worry if you have forgotten your mother’s, father’s or friend’s birthday or wedding anniversary and only remembered it on the day of celebration, convey your wishes in a sweet manner by sending them sweets via online home delivery. There are a variety of other items such as cakes, chocolates, flowers and gifts which can be added as a combo to the box of sweets so that it makes a complete gift for any occasion. Choose the gifting options based on the age, occasion and grandeur of the celebration and create an impact. For instance you cannot go wrong with cakes and chocolates when it comes to gifting kids, the same way gifts like fashion jewellery, watches, sarees when it comes to women. Send the selected items along with sweet hampers or boxes so that they bring in great joy both for you and the receiver. There are even sugar free kalakand options along with other sugar free sweets all beautifully arranged in eye catching designer sweet boxes specially prepared for those who have to stay away from sugar due to health related problems. With sweet options and offers available in abundance you can go ahead and surprise your friend or relative in Delhi with an assorted box of south Indian delicacies like Ellu urundai, Thirunelveli Halwas and Murukkus too. The tasty sweets are sure to jog memories and make everyone to come for more, again and again. If you wish to taste something from the famous Nathus sweets, that too is possible as OYC can provide delivery of whatever you order online and that too on the same day of order. 

  • Ahmedabad

    Send High Class Ahmedabad Brands Sweets from Guwalia Sweets,Kandoi Sweets to your dears in India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasion through OrderYourChoice.

  • Madurai

    Madurai – the temple town can now wake up to yet another gastronomical experience. Thanks to OrderYourChoice.Com for bringing in all the delectable sweets and savouries of not just South India but also from North India, Gujarath and Bengal under one roof. Although famous for a lot of things Madurai will always be known for its penchant for all things that tastes good. This online sweet shop has some of the almost forgotten traditional sweets and savouries of south India such as the groundnut urundai , sweet somas, manoharam urundais and ellu urundais. There are many more special sweets too available here which you might remember eating them. Wait no more, order sweets online today from OYC and get free home delivery within a day’s time if you had opted for same day delivery else have them delivered within couple of days no matter where you stay in India. Made from pure and rich ingredients these south Indian, gujarathi and Bengali sweets are prepared freshly and packed meticulously so that they do not lose their taste and pureness when they reach you. If you wish to devour on branded sweets, look no beyond OYC as it has joined hands with the famous Sri Krishna Sweets a brand well known for its Kaju Katlis, Jangris, Mysore Pak, Badam Halwas and much more. If any of your friend or relative is celebrating their birthday, wedding anniversary or festival, you can choose to send them beautifully wrapped gift boxes containing assorted sweets or one particular type in required quantities. Wish to send more. No worries as there are the combo packs that can include cakes, chocolates, soft toys, home décor items and flowers along with sweet boxes. Not to miss the mouth-watering rice mixes that can come handy during travel or at home. Since OYC some of the best sweets, discounts, offers and free home delivery, this online store has become the most happening sensation among sweet lovers in Madurai.

    There are certain things in life that can make you feel special and such things might be required at least once in a while to infuse new energy or zing into your day to day affairs. It could be a simple smile flashed by your beloveds or heart-warming messages sent by them and so on. It could be anything that can establish a heart to heart connection between them and you. And when you are separated from those you love by distance, the feelings for them grow more and more.  This is because you feel the urge to stay in touch no matter what. Under such circumstances gifts play a great role in mending hearts and have the ability to create magical moments because they come not just wrapped in a decorative cover but come wrapped in love.  Emotions are best conveyed when you send things that are very much enjoyed by your dear ones which makes sweets the best choice as they fit all the above mentioned criteria and in all respects. Visualize the joy on your niece’s face when she receives a box full of mouth watering, aromatic sweets on her birthday! She sure would feel the warmth and love engulfing her. Since you can buy or order authentic traditional or contemporary sweets from reputed online stores like OYC with ease, you can make up for your absence by sending them to your kith and kin in India. Now that you have a great choice to make up for your absence, you can send sweets to your mother, father, brother, sister, friends and other relatives during all important festivals and celebrations including anniversaries, Diwali, Holi, Rakhi, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and even Valentine’s Day. Whenever they take a bite of the sweet you sent, they would remember you and your feelings for them in-turn creating eternal bonds. Indians and people of Madurai in particular give lot of importance to family gatherings and festivities. Be it a house warming ceremony, baby shower or achievement in workplace, sports or scholastics, it is customary to treat everyone they knew with grand feasts involving sweets, even during these times of increased workloads and busy schedules. Good that OYC is there for your solace. You can buy sweets online in bulk and enjoy with your family and friends without any regrets or worries because OYC has numerous options for you to pick and get it as home delivery. This online store even offers same day delivery options for the convenience of late minute planners and for those who like everything fresh and tasty. If required you can book the sweets order in advance and fill an online form mentioning details like delivery schedule, venue of delivery, delivery date and time and address of the receiver so that the gift is sent on time, without fail. Imagine doing all these things without even budging from your place, fantastic isn’t. Why wait, come to OYC and experience the joy of online sweet purchase.

  • Coimbatore

    Send High Class Quality Coimbatore Exclusive Sweets from Sri Krishna Sweets. - same day delivery in Coimbatore. Other Cities delivery time is 1-2 business days.

  • Trichy

    Enjoy!! the rich taste of sweets from Tirchy exclusive

  • Jaipur

    Sweets Online Jaipur

    Creating tantalising Indian confectionery and our attention to quality is second to none. Our products have been widely appreciated world over for their unmatched quality. And flavour. Is there a celebration at home and you have no time to shop for sweets… Fear not. OrderyOurChoice.Com, your favourite online sweet shop in Jaipur is always at your service to take orders online and also to provide delivery of the same within the shortest possible time duration anywhere in India. The city of forts can now enjoy a huge array of sweets and savouries. In addition to local specialties including the aromatic and tasty burfis, besan Chakkis and badam katlis, the range consists of specialties like Bengali sweets, South Indian and North Indian sweets. Even if your loved ones in Jaipur wish to taste some of the authentic sweets and savouries of Chennai like the Adirasams, Thirunelveli Halwas, Murrukus and Ellu Urundais, they need not have to travel all the way but have to simply place the order online and have them delivered at their doorsteps.

    Jaipur sweets come in various unique tastes, flavours and shapes and this includes the parwal sweet, panchdhari Laddus or the Raj Bhog of the famous Sri Agarwal sweet shop. Upon Visiting OYC and upon seeing the display of sweets online, your mouth would definitely yearn to taste the rest of the delicacies of Jaipur too. Why wait and think of excuses when everything can be done with just the click of the mouse. Apart from self-indulgence, you can even opt to send these sweets to anyone in the form of gift boxes and combos available here. The free home delivery option of OYC can be utilized to send gifts while the same day delivery option can be used to avoid time delays and unnecessary embarrassments. Though there are innumerable choices available when you choose to buy sweets online, OYC is the largest and the best. This online sweet store also undertakes bulk orders that are delivered intact and on-time.  What more? The special occasion offers, general offers and discounts for first time buyers and bulk orders are sure to make you jump in joy for making the right choice. 

  • Lucknow

    Send High Class Quality Lucknow Agarwalsweets,Chhappan Bhog,Classic Sweets,Shyam Swaad to your deas in India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasion through OrderYourChoice. Delivery Same day to Lucknow 1-2 business days to other Cities. Lucknow is a fast paced action city with lot of occasions to celebrate. OrderYourChoice.Com, one of the largest online shopping stores introduces its online sweet shop to all those sweets lovers waiting to devour. This festive season try something different. Let your family members in Lucknow taste the delicacies of different parts of India right inside their living rooms and the spread goes beyond just lucknowi sweets. It actually includes Gujarathi, Bengali, South Indian and North Indian varieties also. There are different sugar free options too available in numerous tastes, flavours and shapes that you can now eat them without any guilt or worry. The beautiful combo gift packs with a variety of items like flowers, chocolate boxes or unique items which can be chosen and sent as free delivery to all those special people you love and care for. These sweets all come packed in designer boxes with lovely prints and designs fit for gifting.

    Sweets are a symbol of joy, prosperity and happiness while OYC is a symbol of trust and quality, together both will make your life a truly joyful memory for sure. Gifting is made simple with the limitless sweet gift options available here. Since sweets are loved by all age groups, they make wonderful, impressive gifts. You simply need to browse through the categories classified under region, brand, type and budget and select the one that suits you the best. Shyam Swaad an elite lucknowi sweet shop has joined hands with OYC to let you experience the authentic taste of Lucknow, no matter where you live in India. Using the same day delivery option, you can send these specialities of Shyam Swaad to your near and dear ones through OYC that strives hard to deliver sweets fresh and intact.

  • Tirunelveli

    Send High Class Quality Tirunelveli Exclusive Sweets from Arasan Bakery, Aryaas Bakery etc to your dears in Tirunelveli India on their Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Festivals and on all Occasion through OrderYourChoice. Delivery Same day to Tirunelveli 1-2 business days to other Cities.

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