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Shop for the finest quality sugar free chocolates with a low calorific value at best prices only from OYC. Order sugar free dark chocolates, milk chocolates and truffles online and avail free delivery anywhere in India.

It is impossible to think of a life without indulging on chocolates. But there are many who suffer from one or the other health issues such as obesity, diabetes and many more that have forced them to lower their sugar intake. No worries, as there is a solution to every problem, sugar free chocolates have emerged as an ideal solution that enables even obese or diabetic individuals to binge on them. Though prepared without the addition of sugar, these sugar free chocolates offer the same satisfaction and bliss feeling to all who consume them. You will all agree to the fact that variety is the spice of life. Hence,, a well-known online store boasts of a unique collection of sugar free chocolate variants including Truffle, Dark chocolate and milk chocolates.

You can choose from the huge collection of these sugar-free chocolate varieties in varied tastes and flavours to place an online order that would be delivered on the promised date and time by OYC. Apart from indulging on these heavenly tasting delicacies, you even opt to gift them to your near and dear, especially to diabetics and health freaks so that they too can experience the rich taste without any guilt. There are chocolate slabs that can carry your emotions and wishes in the form of greeting messages and the assorted signature range truffles in sumptuous flavours and tastes including cashew, almond, coffee, orange, mint, fruit n nut and butterscotch. Send these elegantly wrapped, delectable gifts to all you love across India, online. OYC offers both discounts and free delivery service to make your shopping experience even more memorable. Why wait? Shop now.


My daughter loves lollies. Are there sugar free chocolate lollies available with you?

Yes and you will be amazed by the choices of sugar free chocolate lollies available with us. You can find them as roses, hearts, smilies, butterflies and other fun shapes.

I am looking for aeroplane shaped sugar free chocolates neatly wrapped in gift boxes for our kids. Can I have them delivered at our house in Chennai?

We do have aeroplane shaped sugar free chocolates and can also provide them in neatly wrapped gift boxes delivered at your house in Chennai.

Some diabetic children in my neighborhood have passed their exams with flair and hence I would like to present them with sugar free chocolates. Do you have anything related to results at your online store?

Actually there are many sugar free chocolate gifts that signify “pass” at our online store. Upon visiting us you can find them with wordings like “Guddi Pass Ho Gayi”, “Guddu Pass Ho Gaya” and also lollies with graduation symbols on them.

My husband is an avid fan of formula one races, hence I would like to gift him sugar free chocolate shaped like a formula one car. I am buying from you for the first time online, will I get any offer?

Fortunately, OYC has both the sugar free chocolate in the shape of a formula one car and also the discount for first time buyers, online. You can enjoy both.

Customer Reviews on Sugarfree Chocolates

Jagannathan K
Sugar Free Truffle Chocolate, 22 September 2017

Bought Sugarfree Truffle Chocolates from OrderYourChoice and they are so good. Its like a heaven in my mouth. Thanks oyc.

Pavithra Kannan
Sugarfree Rose Lollies, 13 May 2016

Ordered these Sugarfree Lollies Chocolates online from Oyc for my son. He's absolutely loving it.