• Wall Clocks

    Most prominent art on the wall. OrderYourChoice delivers designed, digital printed, stylish, attractive, trendy Wall Clocks for your home and workplaces. Wall clocks are the timeless gift idea for any occasion. 

    Everyone is preoccupied with time these days that sometime it seems that time is the ruler and the wall clocks holds its reigns. For decades, wall clocks have been enjoying timeless appeal. You cannot see a dwelling or work place without them. Though they serve the basic purpose of displaying time they are also used for adorning walls. When chosen properly, these accent pieces can transform even a dull wall into an attractive one instantly. has some of the best wall clocks online including Agenda digital wall clock and designer wall clocks in geometric designs, fancy cuts, engravings, tile patterns and many more. Since wall clocks draw the immediate attention of the onlookers and in a way reflect the personality of the owner, they need to be chosen with care and thought. However, the fundamental thumb rule would be to choose wall clocks that suit the home décor the best. Hence OYC has different styles of wall clocks online right from retro classic to modish ones. Now you can even find photo frame wall clocks that let you personalize your space or other’s space.

    When you buy wall clocks online from OYC you not only find a huge variety in one place but also remain relaxed that you are accessing a secured payment gateway. Their online delivery facility can also be enjoyed all across India without you spending anything on it. 

  • Table Clocks

    Table clocks are not for time keeping alone. It adorns your home walls, office table, Refrigerator etc. not only as a time keeper but as a décor item adding rich elegance to your home/office looks. brings you table clocks with a wide range of patterns in simple designs with Roman/Arabic numerals. There quite a range of different themes to choose from to suit your requirement whether it’s for a little child’s Study table or an older daughters teenage whims or your wife’s aesthetic kitchen table, has it all. The table clock design is such that it is quite visible from afar and hence suits youngsters and the old alike. These differently themed table clocks are available at very affordable pricing only at Getting a Table clock has never been so easier as online buying is so hassle free with user friendly website.

    Table clocks are universal, be it a home or office you will find them everywhere. These compact and portable table clocks do not occupy much space and hence are ideal for placing anywhere including study tables, kitchen counter tops or work tables. OYC is one of the biggest online shops where you can find table clocks in myriad colours, shapes and interesting designs. The very look of them will make you realize that they are not only intended to serve the basic purpose of telling time but also would make wonderful table accents.

    Each table clock found at is unique in its own way; some are analog models while some are digital models. Since most of them come with alarm setting feature, they play a vital role in waking you up on the set time and enable you to carry-on your chores on-time, every time.  To make alarm clock online shopping an enjoyable and satisfying experience, OYC has a huge stock of clocks online ranging from the aesthetically designed Jaipuri marble table clocks, ornate sterling silver plated clocks, antique varieties to the modern yet simple types, all at one place. To place an order you just have to click on the chosen clock online and once it is done, this reputed online store will deliver it your place on the promised date and time irrespective of where you live in India. Now you would have realized how simple it is to buy table clock and gift it too. 

  • Weather Stations

    Weather station has LCD display of Time, Month, Date, Day, Temperature and humidity, 100 year calendar, Alarm and snooze functions. Comfort level display according to humidity and temperature calculations. 

  • Canvas Clocks