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Cakes are special. Every birthday, every celebration ends with something sweet, a cake, and people remember.

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Online cake delivery in Mumbai

The realistic truth about the Mumbai city is the never-ending thirst for amusements and assemblage. Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of the country offers its populace a cosmopolitan and diversified lifestyle. Food and festivals are part and parcel of Mumbai culture. Whether it is an awe-inspiring banquet or a family celebration or a social gathering, the essence of the event cannot be completed without the cakes. The onset of celebration can start at anytime and anywhere and there arises the necessity for online cake delivery in Mumbai and other cities. The delighted Mumbai citizens will always seek for confectionaries to relish the occasions. As most of the planning and arrangements are made all of the sudden, hardly you will get enough time to fetch cake delivery in Mumbai. The better solution in the scenario is only utilizing the availability of online cake delivery in Mumbai. Tell us what you need all about the cakes and we promise to fetch you the same as fast as possible.

Celebrate any occasion with OYC cakes

Though you live in a small town or city, life is always fast and busy that too in Mumbai the hours fly like seconds. In such a situation where everyone is engrossed with mundane tasks, visiting a bakery in-person and picking up whatever is available with them would just not be okay. Those days have gone away and we live in digital India. offers you to have the better chance of getting online cake delivery in Mumbai. We can embellish your remarkable moments by fetching the best quality fresh online birthday cake, wedding cake and anniversary cake. All you need to do is to visit and order your delicious online cake delivery in Mumbai. OYC knows the taste of the Maharashtrian palate and specializes in baking customized cakes to match them. We satisfy our customers by providing scrumptious, fresh cakes on the designated date, time and place as requested by the customers.

We respect all your desire. If the OYC menu didn’t list your required option, then our customer care executives are always there to help you to make note of your customized ideas. Your personalized cake will reach you on time as per your wish. The online cake delivery plays an important role in transporting the cakes in-tact without any smudges or mishaps and that is what the important objective of OYC.

Just baked cake delivery in Mumbai

The cakes are not only the mouth watering dessert but it can carry the essence of love and delight to every situation. Orderyourchoice is the well known and most served website for online cake delivery in Mumbai. OYC provides wide range of options so you can design your cake delivery in Mumbai and get the actual taste of your craving. If you are fond of cakes from any particular baker, OYC caters your favorite cake delivery in Mumbai from any reputed shop. Our wide list of cake desserts starts with the yummy regular cakes of any kind available in the market. Every order of cake delivery in Mumbai is important to us. We can promptly get your cake delivery in Mumbai from half a kilogram to that of any size even above 2 kilograms. We also offer eggless cakes for the vegans who like it the most and sugarless options for the health conscious and diabetics. Some of the favoured cake types include customized cakes, photo cakes and kid’s cakes in mango, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and other interesting flavors, colors, shapes and sizes. The best part of our cake delivery in Mumbai is the photo cakes which in general considered as challenging one to be avail through online cake delivery in Mumbai. We can make your loved one feel even more special by giving combo cake delivery in Mumbai which includes cakes & teddy, cakes & chocolates, cakes & flowers and mixed cakes. Visit our website to order your choice and we will fetch your favorite cake within a day along with the guaranteed freshness.

Vibrant party and gatherings are the most famous recreation for Mumbaikars. Special cakes and Taj 5- star cakes such as red velvet cakes, marble crunch cakes, and party cakes are sure to complement any such joyful parties. Tucked away from such parties, Mumbai also has a huge number of people from various cultures who need the marvelous cakes for the intimate celebrations. Don’t worry even if you are staying away and you would like to surprise your beloved ones. OYC can do it all. Just give your order along with full details of whom you like to give the cake surprise. Even OYC is the only solution available to rescue you from the unwanted embarrassments when you forget to buy gifts for any dear ones.

Make your occasion special with OYC featured cake delivery in Mumbai


Our company is celebrating its 10th anniversary this month end. Hence we would like to order cakes online in bulk and want the cake delivery in Mumbai. What benefits will we get?

When you buy cakes in bulk you are entitled to get huge discounts, customization, neat-packing apart from single payment, PO, checkout and free online cake delivery in Mumbai and also across India.

I am a 20 year old guy searching for a perfect cake for proposal online and look forward for a delivery in Mumbai. Give suggestions.

At you can find numerous cake options including the heart shaped cakes in interesting flavours. To make the moment even more special check out our combo offer section consisting of chocolates, flowers and soft toys. Place an order online and we will ensure that it is delivered in Mumbai in the best possible condition.

What is the secret behind the success story of your online store and makes you the best cake shop in Mumbai?

Thanks and we feel honoured for being rated as the best cake shop in Mumbai. We have always strived hard to stick to commitments, offer the best quality cakes, shared our profit in the form of discounts and promo codes and most of all aim at 100% customer satisfaction. All the above points might be the secret potion to our success.

As the best cake shop in Mumbai what customization options do you offer?

As far as customization is concerned, sky is the limit. You can incorporate photos and special messages on to the cakes. If required can even shape out dolls, cars and other interesting shapes using cakes.

Customer Reviews on online cake delivery in Mumbai

Overall client rating is 4.9 out of 5.0 for by 9100+ Customers on over 13,200+ Sales.

Beo Benedict :

White Forest Eggless cake - 1kg, 20 April 2015

The right platform to order cake online , oyc gave the best service by delivering my cake and chocolate on time, their customer service is very responsive. Have placed 5 orders with them till now, wish to continue more.

Juhi Misra :

Chocolate Truffle cake - 2kg, 14 September 2015

Had ordered the Chocolate flavour for my niece's birthday. The cake was so damn good that the kids thankfully left the base... they ate up the cake to the fullest extent leaving a little chance to clean the base. Excellent quality/taste. Kindly maintain this standard always.

Dinesh Sharma :

Butterscotch cake -1kg, 23 March 2016

Hi guys, You are doing nice job. I like your yummy cake, way of service, and customer relationship everything.Buying a cake form online in Mumbai was so easy now. Thanks a lot!!

Ritiesh Verma :

Rainbow cake 1kg, 09 July 2015

Hi , Thank you for delivering the subject order from my favourite shop. Many thanks OYC. Taste of the cake was good,Had a good experience